Chapter 1

Disclaimer for all future chapters: these are Stephenie Meyer's fabulous characters. As much as I would enjoy owning Edward, I don't. sigh

This takes place during new moon when Bella jumps off the cliff. But what happens when no one's there to save her?


I was sinking. I welcomed the depths, the blackness, the release from the pain. Edward, I thought, hoping to god he could hear me, I love you. I knew I was going to die. Then, swimming before my eyes, was the most vivid picture of Edward I have ever hallucinated. I could see every detail of his angelic face. His eyes were the lightest of gold. His skin was glistening like a thousand diamonds. He was gazing at me lovingly. I wanted so badly to reach out and stroke his cool marble cheek. If this is dying, I thought, I should have done this sooner. My lungs were starting to fill with water. I was losing consciousness. My Edward. I'm Sorry. Everything went black. And then I felt no more.


Dry sobs wracked my body. No, no, no, no, no. This couldn't have happened. This wasn't supposed to happen. It wasn't supposed to turn out like this. Oh, my Bella. Why? Why would you do this? Why would you end your life? No. This isn't happening. My heart was being torn to shreds. This was pain beyond pain. No. She's not dead. No, no, no. Not my lovely Bella. Oh god, what did I do to you? No.

7 hours later...


Why would Bella do this? How could she do this? I supposed I would find out soon. Oh, my Bella. No. Surely since we both would have committed suicide, we would see each other in hell, if there is such a place. Bella was my heaven, so there is no hope of salvation now. My heaven is dead.

My only hope of release is suicide in the form of angering the Volturi. I hope it will be a quick death. Or whatever it is vampires do. Surely they will destroy me quickly once I step out into the sun. They can't risk humans seeing me sparkle. The Volturi will not tolerate any meddling with the foolproof system they have set up. Yes, they will most certainly destroy me quickly.

As the plane touched Volterran soil, only one comforting thought came to mind: I will see Bella within the hour if all goes as planned.


Oh Edward. Why are you doing this to us? This isn't what Bella would have wanted.


Edward, please don't do this. We all love you.


Why are you doing this over a stupid human? We miss you. We're your family. Not her.


Dude, you should really think this through first. I know Bella was special. But you have an eternity to find someone else.


Edward, dear, please. We all loved Bella. We're hurting too. You're hurting me. Please come home.


Son, listen. Bella was family to us as well. We can't stand losing two of our family within twenty-four hours. Please come home and we'll talk this through.


I wasn't even bothering to tune in to more of my family's thoughts. They reminded me of Bella too much. Everything reminded me of my beautiful Bella. I began running toward a big clock tower, careful to stay hidden in the shadows of cafes and boutiques. Five minutes 'til noon. Five minutes 'til I see my love's face again. Oh, Angel, I'll be with you soon. Watch for me.

I finally reached an alleyway near the tower. The clock began tolling. I slipped out of my shirt and said one final prayer to an angel before I stepped into the sunlight: Dearest Bella, forgive me.

Just as my foot slipped into the golden warmth, a hand grabbed me around the waist and another covered my mouth from behind.

Ooooooh, Cliffy!! Hehehehe… and no, it's not Bella. She's really dead in my story.