-Rocky Relationships?-

The Sequel to "Double Date?"

A Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction

By: The Darkside Incarnate

Disclaimer: Please, If I owned Kingdom Hearts Sora and Kairi would have made out instead of "hugging". And Axel would still be alive.

-Chapter 1: Silver Haired Troubles-

She's beautiful, her hair a golden sheen, her eyes as blue as the sea. Her body full of curves, her smile like a star, her skin pale. She's full of surprises; everything she says makes us connect. Namine'. The picture perfect girlfriend. I'd like to tell you that our relationship isn't easy, that we had to work at it. Well…we didn't. In fact, after some minor problems it became all too easy. It happened like this—

"Hey Roxas? Are you listening to me?" Sora asks, shattering my train of thought.

I look up at him, "Yes…well, no actually." We're at a donut shop, eating breakfast before school starts.

"Well, as I was saying, before I realized you were spacing out," he pauses, shaking his head at me before continuing, "Riku's coming back."

I choke on the donut I'm trying to swallow. "He's WHAT?"

"Coming back," Sora says, completely oblivious to the anger in my eyes, "I just found out that he's coming back from boarding school in Traverse Town. In fact, a lot of people from that school are coming here. There's this rumor that someone got murdered on the grounds—"

"Yeah right!"

He glares at me.

"Sorry, won't interrupt again."

"Right…" he stares at me, disbelief clear on his face. "Again, AS I WAS SAYING, apparently a bunch of people from that school decided that they needed to come back here. And Riku's heading back too, isn't it great!"

"Yeah great…" okay, keep this between us, this is a strict secret: I don't like Riku. My hate for the silver haired brat started a few weeks after I first came to the Islands. Riku was Sora's best friend back in the day. But when I came he felt a little left out. So he started to annoy the hell out of me, hoping to drive me off with his antics. Of course, SORA never noticed because SORA is completely oblivious to everything that isn't happy-go-lucky.

Just what I need, a selfish idiot in town. To top it all off he had a crush on Kairi even while Sora did. They were constantly competing for her attention.

Eventually, Kairi decided to date Riku, keeping her relationship with Sora strictly in the "friend" category. Kairi and Riku were very close, but there were times when they had fights and Kairi would confide in Sora. But they would always make up.

Until Riku moved, his family packed up and left for Traverse Town, only giving him a moments notice. The day Riku left, Kairi became immensely depressed, and Sora became her shoulder to cry on. Eventually, they wound up dating.

I'm kind of surprised that Sora isn't more worried about this then I am. After all, there is the chance that Riku will snatch Kairi away from him.

But then, he lost a friend when Kairi lost a boyfriend. Maybe they'll stay together. On can only hope.

"Funny, you don't sound too enthused. What's the matter, homework over load?" Sora asks me.

"No. I'm happy, Namine' and I have gotten to spend tons of time together. And Xemnas hasn't bothered us at all." Xemnas, my other silver haired problem at the moment; is also in town. The teenager leads an "Organization" that lives to break the law. Thanks to his super rich dad he never had to suffer the consequences for his actions.

Thankfully, my friend Axel has also come from Twilight Town, to help me out with this problem. Hopefully he can help me with Riku as well.

"Kairi is great too. I haven't told her about the Riku thing yet though, I want it to be a surprise," Uh oh…

"You can't do that, Kairi will be all sad."

"No she won't…"

"Yes she will; her and Riku were close, but then he just up and left. She'll be mad at you for not telling her sooner."

"I can deal with it," he tells me confidently, "want to head to school?"

"Do I have a choice?"

Sora just shakes his head, before shouldering his backpack and heading out.


"OH MY GOD!" I squeal, reading the email I just received a second time, to make sure that I didn't read wrong.

"What?" Kairi asks, standing up from her "meditative" position on the floor.

"Look at this!" I point at my computer screen, where a fresh email has popped up:

From: Sakura Mohan

Sub: You'll never guess what happened!!!

CC: none

OMG Namine', U will never guess what's happening. They're shutting down my school! I'm going to move to The Destiny Islands where U R. And I'm going to Destiny High! And U go there 2! We're going to see each other again! I can't believe this is happening…

"Who's Sakura?" Kairi asks, eyeing the message wearily, "who ever she is, she doesn't know how to spell. I mean, who spells you as U it's retarded…"

"It's called chat speak. And she's an old friend of mine, she used to live in Twilight Town, but she moved to Traverse to go to boarding school. And now Sakura's coming BACK!" I jump up and do a victory dance (A/N My characters have a habit of doing that).

"I assume this is a big deal…"

"YES, it's a big deal. We were BFF material."

"Wait…she's coming back from boarding school?"

"Yeah, this place called "Wise Academy"—"

"OH MY GOSH! That's where Riku goes!"

"Riku? The Riku, the one who you used to date?" I ask, remembering the countless stories she told me about him and Sora, always competing for her attention.

"Yes, that Riku."

"Do you think he's coming back?" I ask, but I instantly regret it as Kairi's eyes sink, staring at her feet.

"I don't think so."

"Why not?" Damn it Namine, she tells herself silently, you can never just drop anything.

"…I don't know. I just don't think…I don't think that it's meant to be." She stands up, looking down at me.

"I'm going to go to school."

"But it doesn't start for another hour—"I'm cut off as Kairi slams the door behind her. I sigh. This could be a problem.

A/N Wow, I actually started the story. I tried to write a beginning to it three times. Before, Riku was only supposed to have taken a vacation, but I think the whole "left Kairi behind" thing will add some depth and possible conflict.

Sakura, now she's a character that will be shrouded in mystery until she arrives; which might be in chapter two, possibly chapter three, maybe four, who knows?

I hope you like this beginning. Till we meet again (you know, in chapter 2…),

The Incarnate