Okay, hello everyone, thank you for deciding to take a read at my fic. It will be mainly angst for the first few chapters, then it will be mixed with some lemons ( SeiferSquall ) . To be warned, this may be really dark to some people, it is an angst fic. Mainly because i'm going through some horrible things right now and I need to let some of my emotions be let loose in this fic. Sorry if I seem a little on the moody side. Anywhos, please R&R!

"Alright class! Today is just a regular Traing Centre day. I will be marking you on your basic combat skills based on how you take down the monsters you are faced with. Call me when you come across a monster so that I can see how you do. Remember to work as a team, so there will be less chance of an injury, and what do you do if you come across a level 3 or higher type monster?" Seifer Almasy asked as he went about signing people into groups. Now that the war was over, Seifer had come back and passed his exam to become a SeeD, but in order to go on any missions, you had to teach a class, much to his dismay. Well, at least I get to teach something fun! I'd take combat practise over Guardian Force History any day.

"We call for you through our radios and avoid angering them at all cost." A student with red hair said as he was signed into group 3.

"Good, make sure you do BOTH of those things. Even I would have trouble taking down an angry T-rexaur. Also, please don't try and be macho and take something down your self, and do NOT seperate from your groups. I don't want to have to hunt you down, and I'm sure you don't want me to either, as you can remember from last time Mr. Raddins!"

The boy he was reffering to had done so last time and Seifer had had to hunt for him for nearly an hour before he found him in the damned forest.

The brunette stood up with a sheepish blush. "Yes Sir."

"Good. Now one group at a time go in, I will go to the centre so that I can come quickly if there are any problems, get going." With that he watched as group after group went in and walked in different directions. After everyone was in he lazily swung Hyperion over his shoulder and walked towards the center of the forest.

His first call was to group 4, which was to be expected, as Seifer had seen them run in the direction of the gratt dens. Thus there was the first battle between 4 people, and a gratt. SUPREMELY boring. Next he got called to group 2, who had discovered the harpie nest, which was at least more amusing to watch as they kept trying to rearrange themselves when their oppenents took flight. Just before the last one was taken down his radio sent off it's emergency siren.

"Instructor Almasy! We lost Raddins!" Came the voice of group 1's leader. Her voice sounded panic stricken over the connection.

"Damn it! If I have to scour this place for him again he's going to be doing cafeteria cleanup duty until he DIES. How did this happen?!" He said angrily. "Nevermind that, I'm going to watch the end of this battle and then I'll look for him, I'm not leaving the only thing that's amused me all day for the guy that doesn't have enough braincells to master a belt buckle."

"But, Sir!"

"Are you arguing with me Telmur?"

"No Sir, i'll wait on standby."

"Very well, Almasy out." With that he turned of his radio and finished watching as the last harpie was taken down by a dagger that pierced her right wing.

"Excellent job, Shina! Take your group back to the main room, and wait for us there."

"Thank you Sir, Would you like me to get the other groups as well?" She asked, pausing for a moment as her group started to gather their fallen weapons.

"Yes, except team 1, I need to have a word with them."

"Very well Sir." With that she turned and started yelling orders to her group before moving out. Her strong leadership reminded him of Squall, not to mention her icy demeanor. She would grow to be a very skilled SeeD if she kept going the way she was. Squall was always an excellent leader, even when Seifer was on the other side of the battles, he could tell. They could be on a suicide mission, but if Squall was at the forefront, they would never show fear. Seifer envied him, but was too admiring to be much of a threat anymore.

Seifer sighed. Squall... why is it you that has that wretched ability to make me cower, to make me actually sorry for things i've done. What is it about you? Getting distracted away from his thoughts when he heard a scream, he ran off in that direction.

He came across group one, and a large fire-type lizard. Telmur was desperatly trying to get her group together when she saw him.

"Oh thank god your here, none of us have anything junctioned, so we couldn't take down these guys!"

Seifer nodded and quickly called to Diablos, who immeadiatly crushed the lizard, then returned to his junctioned form.

"Telmur!! Now tell me how we once again lost Raddins?" He ordered, pushing the tip of Hyperion into the ground to lean on while he listened.

"Well Sir, we came across these fire type lizards and because none of us had anything junctioned, we could not kill them, as our normal attacks do nothing. When the Matriarch (1) came, we knew we couldn't kill her, so Raddin's distracted her and got her to chase after him into the forest, they went that way." She said, pointing to a new made path of crushed trees.

"Shit! Telmur, get your group out of here to the mainroom and call down Commander Squall Leonhart and Dr. Kadowaki, if I get to him before he's too badly hurt, I want the Commander to verbally disembowl him." Seifer ordered, running through the broken trees.

Eventually the forest opened up to a rocky area, where Seifer found it hard to track them. He spent a few minutes scouring the area for signs of them until he heard the clanging of metal and a roar. He came across Raddins and a very large, very irritated lizard. The brunette was desperatly trying to block it's attacks with his forearm swords, but it was obvious he was exhausted. Seifer ran foreward just as the lizard swung it's tail around and knocked the boy flying backwards into him, knocking them both down.

"Raddins? RADDINS!" Seifer called, trying to shake the boy into conciousness. Damn it, he's knocked out. I'm going to have to take on this thing by myself. Seifer stood and quickly averted it's attention away from the fallen boy, running to the left with short slashes to it's face and shoulders. The beast, getting very annoyed, brought a sharpened talon down through Seifer's right shoulder. He screamed in agony, clutching at the gaping wound.

Growling, Seifer slashed at it's face again, trying to cut it's eyes, which were it's weak spots. The beast reared back and smacked him into a tree, where he slumped to the ground after the air was knocked out of him. Damn, that hurt, I think i've broken some ribs, I may need some help with this one. Gingerly, he reached into his pocket for his walkie-talkie.

"This is Seifer Almasy, who can hear me!"

"It's Squall, myself and Dr. Kadowaki are here as requested, what do you need?"

Seifer sighed in relief, " I need some help Squall, I'm pretty banged up and Raddins is unconcious. This beast takes everything I throw at it and sends it back tenfold."

"Alright, I'm on my way, where are you guys?" Came the answer along with backround static.

"I'm not too sure, take Telmur, she should be able to lead you to us."

"Copy that, hold tight Seif." The transmition ended.

Easy for you to say. Thought Seifer when he was forced to roll to the left as the monster charged at him. He started to run again, holding his battered ribs when his feet got knocked from under him by the tail. Within seconds the beast was on him, snapping at his face while he thrashed under it's claws.

"Let go of me you jack ass!" He screamed, freeing one arm and punching it square in the jaw. It reeled backwards from the impact and Seifer scooted as far away as he could manage, but the added pressure the monster had applied to his ribs had taken it's toll and he could only move a few yards.

"Sir! Are you alright!?" Seifer jumped as he heard a voice beside him, and realised that Raddin's had regained consciousness and was looking at him with a concerned gaze.

"Doesn't matter! Get the fuck out of here, now Raddins!" He yelled, knowing that they were no match for it now that he was immobilized.

"No Sir! You will die if I leave you here!" He said stubbornly, standing to his full height in front of him.

"And we will BOTH die if you stay! There is help on the way, if you want to help go and find them and bring them here!" If I don't make him go, he will undoubtly do something idiotic to try and save me. Why won't he just leave!

The argument was stopped by an earsplitting roar. Raddins turned to see what was happening, and Seifer, who had a very strong hunch, reached up and grabbed him with the last of his strength, dragging him down. It was not fast enough though, and a fireball tore through Raddins right side. The world seemed to move in slow motion as Seifer watched the boy's disbelieving face as his eyes widened and his pupils turned to small slits. He fell to his knees without grace, falling foreward onto Seifer. The blood stained ground gleamed in the coming nightfall, and everything regained it's former motion.

"Fuck NO! RADDINS!!" Seifer shrieked, shoving phoenix down after phoenix down into his chest, he tried again and again with potions and Esuna, but nothing worked. His hands were soaked with the boy's blood as tears began to leak from the sides of his face. He tried desperatly to bring Raddins back. It's my fault, it's all my fault, I could have done something! I'm such a fucking bastard! Raddins had a hole in his side, at least a foot in diameter, but Seifer refused to acknowledge the idea of hopelessness. He felt the entire clearing cool down, and realised that Squall was here, using Shiva on the beast. He felt the ground quake as the monster fell, but didn't care, he took the unmoving body of the boy in his arms and rocked back and forth, not comprehending of what was happening.

He felt a hand on his shoulder, and looked up into stormy gray eyes.

"You have to let him go Seifer. There's nothing you can do now." He whispered to him. Seifer closed his eyes and shook his head, not finding the strength to voice his words. Arms wrapped around him and he dimly felt himself being pulled backwards after his arms were freed.

"No, no , I can't, Squall, it's my fault, I have to bring him back! Squall, PLEASE!" He said, struggling in Squall's hold. Even with his drained strength, he pushed his body over it's limit to try and get bak to the boy. Squall held strong though, and before long Seifer just couldn't try anymore and collapsed against Leonhart, falling to his knees with his face against Squall's stomach, still clutching his leather coat in his fists.

"I'm sorry, Seif, you did everything you could, we'll leave it to Telmur and Kadowaki to make the proper arrangements for him." Squall whispered, dropping down to his level and putting his hands on Seifer's shoulders.

"No, no there must be something! I could..." Seifer said, closing his eyes and resting his tear-streaked face against Squall's chest. He felt Squall pull him into his embrace and he wrapped his arms around, silently crying into his shoulder.

"C'mon Seifer, there is nothing you can do. We need to take you to the infirmary and get your ribs checked out." Squall whispered into his ear. He felt himself gently being lifted up, and soon found himself on Squall's back.

Seifer didn't argue about being carried, he knew he was hardly in any condition for standing , let alone walking. Not that he could speak at the moment, he didn't want to hear words, even from his own mouth. He knew that the moment words were heard, that this would be real, and that he wouldn't wake up, that nothing could be done to change this situation. He knew Squall would already think this, and to show some sort of thanks, he tightened his hold around his neck.

He felt the horrible pain knawing at his heart and tears flowing down his cheeks. The physical and emotional agony were ripping at his mind and he let his head drop onto Squall's shoulder before losing to the blackness.


(1) Matriarch is like a female leader, like the queen, or the head nun, etc.

Hello peoples, I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. This is my first attempt at an good angst fic, just so you know there WILL be lemon's in later chapters, but thats not for a while.

I realise that some of you will think that Seifer wouldn't have been affected like he did because of the numerous battles he's been in. My theory for my insanity is that he wasn't expecting it, since when you are in a war zone, you expect people to die, you expect to lose friends. However, nobody was supposed to die here, nobody was even supposed to get hurt here. Also, this was one of his students, he was supposed to protect them, and make sure that nothing happened, and he failed.

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