Ed was standing stiffly, uniform just slightly too big. Roy had smirked when Ed had entered, for once without Al following him dutifully. Ed had surveyed the ballroom with something akin to horror as a dozen ladies had swarmed him, insisting his dance with every one of them.

Despite Ed's very loud refusal, it had not stopped a buxom brunette from sweeping him to the area left for the crowd of swirling dancers. The swish of fabric, the gleam of braiding and Ed had looked like he was in hell.

Roy had felt obliged to order Ed to a small room, left for him by the bemused host of the party. The host had not inquired any further, merely smiling when Roy had said it was for military purposes and warning him against his daughters. Roy had not been inclined to tell him that it was too late.

The music, still is heard in this small room. Stringed music gently humming through walls, a trumpet played briefly and there was a burst of applause. Someone important must have arrived. The music soon returned and Roy was sure the dancers had resumed their flirtations.

Despite the fact that Roy had gallantly rescued him for a tall, imposing blond, Ed is twitching and glaring at him in discomfort. Ed tugged at the collar of his uniform, muttering something about sizes.

"Fullmetal," Roy murmured, watching under half lidded eyes as Ed jerked to attention then turned away and hunched his shoulders.

"What is it, Colonel bastard," Ed muttered, thought if not for the actual words, Roy would have assumed it was an endearment. Ed seemed to have realised as well and is blushing, fuming as well.

"Care to dance?" Roy asked, holding out one gloved hand. Ed jumped and backed against the wall, eyes wide. Their... relationship is still new and judging from Ed's open mouth, Ed isn't sure how to take his offer.

"We're both men!" Ed exclaimed, but doesn't leave. Staring at Roy, "We can't - "

Roy leaned in, kissing Ed briefly. "It certainly hasn't stopped us before now," he said softly, swiftly. He places one hand on Ed's waist as Ed splutters. "We're doing this because you're so short, all the ladies tower over you."

Before Ed exploded, Roy kisses him, laughing as Ed moved against him. The music is moving in a faster beat as Roy drew Ed away from the wall, dipping him in one crisp, elegant motion. Ed shook his head, struggling to hold his own smile.