We join our heroes and villains once again. Kat has rebuilt her bar, Negaduck has been stealing and enjoying it, while keeping an eye of his Queen and Darkwing drops in on her from time to time.

Kat closed up for the night, dead bolting the door and walked down the dark street to her apartment. It was late spring and the few flowers that grew by her were blooming. She inhaled deeply, ignoring the smell of motor oil and trash, smelling lily and tulips. Easter was around the corner and she was considering spending time with a few of the children she watched on the weekends for her neighbors. She smiled softly as she walked up the steps, coming to a stop, looking at a present at her door step. A dozen roses and a small box with a card laid there innocently. She kneeled, picking them up and walked into her apartment, closing and double locking the door.

She turned on the lights, looking around before putting her purse down and opened the card, eyes narrowing slightly. 'To my Queen of Hearts' was all it read, but she didn't need to see a signature to know who had left it. she put the roses in a vase, already over flowing with them and carefully opened the box. Inside was a long silver chain with a diamond heart on it. She closed it and walked into her bedroom putting in her jewelry bow with the other gifts he had left. It annoyed her to no end when he did this, though, secretly she enjoyed the attention. It was every girls dream to have gifts and flowers left by a midnight stranger. She changed into a tank top and shorts, thinking of her choice to move to a better part of the city, just to get away from this. It meant a longer ride to and from her bar, but it also meant Negaduck wouldn't be able to find her so easily.

Negaduck watched her enter her apartment through her window. She placed the roses with the others he had left and looked at the necklace. He saw that faint look in her eyes. Every woman loved diamonds, especially stolen ones. He was getting tired of waiting for the right moment to take her with him. Closing his eyes, he imagined coming home to her, seeing her in a dress that showed her off, his daughter on one side of her, their child in Kats arms. He opened them seeing her walk back into the main room just as Darkwing climbed up her wall and knocked on her window. He growled, gripping the stone roof he was leaning on.

Kat jumped a little, hearing him and relaxed opening her window. "I just got home, can't it wait?" Darkwing shook his head and stepped in, closing the window after him. He looked at her, seeing she was in good health and unharmed. He looked around, seeing the roses in her vase and motioned to them. "Negs likes to leave me gifts." She walks to her fridge and got out a beer opening it, knowing better then to offer him one.

"Negaduck hit another diamond emporium. This time he took a few larger pieces. He still leaving jewelry too?" He watched her nod. "A nice sized heart one." Darkwing leaned against her couch. He had the feeling in the back of his mind they were being watched. He made it look like he was flirting with her, earning him an odd look from Kat. " Just be careful for now. I heard you were moving. I know of a house for sale. Not very big, but its a good starter home." He walked into her kitchen writing the number down, then walked back out to her getting close to her. " What are you doing Darkwing." She glared at him a little, knowing he was trying to help her, but at the same time, still couldn't fully trust him. She watched him lean down to her, putting his hands on her shoulders like he was going to kiss her. A sound that was mixed between an inhuman roar and anger was heard outside, confirming Darkwings feelings from before. He let a confused and worried Kat go and walked to her window, opening it and jumping outside.

Kat quickly closed and locked her windows, pulling the curtains closed. She didn't even feel safe alone at home anymore. She would call the number in the morning and get the hell out of here before Negaduck decided to do anything threatening against her. Hearing that sound let her know what Darkwing had been doing, now seeing Negaduck had been watching them. She turned off the lights failing to see the faint shadow on the roof across from her building and walked into her bedroom, making sure her hand gun was still under the pillows and laid down, trying to sleep.