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Drake looked down at Kat, hearing the beeps of the machines attached to her. This was his fault. Now She was laying here, hurt and he could do nothing. He glimpsed her chart, studying it for a second. She would fully recover, Negaduck hasn't hurt her to badly, but enough to have her in ICU for a week. Kat moved slightly, her eyes opening a little. Drake smiled weakly at her as she took in her surroundings.

Kat's head swam. Her body hurt and it felt like there were vine laying on her. She opened her eyes a little blinking against the harsh light of the room. Looking around she saw Drake smiling at her. She tried to remember how she got in this room, but couldn't remember much past opening the bar. Looking at her arms, she saw I.V's and tubes sticking in her arms. As she tried to get up, Drake gently put a hand on her shoulder, telling her no. "What happened?"

Drake blinked a little, surprised by the question. Figuring the fall had jarred her mind he sat in the chair next to her bed. "From the news reports, someone shoot up your bar. I came as soon as I heard. So did Binky, but she left not to long ago." He patted her hand, trying to be reassuring, but failed to reassure himself. He had to make sure Negaduck didn't hurt her while she was here. The doctors and nurses weren't allowed to tell anyone her address or let anyone in that wasn't on a list. Darkwing had taken care of those details. He handed her a cup is ice water and sighed. "Why did Negaduck do this to you?" He already knew the answer, but he needed Kat to trust him, not only as Darkwing, but as Drake.

Kat looks at the straw then put it aside. "Remember when you asked about my ring? A few months ago he went off the deep end and during that while Star Towers raid he forced me to marry him." Drake looked shocked while she told him this. "I had heard about the raid, but not that part." Kat nodded. "The police and Darkwing thought it was better to keep it quiet." Kat rubbed the ring a little, thinking. "When do you think I can leave?" Drake shrugged, Looking over when Goslyan walked in with LP. They both smiled at Her.

"You ok Kat?" Goslyan hopped up onto the corner of the bed, looking at her. Launchpad sat in the chair next to Drake as Gos and Kat talked. "LP, we have to do something. Next time he could kill her." Launchpad looked at the floor, finding it more interesting then where this was going. He knew that Drake would obsess over this until he stopped Negaduck. Soon visiting hours were over. Drake promised he would visit her again and find out when she would be released. Gos agreed to water her flowers and ran out with Launchpad.

Drake drove home that night, forming plans in his head, all with Negaduck in jail at the end. Gos sat in the back reading a comic while Launchpad talked about getting burgers for dinner.

A few weeks later Drake was waiting outside in the car, having volunteered to get her while Binky set up a party for Kat. The doctor handed Kat a few pain killers and gave her instructions in case anything happened. Looking at her tests again he looked back at her. "You should be all good. I'll set a date for you to come in for a check up in a month." Kat nodded. "But the wounds should have closed up in a month." The doctor nodded again. "I meant for your baby. You were lucky that you weren't shot in the lower stomach area." Kat nodded absentminded, then turned pale. "My...MY WHAT!?"

After having a nurse give her something to calm down and being wheeled out to the car, she sat starring out the window, going over what had just happened. Somehow, someway, she was pregnant. Drake kept asking if she was all right, just nodding to him, not wanting him to know about it. As they pulled up to her house, she say Binky peeking though her blinds. "Why is that woman in my house?" Drake looked at her then helped her out of the car inside. Once inside, Kat looked around, seeing decorations and a cake. Binky jumped out with Goslyan and Launchpad behind her. Kat smiled weakly, sitting down as Binky make her comfortable and brought her a plate of food.

The rest of the night was spent talking and laughing. She laughed with them, her mind always going back to the thing growing inside her. Placing a hand on her stomach, she began to wonder how life would change. She was going to sell the bar, there was no doubt about that. She now had to find a new job though, one where she could manage her life and the new life she was going to have. Smiling inwardly, she could only hope life would be better.

Negaduck looked at his new pent house. It was in the highest building in the Negaverse. Watching his daughter drawing on the floor made him smirk. In nine months, if it worked, Kat would have his child. She'd have to come here if he took the child. He would leave her be for that time though to let her feel safe. Then he would strike when she least expected it.

Looking back at a newly decorated room, he entered it. It was for a baby. The room was darkly colored with a dark wooden crib in the center of the room. Toys were being placed in the room as a maid put clothes in the dresser. Smirking, he turned walking for the door to leave. He was going to have some fun robbing a few banks in his universe and Darkwings.