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Summary: Zell and Selphie explore their relationship with… pancakes!

The Pancake Incident…

Zell and Selphie were happily eating breakfast at the cafeteria, "Hey, Seffie, just one tini-tiny, itsy-bitsy, wittle bwyte…" Zell pleaded, raising the spoon in front of her face. The hotdogs, unfortunately, out of stock…again…

Selphie shook her head, "Uh-uh… I don't eat pancakes with banana bits on them!" she said with a pout, and turning to the other direction.

"O-kay… but., you're missing all the goodness of this." He said in a playful, childish tone. "I mean… you're leaving me, with this three layered, pancake with butter on every layer, swimming and oozing with chocolate and maple syrup." he said, in a tone that he hoped made her jealous.

And she did, she was staring at the slice on his fork. He saw this, "Oh… and did I mention that this had chocolate chips in them?" he said putting the slice on his mouth, chewing it. "Oh…" he said in mocked contentment, "This is good…" he said pointing his index finger on the plate.

He took another slice, "You sure you don't want some?" he said placing it just a few centimeters from her mouth. She shook her head, but was peeking at the slice. She crossed her arms close to her chest, while huffing.

"O-kay…" he said, pulling the plate closer to him and was about to turn around. "On… second thought, I'd like a slice please…" he saw this coming, and he smirked at that. He turned around, "I thought you don't want any?" he asked her, with a raised eyebrow.

"Okay, okay… I want some okay?" Selphie said, attempting to grab he plate from him, "Gimme some!" she said.

Zell saw this, and raised his hand high above the air. "Uh-uh…" he said.

"Oh, come on, Zelly…" she said. He chuckled, but he stopped when Selphie gave him her puppy-dog look. 'How come everytime she gives me the look; that pout, and those eyes… I would obey it?' he thought. 'If you weren't too damn cute, I-'

"Zelly, pwease?" Selphie pleaded in a baby tone. He growled and lowered his hands, "Fine…" he sighed in defeat. She grinned at him, "Oh yeah!" she said, grabbing the plate from him.

She was about to take a slice, when Zell came in front of her… giving her a dose of her own medicine; he gave her his version of the puppy-dog look. She was about to take a bite, when Zell moved closer into her.

'Stop that…' she thought. She turned around, feeling guilty. She attempted another try, but Zell ran in front of her and, showed her his puppy-dog look. She was falling to it… falling baaadddd… "Fine! We share!" she playfully yelled at him. He grinned, 'If you weren't that cuddly, I…' Selphie thought, they stared at each other, and laughed.

"Anyway… All I wanna saying is that I love you… Selphie Tilmitt." He said, taking the slice from her fork and hugging her.

She smiled, "And I love you too… Zell Dincht." She said, giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

"Now… Let's eat!" both said at the same time. The started to laugh again.

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