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Notes: I'm not too sure who came up with Marluxia's other's name being Lumaria but I'm gunna us that. Hope they don't mind if they ever read this.

Withering Memory

They were too different. Where Ienzo had been a curious and naïve, innocent and easy to manipulate; Zexion was devious and cold, silent and deadly. That's probably why Lumaria has so easily seduced Ienzo and why Zexion would not be drawn in by Marluxia.

It didn't however explain why the last thought on Zexion's mind as he faded into darkness was the pink haired man; a man who was trying to betray the organization and probably didn't even remember that faithful day among the roses in Radiant Garden where a traveling gypsy had won the heart of a young lab assistant.


A/N: I mostly wrote this in order to get used to writing the pairing. I'm thinking of actually writing the Lumaria/Ienzo fic during the free time I have between exams. Thanks for reading