"I won't let you leave." Her voice was firm and that fire he loved so much burned in her eyes.

"You can't keep me here Ginny." He said quietly wondering where this moment would lead them.

"I can Harry Potter, don't you doubt me too." She shouted at him and he watched the held back tears glittering, he walks up and touches her nose lightly but today it doesn't make her smile. "You think you can go sacrifice yourself for the world, but whoever gave you the right?" Harry is startled by that question because he had never thought.

"We did." Came a voice from behind them and they turned to see Ron and Hermione coming to the top of the stairs.

"So you're just going to let him go martyr himself? You two are going to let him get himself bloody killed!" Her anger was boiling over and this time she can't hold back the tears.


"Save it Ron." She hisses at him and he steps back slightly at the hate in his little sister's voice. "You're making me lose a brother as well." She says and Ron looks away ashamed. She pauses for a moment as preparing for her next words. "Haven't I lost enough already?" She whispers and her hand goes up to ball up the fabric in front of her heart. "Don't I deserve to have one of you alive?" She whispers and Hermione's quiet sobbing can be heard.

"Gin, we don't know what will happen." Harry said approaching to place a gentle hand on her shoulder. But she shies away her eyes showing betrayal.

"Yes we do." She says. "You haven't found the last horcrux, so when you go to fight Voldemort no curse no spell will be able to kill him." Her face screws up as she begins to cry even harder. "He'll kill everyone in front of you, I know he will and when he's done and you heart is shattered he'll kill you; and I will be left to wait for him here alone in this empty bloody shell of a building." Her voice falters at the end and she wraps her arms around her body like she is trying to wrench some comfort from the world. All of them are silent and her voice pipes up again. "But what will it matter because I've already been alone after all."