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It wasn't easy being a wizard. It wasn't easy being a wizard in Hufflepuff. It wasn't easy being a wizard in Hufflepuff, who liked Harry Potter. It wasn't easy being a wizard in Hufflepuff, who liked Harry Potter and had Draco, Seamus, and Dean making your life hell because of it, and that is exactly the position Justin Finch-Fletchley found himself in.

He hadn't the slightest idea how he ended up in this fix. Maybe it was beacause he was as easy to read as those books with inch-high letters his teachers used to give him in kindergarten. Deception was far from Justin's middle name and he was horrible at concealing anything.

He hadn't meant to like Harry; it just sort of happened. It was easy to admire Harry. He was nice, brave, and a talented flyer. When Justin had first met him, he had been rather nervous. He had babbled on and on and on. In retrospect he often wondered why someone hadn't done him a kindness and told him to shut up. Worse yet was when he thought Harry was the heir of Slytherin. Justin had been mortified and apologized endlessly to Harry. To date, he was still biting back apologies. Through classes and snippets of conversation, admiration became something more.

He tried to ignore it. Tried to ignore the feeling that it was wrong for his blue-grey eyes to land on Harry's face and linger on his body. He couldn't help himself. Harry was beautiful, though not by most standards. As an artist, Justin learned to spot beauty where others might miss it. He found it in Harry and couldn't stop staring. *I can't be the only one. Surely someone else sees it,* he thought.

He had tried talking to Dean about it, as one artist to another. "Excuse me?" Dean asked.
"Harry. Do you think he's beautiful?"
"I've never thought about it before."
"Think about it," Justin said. A few days later, Dean dragged him aside.
"I've been thinking about it," he said.
"I don't see it."
"Dean! How could you not see it: the eyes, the hair, the smile, the b-" Justin stopped himself abruptly. Dean's eyes widened.
"Do you like him?" Dean asked.
"Of course I like him. He's a nice guy."
"No, no, no. I mean like as in boyfriend like."
"NO!" Justin cried, aghast. "NO! Just- no."
"Okay," Dean said.
"I don't."
"Of course not," Dean said. Justin got the feeling he was being humored.

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