She Still Dreams

It's been years since he's died, and still she dreams of him.

She dreams of the life they could've had together.

The one they should've had.

She dreams of what would've happened if he hadn't of sent her away with her sister.

If he had gone with her.

She dreams of Cindy not being in their lives.

Of Raines not being on Center Street that day.

She lives in her dreams.

There, they are happy.

There they have what they talked about.

They are married and surrounded by friends.

In her dreams, Jake and Vickie are still alive and their children play with her and Gabe's.
They all go to Carlino's and have dinner with Joe and Paullina, the men claiming to only do it to please their wives as they bicker through the meals.

In her dreams life moves on.

She moves on and is happy.

In her dreams she cuddles her daughter.

She runs after her.

Holds her and tells her stories while they wait for him to come home from the station.

She watches as her little girl wraps her daddy around her daddy around her little finger while he turns his head and smiles.

In her dreams everything is right.

So that's why she stays there.

Even though she hears Jenna's pleading voice.

Even though she hears her mother's.

Because even in her deepest consciousness she knows these are only dreams.

She knows that he's gone.

Knows it even as she blocks out the pleading voices of her mother and sister and the beeping of machines.

Knows it as she ignores Carl's commands.

Cass and Morgan's requests.

Paullina's tears.

Joe's prayers.

She knows it because as she walks across the room to take Gabe's outstretched hand she can hear her father's laughter in response to something Frankie is saying.

Knows it because she can hear Vickie and Jake bickering in the yard.

Knows it because she can hear Ryan and Michael talking to Bridget.

Knows it because she can hear Ada singing her daughter to sleep.

And it doesn't matter.

Because it's been years.

Years that she's been like this.

Laying in a bed between life and death; dreaming. . . waiting for something to happen.

Now it has.

Smiling, Lorna can't help but shake her head as she clasps the hand of the man who stole her heart so long ago. "What took you so long?" she hears him ask.

And for the first time in years she laughs: "You know my mother Captain, she's been chewing my ear off. Besides, aren't you the one who didn't show up where you were supposed to?"

"I'm sorry about that. Can you forgive me for. . ." he starts, and she puts a finger to his lips.

"You're here now, Gabe. That's what matters," she saids smiling at him as she loops her arms over his neck: "now how about making up for lost time before we're interrupted?"

"I think I can arrange that," he smiles as he bends to kiss her taking her breathe away as only he could.

And, she stops dreaming. . .