'First day back then?' asked Logan from across the breakfast table to the two half asleep girls. Jade looked up and glared, which made him chuckle.

'It's not so bad.' said Kitty from the doorway, 'We get to see are friends again.'

'What the brotherhood?' asked Vixen glowering at her, but she wasn't looking.

'Not just the brotherhood,' she said fiddling with her hair, 'everyone else too.'

'Apart from Jean noone else has any human friends.' said Jade trying to hold back a large yawn and failing. At that moment Spyke came in and grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl on the table.

'Rogue has a human friend.' he said with his mouth full of apple bits which in turn went flying all over the table. 'Oops… Sorry.'

'You'd better get going,' came Xavier's voice from the other door, 'Or you'll be late for your first day at school.'

'Yeah,' said Vixen under her breath to Jade, 'cos that would be such a shame.' Jade giggled.

At the school, Vixen and Jade had to get a new locker each (since they were newbies) so they made their way down the hall trying all the lockers for open ones.

Jade found one on the left hand side of the hall, Vixen a little further down on the right next to…

'Rogue?' asked Vixen raising a surprised eyebrow, 'How come you're already here?'

'I know a shortcut.' she said shortly not looking at the blond girl and closing her locker. She turned and walked away down the hallway.

'What's her problem?' asked Vixen to her black haired friend across the way, she shrugged. Vixen frowned and stuffed her books into the open locker moodily.

'Who's this then?' came a casual yet flirty male voice next to her. 'A new kid, huh?' she closed the locker door and saw a platinum blond boy leaning up against the cabinets.

'Umm… I guess.' she said hesitantly glancing over at Jade who was flicking through her books, too busy to realise what was going on behind her.

'I'm Pietro.' said the boy standing up straight, 'What can I call you then, Babycakes?' Vixen smiled foxily.

'Anything but that, Sweety.' she replied deciding the best kind of defence was a good offence and flirting back.

'Snookums good for you then?' he asked raising an eyebrow and putting his arm over her shoulder to place it on her locker which she had just locked.

'As long as you don't mind me breaking your nose, then that's absolutely peachy.' she replied lifting his arm and slipping under it. ' Cupcake.' she said glancing over her shoulder as she walked away, swinging her hips invitingly.

Just then she realised she didn't know where she was going. She rifled in her bag and found a timetable… she had art first period in room 36B.

'Where the hell is room 36B?' she asked aloud looking around slowly as if she might find the answer by just looking around at the other students. She noticed the boy still watching her with a playful smile on his face. The green-eyed girl glared and looked away.

'Need some help, Honey?' he asked coming up behind her and looking over her shoulder at the piece of paper clasped in her hands. She swiftly pressed it against her chest, not wanting to admit that she was completely lost.

'No,' she said looking up at him defiantly, 'I'm good thank-you.' she walked a few paces ahead still looking around.

'35B is up the stairs and third on you right.' he shouted after her smugly. She turned around and glared at him incredulously then stormed off up the stairs as the bell rang.

She entered the room, wondering who on earth she was going to be able to sit with. Suddenly someone barged past her, pushing her into a wall.

'Hey!' she said angrily 'Watch it!' the boy who had collided with her turned around and said with a raised eyebrow:

'Or what?' Vixen glared at him menacingly rolling her hands into fists. The boy had longish dark brown hair, dark eyes and a malevolent smirk.

'You don't wanna know.' she growled at him. He smiled and hitched his rucksack a little higher on his shoulder before walking off.

She glowered at him then went back to deciding who she could sit with. The tables were double placed so most were taken by friends who were already chatting about their holiday experiences. In the end she went and sat alone at the back of the class, at the only empty table. She put her head in her hand unhappily and started doodling on the page she had got out.+++++