Several weeks later Xavier discovered a new mutant a few miles out of town. Due to business in the mansion he couldn't go himself so he sent Storm, Nightcrawler, Iceman and Vixen to go and try and convince this new mutant to join them. Storm was flying ahead alone and the other three had to make their own way, so Kurt was driving them in the X-van.

'Are we nearly there yet?' asked Bobby for the third time in five minutes from the back seat.

'NO!' cried Vixen irritably. 'We've only been going for half an hour. Find something to do, got a rubix cube or something?'

'Just don't touch anything.' added Kurt noticing the younger teenager reaching for a large blue button on the door. Bobby sat back down unenthusiastically.

'Here, play with this.' said Vixen chucking her brand new phone onto the back seat beside him. 'Just don't break it or you'll pay for a new one.'

'Awesome!' exclaimed Bobby grabbing the gadget and opening it to start exploring it's depths. Kurt switched on the radio and a mellow song started. Vixen opened the window and let her hair flow in the wind.

"She rolls the window down, and she talks over the sound…" came the tuneful sound of a man singing. Kurt looked over at Vixen, but she hadn't noticed. She was nodding her head in time to the music.

"I wonder if she'll figure out, I'm crazy for this girl." Kurt blushed as he related to the song, hoping neither Vixen nor Bobby had noticed. There she was, gazing out the window at the world zipping by, her hair flicking over her pretty face, blowing in the wind.

"She's got me thinking about her constantly…" it continued, Kurt stared at the road in front of him, trying to stop thinking about how much this song defined his position. Suddenly he noticed Vixen turning and looking at him. He glanced over at her and saw her smiling at him, a little confusion on her attractive face.

"Right now, face to face, all my fears pushed aside. And now I'm ready to spend the rest of my life with you." continued the song as the pair continued to gaze at each other, Kurt having to glance every now and then at the road.

"I'm crazy for this girl, I'm crazy for this girl!" Kurt wondered crazily whether she was feeling the same way, she did have a very different look on her face, he'd only seen her make this face with Pietro… did that mean anything?

She seemed to be making her way closer to him now, he discreetly tried to make his way towards her, keeping his eye on the road all the time…

'Isn't this that song which is always on the radio?' asked Bobby leaning forwards into the front seat, between them. Kurt glanced past him at Vixen who was looking out of the window again, as though nothing had happened.

The song finished and went onto a different and faster song, Vixen frowned and changed the channel and a different song started up, completely obliterating the moment Kurt thought they had just had.

Maybe it hadn't been a moment. Maybe she hadn't been coming closer… maybe it was all a pigment of his imagination. Part of him hoped it was, but the majority of him hoped against hope that it had been a moment, leaving him confused, but content with the memory of her face so close to his. A memory he would add to the memory of the night of the party and the night he and Vixen and sat and looked at the stars, Vixen cuddling up to him to get warm.

An hour or so later they arrived at the designated house. A small cottage in a very rural village. The actual house was adorable: just like one would imagine a cottage to be. Virginia creeper growing up the front of it, around a wooden door with a brass knocker. Five windows placed strategically around the door to let in a maximum of light into the lower and upper floors, in exactly the position a child would draw them, all with white shutters.

There was even a tabby cat to complete the image of homeliness.

Kurt, Vixen and Bobby all hopped out of the van and took in their surroundings. The cat gazed at them curiously and in the background they could hear chickens going about their business.

'Nice place here.' said Kurt looking around. 'It seems a bit like… England, don't you think?' he looked over at the others.

'England rocks, dude!' exclaimed Vixen, putting her hand in the air and making a rock sign (for those uncultured swines who don't know what that is, it's when you put your two middle fingers down and the other two stay up). (Ps: you're not uncultured swines).

'Who are you?' came a young English voice away to their left. The mutants all looked in that direction and saw a little boy glaring at them. 'What are you doing here?'

'Err…' started Bobby a little nervously. 'We're here with the other lady who came here earlier?' he finished the sentence as a question, hesitant as the boy continued to glare at them.

'There's no lady here, except Mummy.' replied the boy, his eyes becoming untrusting slits. 'Who are you?'

'I'm Kurt Wagner, this is Bobby Drake,' started Kurt pointing first to himself and then to Bobby, 'and this is Vixen Davies.' he finished motioning towards the blond girl.

'Who are you talking to Darren?' came a woman's voice from around the side of the cottage. Soon a woman appeared wearing an apron and gardening gloves.

'There's a bunch of people here, Mummy.' shouted the boy running towards the woman, who looked up and saw the group of kids and smiled, clearly taken by surprise.

'Oh, err…' she said sweetly, also with an English accent. 'I'm sorry to be rude, but who exactly are you, umm.. And what are you doing on our property?'

'We're sorry,' started Kurt, who was evidently the people-person. 'we're here to talk about your child. We have reason to believe that one of your offspring is a m-'

'Is special.' cut in Vixen, thinking that the word "mutant" might make them less willing to cooperate. 'Maybe we could come in and talk about this more privately.' she asked, hoping not to scare her too much, remembering the reaction her parents had had.

'What's wrong with Darren?' asked the woman anxiously, obviously thinking they were talking about the little boy, who looked no older than seven.

'Do you have any other children?' asked Vixen a little awkwardly. The woman nodded.

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