Author's Note: This is an AU story. Chapter 10 of New Moon was pivotal point in the story for me. The pain of losing Edward was magnified by the clear and present danger to Bella's life when she was almost murdered by Laurent. In this story I would like to explore what happens to these characters if Jacob and his pack hadn't made it in time to save Bella. I am putting up this short Prologue to gage the interest in this story. If you like it, I will continue. Thanks for reading!

I wouldn't be able to write without my dear Beta's: MarcyJ and Unicorn Goddess (who are both in my profile, by the way). Without their constant support and encouragement I wouldn't be here. I love you both!

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I tensed for the spring, my eyes squinting as I cringed away, and the sound of Edward's furious roar echoed distantly in the back of my head. His name burst through all the walls I'd built to contain it. 'Edward, Edward, Edward.' I was going to die. It shouldn't matter if I thought of him now. 'Edward I love you.'

Laurent was at my side in an instant. His sinister pitch black eyes bore into my head. Slowly his eyes traveled down to the pale skin of my neck, and his eyes took on a frenzied panic. I only hoped the uncontrollable thirst would make this a quick death.

"Bella," He inhaled deeply, "you smell absolutely divine. And lucky for you, that will only make this quicker." With those final fatal words, he sunk his teeth into the tender flesh of my neck and drank with wild abandon.

A searing heat accompanied the pain of his teeth piercing my neck, as if tiny daggers had skewered me.

As the instinct to flee kicked in, I thrashed violently against Laurent's arms. The expenditure of energy was futile, as there was no escaping his iron strength in my coming demise.

At least, in my final moments I could feel close to Edward. All these months I had felt lost in the world, fearing that I had some how imagined the beautiful being who had stolen my heart. But in the final act of my life, I was proved wrong. And in some sick and twisted way, dying in the arms of a vampire brought me peace.

Laurent continued to slurp and suckle at my neck and the intense pressure of the blood being sucked from my body made my head swim. I held on to him for dear life, the cold and steely strength of his body so reminiscent of the one I longed for. My body quickly went limp in Laurent's arms, and I started to feel my consciousness wane.

I dreamed of Edward and I in this very meadow, which was now to be my gravesite. In my mind, it was as beautiful as it was that afternoon last spring when we had first professed our love for each other. In my mind I imagined lying here next to him, curled up in his embrace as his cool sweet breath caressed my cheek and his words contracted my heart.

If this was what dying was like, this wasn't so bad. And just as quickly as I had fallen into my paradise, I was brought back to reality with a burning pain coursing swiftly down my torso. I was lying on the ground in the meadow that I had so desperately tried to find, but Laurent was no longer hovering over me, sucking the life giving blood from my body. My eyelids were heavy, and I was struggling to open them fully so that my eyes could focus on my surroundings.

Through my clouded vision I made out the blurry outline of four or five large animals. As the pain pounded and burned my body, I felt myself losing all consciousness. As I started to slip I heard a faint, but vicious, growling that made me cringe painfully into unconsciousness. If I had been afraid of death at the hands of a vampire, there would be nothing compared to the type of torture I would endure at the mercy of these wild animals. I prayed for oblivion in my final moment, and was momentarily granted sweet ignorance as my angel appeared before my eyes again.