Sunflowers: Hey, hey, hey! Seeing as 'Your name is WHAT' didn't get as good reviews as I'd have liked, I decided to start a new Takari project to renew my creative nature.

Matt: In other words, she's hoping that this story doesn't suck coughDEAFiantcough

TK: MATT! DEAFiant got great reviews! You just didn't like it 'cause you weren't in it!

Matt: Come on, even TAI was in it! And you only liked it 'cause you and Kari made-out.

TK: blushing that's one of the perks

Sunflowers: Matt, suddenly looks very dangerous if you don't stop picking on your gorgeous younger brother, I'll rewrite this story so that you're not in it anymore!

Matt: flower of hope blooms in his chest you mean that I'm ACTUALLY IN THIS ONE?????!!!!!

Sunflowers: Yep.


Sunflowers: … gee, thanks. OH! Disclaimer! Teekie-poo!

TK: I'll ignore that name. clears throat Sunflowers doesn't own the idea of using Digimon characters, the idea of a medieval fic or the idea of eating melons. This is a non-money-profit fic put out solely for the amusement of her fellow fanfic freaks.

Matt: Hey! He just called you a freak and you're STILL writing a story about him?!

Sunflowers: My little Teekie-poo can get away with anything!




Once upon a time long ago, in Odaiba, the capital city of Ishida, there lived a boy named TK. He wasn't a prince or a lord; he didn't live in a palace or even a house. The streets were his home. He had no family, no possessions other than the clothes on his back. His mother had died years ago and he had never met his father. And yet, despite this, he remained a cheerful, hopeful young boy, nearing his sixteenth birthday.

At this time, however, TK's large, sky-blue eyes were darting franticly, trying to find an escape route as he ran away from the armed soldiers, clutching a large melon in his hands. Panting, his gaze landed on an alleyway with a large building blocking the end. Perfect. Ignoring the shouts of "Stop! Thief!" he darted down the alley. Once the full armored soldiers had reached the entrance, their young target had managed to scale the wall and was on the roof and out of sight. The men on the ground were furious; he had escaped again.

On the rooftop, TK sat down and caught his breath, brushing his golden blond hair out of his eyes and laughing to himself as he listened to the guards' cursing him, or the 'thieving, yellow-headed brat'. He then grabbed the stolen melon, his meal for the day, and cracked it open on his knee. Well, he thought. It's not REALLY stealing. It's more like I'm a farmer and these streets are my fields. And those soldiers are a lot like crows; large, dark, loud, annoying; they spoil everything and always show up at the wrong time.

As he dug his dirty fingers into the fruits flesh, he looked around him, curious about the rooftop that would be his bed for the night. TK never slept in the same place two nights in a row. Too easy to find.

His eyes stopped at a familiar place. The palace. Home to the future king of the land, Prince Yamato Ishida. The king having died years before, it seemed that only time prevented the nineteen year old prince from ascending the throne. TK stared at the beautiful castle, wondering about the luxury inside. Not for the first time.

Must be nice, he thought. If I were prince, I'd be having three feasts every day, a big warm bed with silk sheets and servants fawning over me. Heck, those great, honorable morons, or soldiers would wear dresses and dance if I told them to!

Smiling at those thoughts, he continued to watch the palace, wondering.


Princess Kari stared out her carriage window, wondering.

Must be nice, she thought. If I were a peasant, I'd be responsible for no one but myself, earning my keep and knowing that those around me like me for me, not my position. Heck, I'd be able to dance barefoot on the King's supper table if I wanted to!

She sighed. Being a princess was boring. She had no say in anything; where she went, who she met, what she wore or even what she ate! To Kari, she was like a pawn on a chessboard; a small, silent, useless thing made only for looks and to move around and sacrifice when advantageous. Just like now. She was leaving Heighton, the capital of her country Terracia (AN: Heightonview Terrace! Get it?) for Odaiba, Ishida to meet crown PrinceYamachi or Yamashiro or something along those lines. The long, boring carriage ride should end sometime in the next day's afternoon. Then she would be expected to charm prince Whatshisname, get married, become a royal-baby-breeding machine and live out her life standing around and looking pretty.

Kari shuddered at the thought of it, but what choice did she have?



Sunflowers: And that's it!

Matt: whines But I'm only mentioned!

Sunflowers: Wait 'till Chapter 1.

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