Title: Twenty Things About Seigaku (9/9) - END
Rating: Gen
Characters: Echizen Ryoma
Summary: Twenty things about Seigaku from Ryoma's point of view.
Notes: Written as part of that 20 things craze last year. For Lynn. First posted on October 16, 2005.

Twenty Things about Seigaku, as Ryoma sees it:

1. Mouthing off to his senpai-tachi is fun. Tezuka-buchou gets a tell-tale twitch at the corners of his mouth. Oishi-senpai's too nice to mouth off to, but Eiji-senpai's reaction more than makes up for Oishi-senpai's share. Fuji-senpai has often replied with something just as scathing, but Ryoma doesn't push his luck because Fuji-senpai is one of the few people who's a real challenge in tennis and is willing to play with Ryoma often. Inui-senpai just scribbles away, but Ryoma has been able to drag some responses from Inui before, and they were so spot-on that each time, Ryoma just looked at Inui-senpai, impressed, as he digested what he'd just heard. Taka-senpai's only fun in burning mode, Momo-chan-senpai argues back, and Kaidoh-senpai hisses (but Ryoma only mouths off to Kaidoh-senpai once in a blue moon when Kaidoh-senpai really REALLY deserves it).

2. Even though he's beaten Tezuka-buchou at tennis, Buchou will always be Buchou. Momo-chan-senpai or Kaidoh-senpai will probably be buchou next year, but they'll just be Momo-chan-buchou or Kaidoh-buchou for a year, and then it'll be back to calling them senpai again. Ryoma doesn't think he could ever call Tezuka-buchou "senpai".

3. Ryoma has actually caught Buchou smiling once. He was shelving books in the library and saw buchou through the bookshelves, reading. He can't remember what the book was, but Tezuka-buchou smiled at something he read, and then turned the page. Ryoma never told anyone, and instead volunteered to become the only shelver for that section of the library. Ryoma figures it's Buchou's favorite spot, since that's the only place in the library he's seen his buchou (hunting for a book in the stacks doesn't count).

4. Sometimes Ryoma wishes Oishi-senpai would stop mothering him. Just because Ryoma's two years younger, that doesn't mean he can't take care of himself!

5. Ryoma has learnt to recognize the subtle nuances in Fuji-senpai's smiling faces, especially the one that says Fuji-senpai has pulled off a particularly good prank, and the one that says Fuji-senpai is thinking up a particularly good prank that involves the tennis club/Regulars. Ryoma thinks he's figured out maybe half of the pranks Fuji-senpai has orchestrated, but whenever he asks about the others (the ones he suspects are Fuji-senpai's, and the ones where he has no clue and is just fishing for information), all he gets in response is, "Saa ..."

6. Fuji-senpai is a lot more willing than Tezuka-buchou at indulging Ryoma when he wants a game of tennis. However, Ryoma gets frustrated sometimes. Even though Ryoma has beaten Tezuka-buchou already, he hasn't beaten Fuji-senpai yet, which makes no sense to Ryoma. After all, Fuji-senpai has lost to Buchou before, hasn't he?

7. Ryoma thinks the way Inui-senpai's glasses gleam is scary. He's firmly convinced that Inui-senpai has personally tested too much of his own Inui Juice.

8. Ryoma still hasn't made up his mind whether he likes or hates Eiji-senpai's glomping. On the one hand, Eiji-senpai's heavy, and he likes to talk beside Ryoma's ear. On the other hand, Eiji-senpai's nice and warm and besides being heavy doesn't really bother Ryoma. Besides, Ryoma thinks, if he tells Eiji-senpai to stop, Eiji-senpai might stop buying him burgers.

9. Ryoma likes Eiji-senpai's acrobatics, though he thinks Eiji-senpai's already flashy enough without them. Ryoma's pretty impressed that Eiji-senpai managed to improve his stamina so quickly before Nationals--it makes for a great show. For Ryoma, Eiji-senpai makes watching tennis almost as much fun as playing tennis.

10. Kawamura-senpai's sushi is good, but Ryoma thinks Kawamura-san's sushi is better. Of course, Ryoma would never say that to Kawamura-senpai.

11. Ryoma hates that Kawamura-senpai's Hadoukyuu isn't as strong when Kawamura-senpai plays him as opposed to when Kawamura-senpai plays other people, like Momo-senpai. However, a small voice inside Ryoma's head reminds him that he's half Kawamura-senpai's size, and a Hadoukyuu at 100 strength instead of 99 strength would put him out of training for a week. In the end, that's what keeps him from completely wiping the floor with Kawamura-senpai, 6-0, most of the time.

12. Ryoma likes hanging out with Momo-senpai because Momo-senpai usually pays for Ponta and burgers. Ryoma also really likes riding on Momo-senpai's bike. It's dangerous, because Momo-senpai likes to pedal really really fast, but it's also a lot of fun because Momo-senpai likes to pedal really really fast.

13. Momo-senpai also likes playing tennis with Ryoma, but refuses to team up with him for doubles anymore. Ryoma has to admit in all fairness that it's because Ryoma is an absolutely horrendous doubles player. Still, Momo-senpai is happy enough to play with Ryoma in the tennis court by the big bell in the temple grounds, where there aren't any rules about playing doubles, and no one is queing up for the next game.

14. Secretly, Ryoma thinks that if he had to choose any Seigaku regular for an older brother, he'd pick Kaidoh-senpai.

15. Ryoma respects Kaidoh-senpai just as much as he respects any of the third-year Regulars. (Because he spends so much time with Momo-senpai, Ryoma has found it's safe to mouth off to Momo-senpai anytime. Momo-senpai is a friend, not a senpai.) This is why Ryoma doesn't give Kaidoh-senpai too much lip, and actually lets Kaidoh-senpai have some space of his own, just the way Kaidoh-senpai seems to like it.

16. Even though Ryoma always forbids his father from going to club events and matches, he can't help but feel proud inside (though at the same time, absolutely mortified) whenever he spots his father in whatever horrible costume he's chosen, sitting in the crowd or causing trouble at official matches or school events.

17. Some days, Ryoma thinks his club is the best club in the world. His old tennis club was very individualistic, and Ryoma didn't have any real friends or comrades. Seigaku members are friendly, Buchou is still one of the best players around (Ryoma believes he's the best, no matter what the National matches say), the senpai-tachi don't kill him for the occasional snark, and everyone is pretty normal. No weirdos like Jyousei Shounan's "masterpieces", or huge divas like Hyoutei (Eiji-senpai doesn't count because he's pretty easy-going although prone to dramatics).

18. Then Momo-senpai and Kaidoh-senpai will get into a pissing contest over something tiny, Inui-senpai will walk up to the club with something black and viscous that looks like motor oil, Fuji-senpai will eat something Ryoma is willing to swear is hazardous to the rest of the human race, and Kawamura-senpai's "BURNING! GREAT-O!" echoes through the school. Days like that make Ryoma wonder if Rikkaidai will welcome transfer students into their Regulars.

19. Ryoma doesn't like it that he sometimes has to do first-year chores like the rest of the first-years. Fortunately for him, most of the club is willing to overlook it when Ryoma is nowhere to be found while the rest of the ichinen-sei are picking up balls or taking down the nets. Ryoma doesn't mind bringing out balls or putting up nets, but he really hates putting things away.

20. Sometimes Ryoma wonders if he can claim temporary insanity if he kills Horio.