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I can see you

every day, every week, every month and that for now two years. You are here, right before my very eyes, but you can't see me. I know that sounds pathetic, but it's a fact.

I know, you talk to me, sometimes we joke, but not as you do with your colleague. It's another scene between us. When you are with him you have that little smile that's taped on your lips and I like him for that. Because he makes you laugh and happy.

And yeah, you can say, I'm jealous.

I can see you.

I watch you, but I'm not a stalker. I'm here but you can't see me. Or do you not want to see me? I can't say it, because I'm not sure of that all.

Every time when I talk to you I drown in your chocolate coloured eyes and see all the secrets of your soul. You are bared to me but I don't use that fact against you, because I like you…very much.

YOU can't see me.

I hope that someday you can look at me and see what I'm really like. That you see me as that, what I am. Not only as one of your colleagues, but a real deep friend.

I know that my chances are really small, because you think I'm too old for you. I could almost be your father…almost. But I'm not too old and I'm really sure of that. Maybe you are meant to be with our young colleague. No, I don't want to think of that. But I want you to be happy. And if it's with him, I will accept it.

People say you are as old as you feel and I hope you will see the point in that statement soon enough.

And while I think of you, your beauty and your secrets it's very clear for me. I can't understand that I see this truth after two years of really close work between us.

That may be the point, why I was three times married. And it's almost too simple, because I wouldn't have thought, that I would…

That I would be in love another time. But I'm. I'm sure.

And this is why I love to see you.