Greating's and Salutations, thank you for choosing to read the first chapter of my new Fan Fiction entitled "I'm not a Lonely Heart!" I am Burning-Candlelight and I shall be your author for this piece of fiction smile...okay enough with the formal mumbo jumbo, lets get this show on the road. I got this idea when i was reading the newspaper today (yes I was actually reading a Newspaper gasp I usually don't because of all the junk that's usually in it, but I read one today) I stumbled across the "Lonely Hearts" page and this idea just formulated in my head. I don't know how long it's going to be, but because this story if for all of the lovely Harry Potter fans out there, it can be as long as you want it to be. There is only ONE problem eek I don't know what shipping I want it to be. I origionally thought Hermione/Draco cause like I totally LOVE that ship, but another ship has worked it's way into my head, you can see for yourself once you read it lol. SO I shall be needing your help to figure out what ship this is to be hehehehe.

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I'm not a Lonely Heart!

Chapter One: Does she know yet?

"You did what?" screeched Hermione Granger at the top of her voice.

"I placed an advert in the 'lonely hearts' column in the Daily Prophet for you," said Ginny Potter, formally Ginny Weasley, strongly.

"We thought we were doing you a favour," said Lavender Brown as she filled her nails.

Hermione seethed with raged and managed to choke out "I don't need any favours, especially not in the love department!"

Ginny and Lavender looked at each other and rolled their eyes. Hermione's ranting and raving wasn't going to be of any use now, they had already placed the advert in the newspaper. There was no going back now as far as they were concerned.

"Bonjour ladies," came the silky voice of Fleur Weasley as she walked into The Burrow living room.

"Hey," said Lavender and Ginny but Hermione remained silent.

"Ave you told er' yet?" Fleur enquired as she sat down next to Hermione on the sofa. Hermione's head snapped across to Fleur.

"YOU KNEW TOO?" she yelled. Fleur held a hand up to her chest and gasped, "Of course I knew, ow' could I not?" Hermione shot up from the sofa and started to pace the length of the living room.

"Who else knows?" she whispered menacingly after a few awkward moments of silence.

The three other women looked at each other with wide eyes and then Ginny spoke up, "Only us Herms, seriously," she said with a wavering voice.

"I'll ask again," said Hermione taking on a menacing stance, "Who else knows about this?"

"Girls? Is everything alright? Has she read it yet?" called in Molly Weasley from the kitchen. Hermione's face flushed and her eyes bulged. "Mrs Weasley knew too? Please tell me that that is all!"

Lavender got up and hugged Hermione, "Herms please don't take this badly but," but before Lavender could even finish her sentence, the doors that lead into the living room all burst open.

"Does she know yet?" said the entire male population of The Burrow.

"AAHHHHHHHHH!" screamed Hermione.

"I want to see it," said Hermione as calmly as she could. She was surrounded by everyone who had her best interest at heart. She loved each and every one of them dearly but at this moment in time, she felt like cursing them all.

"Charlie give us over the paper," said Harry Potter, Ginny's husband and Hermione's best friend since her 1st year of Hogwarts. Charlie Weasley the second eldest of the Weasley clan passed over the magical newspaper. Harry got it and opened it up to the right page but refrained from giving it to Hermione.

"Are you sure you want to see it? You're not going to rip all of our heads off after are you?" he said in what could have been interpreted as a childish voice.

Hermione said nothing and snatched the paper off of her best friend. She looked at the page which was covered in desperate cries for love and cringed as she scanned for hers. It seemed to be taking forever to find it but eventually she did and once she started reading it, her blood pressure seemed to sky rocket.

Need for Intelligence?

Do most of the women you meet lack the basic intelligence for a good conversation? Do you need someone with more than just air between their ears? As a strong willed 27 year old female, I am the type that can solve your problem. I love to read, write, go to the theatre and basically enjoy cultured activities. If you think I sound better than the average witch write to me at:

45 London View Road
Pearl Side
Diagon Alley

Hermione closed the newspaper, folded it and set it down on the coffee table in front of her. She breathed in slowly and straightened her shirt.

"Herms?" said Ron Weasley, Lavender's fiancé, fearfully. He looked around at everyone else. Everyone bore the same expression, one of fear, anxiety and slight hope.

Suddenly Hermione stood up and turned on her heal and marched out the door. "Hermione!" Everyone in the living room shouted in unison.

The breeze flowed through her short, straight brown hair as she walked quickly to the end of the dirt road which lead to The Burrow. Hermione had once had long, curly, frizzy hair. She had had it for years and by the time she hit 21 she was extremely bored with it. For her 21st birthday she had a total makeover curtsey of Lavender and Ginny. Her hair was chopped and had a straightening charm put on it. She could take the charm off whenever she wished but for 6 year now she had kept her straight hair. After the war with Voldemort was over at the end of her 7th year of Hogwarts, she graduated and enrolled at medical school. She completed the course in 4 years and soon became the most valued and respected Healer in St. Mungo's. At the age of 25 she took another course and became a leading surgeon and consultant at the hospital. After many miraculous discoveries and healings she soon became a renowned Healer and consultant around the globe. All of this success in her life and yet, she had never even been able to secure a good relationship. Her longest relationship to date had been 7 months and she hadn't enjoyed it. Why was she so good at everything else and yet so bad at love?

"My career is my love," she whispered as she stood at the end of the road, "I don't need anyone else to make me happy, I'm already happy."

"Herms!" came a voice from behind her. She turned around and grumbled at the sight of Fred Weasley standing in the middle of the dirt road.

"Herms what's wrong?" asked the red headed twin of George Weasley. Hermione sniffed loudly and kicked a stone on the ground. "As if you care! You helped them write it I bet."

"As a former boss of yours I have a right to know what's wrong and as a friend I have even more right to know," he said as he walked up to her. Hermione had worked for George and himself while she was going through medical school. While she had been working there she had become really close friends with the twins. Hermione sighed a heavy and beaten sigh.

"I hate this. You knew I hated those lonely hearts adds in the Prophet. You and George even sat with me one day and made run of them. No I'm one of them desperate people. I can't stand the fact that you all lowered me to that standard!" she exclaimed as a single tear rolled down her face. Fred rolled his eyes and placed an arm around Hermione's small shoulder.

"I, like everyone else back at the house, care for you Hermione. We don't like to see you like this, all lonely and…alone," the red head said as he hugged Hermione close to him. Hermione giggled, "Well you never did have a way with words did you Fred?"

Fred grinned, "You're right there Doc, but like I was saying we wanted to try and help you even though you didn't want help. I didn't come up with the idea but I did help write it as Ron and Harry were both away. Harry on his Honeymoon and Ron at the try-outs for the Chudley Cannons."

"Whose idea was it?" Hermione said as she sniffed once more.

"Ginny's. She told us to write it while she was away getting frisky with Harry," said Fred cheekily. Hermione let out a genuine laugh, she loved it when Fred and George made fun of Harry and Ginny; it was all in good nature and the implication of sex and sexual innuendos was utterly hysterical.

"I'm sure she didn't say exactly that," said Hermione and she felt the softness of Fred's jumper under her fingers.

"No she said something on the lines of 'Now you can write this while I'm away in Spain getting naughty, well it is as they say, save a broom ride a seeker!'" said Fred as the breeze started to die down. Hermione started to laugh, in fact she laughed so hard that she got a stitch in her side.

"Owie!" she said as she gasped in air. "Stitch?" asked Fred.


"HA I'm great!"

"Oh shut up," Hermione said as she went and sat down on a crumbling stone wall. Fred followed her and stood in front of the intelligent witch.

"So are you going to give it a try for me?" he asked as he ran his hands through his flaming red hair. Hermione pouted at him but nodded her head. She would do it, but only to get everyone off of her back.

"Brilliant, now lets get back to the house before Harry and Ginny start making a porn movie!" Fred said as he offered Hermione his arm. She laughed again and then slightly gagged in disgust, sometimes the implication of sex could go too far.

So as you can see a Fred/Hermione ship has worked it's way into the story (well in my eyes anyway). Should I keep it at the origional Draco/Hermione or should i be daring and change it? Much love and hugs to you all. Review please and I love good constructive criticisim! xxxx