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Chapter 13

Everyone was in complete and total shock after they explained to the Yamis their punishment and they were surprised that the Yamis hadn't tried to use their Millennium items on them while explaining their punishment.

The next morning, everyone was ready and packed up and were going to the Rome Airport to fly back to Domino, Japan.

After going through the plane security stuff, everyone was seated on the plane and thinking of all that had happened to them over the whole vacation, they were only gone for about 2 weeks or 2 weeks and 2 days or something like that.

It only took about 8 hours to get back to Domino, Japan. (I really don't know how long it would take to get to a city in Japan from Rome.)

Marik had gone back to Egypt, except for the Yamis and the Yamis were NOT looking forward to their horrible punishment and they knew that what Yugi and the gang said to them was true, their lives were going to be VERY miserable and that they wish that they were never born.

And so, the Yamis were at Yugi's house and Yugi had a LONG list of chores for them to do.

"So first, you have to organize the duel monster cards in the glass cases, and then, you have to clean my bedroom, Yami's bedroom, and my Grandpa's bedroom," said Yugi.

But Yugi wasn't done yet; it took over 2 hours just for him to finish reading the whole darn list.

"Well, you better get started and Yami will be keeping a VERY close eye on you 2, making sure that you do everything and are not trying to screw this up," said Yugi.

"What will happen if we don't do what we're supposed to do?" asked Yami Marik.

"Then Yami will push this red button and you'll both get electrocuted."

"Oh man," said Yami Bakura.

And so the torture was now beginning.


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Well, the Yamis REALLY got electrocuted thanks to Yami and they looked like they were having a VERY bad hair day; their hair was just all over the place.

At Joey's and Serenity's place, the Yamis had to clean Joey's room, get him tons of food from the Food Store, and all kinds of other stuff, mostly getting Joey tons of food. They also had to go shopping with Serenity helping her pick out some new outfits.

At Tristen's house, the Yamis had to clean his whole entire house and they had to get him tons of food and they had to fix his motorcycle and all kinds of other stuff.

At Duke's place, the Yamis had to organize his Dungeon Dice Monster stuff, and get him all kinds of stuff that had dice on it, since Duke is obsessed with dice.

At Mai's place, the Yamis had to decorate her room to be all purple and they had to give her a manicure and pedicure and they had to go shopping with her at the mall.

At Bakura's place, the Yamis had to clean his place and go out to eat with him at a British restaurant.

At Seto's and Mokuba's place, the Yamis had to help the other maids clean the place and they had to be a secretary at Kaiba Corp. to fill in for the original secretary since she was sick and help Seto at Kaiba Corp. and they had to play tons of racing video games with Mokuba and Yami's hated racing video games.

At Tea's place, the Yamis had to clean her place and go shopping with her and they had to do DDR with her over at the Domino Arcade.

At Rebecca's place, the Yamis had to clean her place and they had to do research with her and her Grandfather, Mr. Hawkins, to research on the Atlantis place, which was, of course, in the ocean.

The Yamis had to fly back to Egypt and do Marik's place; what the Yami's had to do there was, clean his place, help Rishid fix Marik's motorcycle, and help Ishizu do some shopping for food and cloths.

The Yamis were done with their punishment in 2 weeks and Yami Bakura had flown back to Domino, Japan to go back to Bakura's place, since he lived there; Yami Marik stayed at Marik's place, since he lived their.

After that 2 weeks, Seto and Mokuba went to Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida.

"I'm glad that I thought of this when I did," said Mokuba.

"Me to, especially since those Yami idiots ruined the whole Europe trip and it was hard to enjoy it," said Seto.

"I'm glad that you're my big brother Seto."

"I'm glad that I'm your big brother to Mokie."

"You haven't called me that in a REALLY long time," said Mokuba.

"I know, do you want me to start calling you that from now on?" asked Seto.

"Yeah, I was missing not being called Mokie and all for a really long time," said Mokuba.

"I love you little bro."

"I love you to big brother."

And Seto and Mokuba hugged eachother, having another brotherly love moment. (Sob, I love those moments so very much.)

"Hey Seto," said Mokuba.

"Yeah Mokie," said Seto.

"Let's go on the Tower of Terror."

"Okay, that ride looks fun."

And so Seto and Mokuba went on the Tower of Terror 3 times in a row and they went to all the other theme parks in Orlando, Florida and they had a blast, spending time together and having A LOT of brotherly love moments.

END, this time the REAL END.

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Here's a sneak peek of my next story:

"This duel looks dangerous, let me take over," said Yami Bakura.

"Sigh, fine, you can get all the credit, AGAIN," said Bakura.

And so when Yami Bakura took over, the Millennium Puzzle said "Ba-Ku-Ra-Oh!" (Like in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series when Yami takes over Yugi's body, the Millennium Puzzle would say "Yu-Gi-Oh!" but now since Bakura has the Millennium Puzzle, it says "Ba-Ku-Ra-Oh!")

And so, the duel was now beginning…

"I will defeat you," said Yami Bakura.

"No, you will not, I will rule the world and take your Millennium Puzzle and your Egyptian god card," said Seto.

And so the dual between Yami Bakura and Seto begain in the Battle City Tournament, which Marik was hosting and his little brother, Mokuba, was helping him out with that.

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