A Fear of Desire
By: KazukiSyaoran
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This story will have rated M material due to a sexual scene in the next chapter. If you are easily offended by things like that, I advise you to not read this story.

Taking her position between the day and night classes, Yuki prepared herself for another vexing night of keeping the two classes away from each other.. Looking around for Zero, she soon spotted him in a wrestling match between three girls.

"Stop where you are!" he commanded as they continued to try to break through.

"Come on!!" they cried, "We just wanna talk to them."

With a giant heave, he thrust the girls back. "No!, you know the rules. No interaction between classes. Now go to your dorms!!" Mumbling in irritation, the three girls turned to go back to their dorms.

Sighing in relief, he turned around to find Yuki staring straight at him. Remembering what he had done to her the night he had lost control of the monster within him, he couldn't bear to make eye contact. Not wanting to confront her right now, he decided to return to his room.

Back in his room, he fought with himself over his own stupidity. "I can't even bear to look at her. But why is that!! You know why. It's because of that night! No it's not; you just want it to be. You're afraid of your feelings towards her, afraid that she'll reject you. But I need to protect her, mostly from myself. I can't risk hurting her!! But are you sure?" "Agghhhhh!!! I hate this!!" Not wanting to think about it any more, he started getting ready for bed.
In her own room, Yuki was thinking about Zero. "I wonder why he's being so distant. I know he feels bad about that night, but does he feel that bad? I need to talk to him." With that, she closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep.

Waking up determined to talk to Zero, Yuki hurried into her clothes and quickly rushed out the door. Jumping down the stairs, she hurried to breakfast. Looking around, she found that he wasn't there.

"Hmm, that's strange, he's usually here."

Going outside she continued to look around for him for him. Once in a while she would spot him, but he would just disappear. Every time she tried to talk to him, let alone get near him, he evaded her in every way.

"What's his problem!?! This is just getting annoying!" she thought.

This went on for five days before she decided it was time to talk to him when he would least expect it. "I'm going to get him at night!!" she shouted. Looking around, she saw a lot of people giving her strange looks. Realizing she had just said that out loud, she made a dash for her room. There, she started planning for that night.

"Yes, I got it!" she cried, "That's when I'll get him to talk to me."

Heading towards his room, Yuki was getting a little nervous. "Maybe I shouldn't do this. I mean, I don't know what he's doing, and he could get really mad." Now right in front of his door, she hesitated a little bit before she finally worked up the courage to knock on his door. Not hearing a answer, she knocked again.

"Nothing, I guess I'll wait in his room till he gets back."

Slowly opening the door, she crept into Zero's room. Not seeing a place to sit down, she moved to sit on the bed. Halfway there the bathroom door suddenly flew open. Standing there in nothing but a towel was Zero; Yuki froze in shock. Looking up, Zero saw Yuki.

"What the hell are you doing!" he shouted. "Get out! Get out now!"

...to be continued

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