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Italics are either Saskue's thoughts


It has been three years since Saskue has returned from the snake sanin. And everything has been relatively normal. The villagers have welcomed Saskue back with open arms, along with the rookie 9, and of course Lee, TenTen, and Neji.

But what was more shocking than, Saskue Uchiha coming back, willingly, was that Sakura Haruno was the first one he visited. And of course after that the Hokage. But, our favorite little cherry blossom gave Saskue a really hard time. Well, what do you expect when you leave a girl on a bench and betray your village?

And after a couple of years, the heat died down between the two and they eventually became friends. That took 2 years! After those two years, the Uchiha finally had the guts to ask Sakura out, and now they are dating, and that is where our story begins...

As the early rays of the sun, shown brightly through the curtains of a dark room, a couple in bed stirred, slightly.

Though most people use alarm clocks to wake up, Sakura uses nature...the sun, to wake her up. So when she got up to go and take a shower, a pair of strong, warm, arms stopped her.

"Saskue-kun, I need to get to the hospital." Sakura wined, while still trying to get free of his grasp. "Why do you do this every morning, I have to work you know."

"So do I, but you moving wakes me up." and with that Sakura was late to work...for a very private reason.

It was a nice evening in the village of Konoha(sp) And couples, kids, and families were out taking advantage of this night.

But team seven was out training. It was really their only time to be with each other as a team. With Sakura working deadly hours at the hospital, Saskue being ANBU captain, Kakashi just being his lazy-ass self, and of course our hyper-active-loud-mouth blonde being Hokage. So training was their way of hanging out.

When suddenly they were attacked by some weak ninja, looking for some money. All of them instantly went into a battle stance. And Saskue, went in front of Sakura in a blink of an eye.

"Saskue-kun, I can take care of myself!"

"You need to rest Sakura, you wasted to much chakra with the spar you had with Naruto and me."

When you think about it, Konoha isn't a bad place to live. That is if you can over look, the possibility of being attacked out of no where by some random ninja. And the occasional missions, this village is what some call home. And when you are with family it is the best place to be, when you are anywhere with your loved ones.

"Saskue-kun, are you coming to bed?"


As our favorite couple, got into their shared bed, Saskue wrapped his arms tightly-possessively-around Sakura's waist.

"Hey, Saskue, you can loosen the vice-grip, I'm not going anywhere."

But really, all of the events that happened today, it was done without Saskue thinking. After so many years of not being with Sakura, and then finally being able to meet her, he didn't EVER want to loose her again.

Really, Sakura, the real reason I have this grip on you and when I just want to kiss you whenever I am around you, and when I go in front of you when there is an enemy, that is all a ...


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