In the tower, all was quiet… As long as you ignored the sound of Beastboy and Cyborg yet again battling it out on the new games console.

Robin sighed exasperatedly before returning to his calculations. Across the work-surface to him, Starfire watched in adoring awe.

Behind her, Raven came in clutching a large and old-looking book.

'Hey guys,' she started, 'do you wanna hear some poetr-'

'BOOYEAH!!!' shouted Cyborg, thumping Beastboy on the back so hard that he went flying off the couch.

'Not cool, dude.' he said getting up and glaring daggers at Cyborg.

'396th time in a row, man!!!' shouted the metallic man, punching the air the air above his head. The green boy looked loathingly at him.

Suddenly, Robin's mobile rang. He reached over and picked it up hoping against hope that it wasn't his mom again. Before he could even hold it up to his ear an incredible noise came out of the receiver.

'Was that an… explosion?' asked Beastboy nervously. Robin stared at the phone in relative horror as it vibrated from the noise still being emitted.

'HELLO?!?!?!' shouted a female voice on the other end of the line.

'Who is this?' asked the boy wonder nervously holding his cell phone up to his face.

'IS THIS ROBIN??? THE TEEN TITANS? TRACE MY CA-' came the slightly out of breath voice, before another explosion drowned out her voice, Robin turned to Cyborg.

'Trace it!' he shouted. Cyborg threw himself on the phone and shoved a wire into it.

'I'm on it!' he shouted ramming the other end of the wire into a laptop and typing in a load of numbers.

Suddenly there was a scream and the phone went dead. The five young people stared blankly at the phone.

'Umm…' said Raven slowly blinking dumbly 'Cyborg?'

'Got it!' shouted the half-metal man still typing frantically. 'She's just out of town on the south hill.'

Out on the south hill, a young girl with pink hair and pink glowing eyes was fighting against a very large man the Titans knew as Mammoth… and losing.

As she got thrown backwards by a hefty punch, she threw a ball of pink static which hit him in the chest making him fly backwards into a tree.

She jumped up and morphed into a brown bear, eyes glowing, standing on her hind legs and roaring at the large Mammoth.

He got up and ran towards the girl, shouting incomprehensible things. Just as he was about to bowl her over, a green ray of light threw him to the left, away from the pink-haired girl.

She turned around in time to see two girls fly over her accompanied by a green pterodactyl, and two boys running up the hill towards her.

She morphed back into herself and, eyes still glowing pink, created another static-ball which she lobbed at Mammoth at the same time as a green one hit him, creating a mix of pink and green static.

After the static had calmed down, she morphed into a dog and edged slowly into the smoke… and came up against another dog, only this one was…

'Green?' she said morphing back into her original form with her eyes still glowing a bright shade of pink.

'You can do that too?' asked Beastboy in his usual form. The girl raised an eyebrow.

'I guess…' she said shrugging indifferently, looking up and down the nineteen year old boy.

'Where's Mammoth?' shouted a dark-haired boy as the smoke cleared to reveal Beastboy and the pink-eyed girl.

'Who?' she asked as her eyes slowly stopped glowing to reveal beautiful bright-pink iris'. Beastboy gazed at the in awe making the girl blush slightly.

'The guy you were just fighting.' Robin said exasperatedly, rolling his eyes.

'Apropriate name!' she answered smiling broadly, the changeling mirrored the grin.

'That's what I said when we first met him, but-' he started still grinning.

'DON'T START!!!' shouted the rest of the titans at him, the green boy cowered.

'That happened last time too…' he said sheepishly to the girl who smiled at him.

'So what may we call you?' asked Starfire landing beside her and smiling kindly at her.

'I'm Deamon. I called the Teen Titans for help, but they never turned up.' she said crossing her arms, 'Fat lot of good they turned out to be.'

'Umm…' started Cyborg uncomfortably, scratching the back of his neck, 'You're not from around here, are you?'

'No,' she said 'I just flew in from Steel City… Why?' she asked slightly confused at the awkward looks on the other's faces.

'It figures.' finished the robotic man with an exasperated sigh.

'We are the Teen Titans.' said Raven, 'But we'll forgive you since you're not local.' she finished smiling kindly. Deamon blushed crimson and shuffled her feet, fiddling with her pink shorts.

'Oh… err…' she mumbled uncomfortably, 'I'm really sorry… I didn't mean to-' suddenly from behind her there was the sound of a gun shot and the pink-haired girl crumbled to the ground.

'Deamon!' cried the titans in unison, and Robin knelt down beside her.

She rolled onto her back and threw a static ball in the direction of the gun shot.

'I think he's long gone, Deamon.' said Cyborg slowly placing a hand on her unwounded shoulder, she winced.

'I don't care,' she said with difficulty, 'it makes me feel better…' she looked down at her right arm which had blood streaming out of it.

'That's gonna stain…' said Beastboy softly, looking at her pale pink top. Starfire and Raven glared at him incredulously.

'You know,' Deamon said slowly, looking slowly up at him with a small frown on her face, 'I was just thinking that!' she finished, a smile spreading over her lips, he beamed back delightedly.

'We've gotta get you back to the tower,' said Robin inspecting the wound, 'I'm not happy about that cut…'

'It's just a bullet wound, isn't it?' asked Deamon looking at it gingerly. Raven knelt down next to her and prodded her arm. 'Don't touch it, you psycho!!!' Deamon cried, pulling her blood-stained arm away, Raven sighed.

'I can heal that in less that two hours.' she said looking at Robin, but he shook his head.

'I think there's something in it that we can't see.' He said getting up. 'Let's get you back to the tower. Will you do the honours?' He asked looking at Cyborg who nodded and smiled.

He picked her up effortlessly and started walking down the hill after the others.

'Cool gear, dude…' Deamon said, clinging on to his neck for dear life with her good arm. 'What do they call you then?'

'Isn't it obvious?' he asked not looking at her, she frowned slowly.

'Gary? Larry? Steve?' she tried, looking at him steadily, waiting for a reaction, the man carrying her smiled at her and chuckled.

' He's called Cyborg and I'm Beastboy.' said the changeling coming up beside them.

'Do they call you that because you can morph into animals, cos' then I should be Beastbabe, huh?!?' she said smiling at him.

'Actually it's cos' I'm a party animal!' he answered smugly, Deamon smiled fondly.

'Yeah! He's a regular with the circus freak-show!' teased Cyborg 'we hang out there together.' he laughed light-heartedly.

'Next time you go, can I come too?' asked the girl, her bright pink eyes twinkling with anticipation.

'Sure, but you won't really fit in!' said Beastboy, 'You're too normal.' The girl raised an eyebrow.

'My hair is naturally this colour, my eyes glow pink and my iris' stay pink 24/7, not to mention the fact that I can morph into animals and create some kinda static… thingy with my bare hands-'

'Yeah, but you have gloves on.' pointed out the green teenager, Deamon smile broadly.

'It works without the gloves, you know.' she said exasperatedly, 'It just hurts less with them on.'

'What he's trying to say,' cut in Cyborg 'is that you have normal coloured skin, no fur, and I see no metal on you… Then again maybe you're hiding it under those gloves… or stockings!'

'Are you trying to undress me, Cyborg?' she asked, giving him a foxy look and making him blush like a beetroot. She giggled cheekily.

'Here's the T-car…' he said quickly, dumping her on the back seat unceremoniously. She winced and grasped her arm before looking over at Starfire who was sitting next to her and who smiled and waved energetically.

Suddenly, Deamon felt queasy. She closed her eyes and groaned quietly, putting her hand on her forehead.

'Are you quite well, Deamon?' fretted Starfire looking at her steadily as Raven got in beside her.

'I don't… I'm a little…' she tried to say but before she could, everything had gone dark and she had the sensation of falling through darkness…