'I must be going then.' she said looking a little downtrodden, getting up and making her way towards the door. 'Recover soon my friend.' she finished, smiling as she went through the doorway and disappeared from sight. After a while, Cyborg spoke, quietly but coherently.

'You really love her don't you.' he said, looking at Beastboy's dreamy face. 'It's painfully obvious.' he added seeing BB was about to disagree with him. There was a short pause before a slightly self-conscious smile slipped it's way onto the changeling's face.

'She's the one.' he said quietly, the uncomfortable smile still creeping around his lips. Cyborg smiled half-heartedly, remembering his own lost love. 'I can't stop thinking of her, I hate being without her, this is it…' he continued, a vague and dreamy look on his green face.

'What are you trying to say?' asked the half metallic man, knowing exactly what he was saying, but trying to make him say it.

'I want to be with her forever.' he continued, his smile becoming more and more confident as he spoke becoming an assured grin. 'I love her, Cy.' he continued, giggling a little uncomfortably. 'I love Deamon. And always will.' he added, laughing out loud.

'What?' asked Cyborg, surprised by how quickly he had admitted it. 'you… are you… serious?'

'I want to spend the rest of my life with her.' he added, still grinning. 'I don't ever want to be apart from her.' he blushed and looked away towards the open window.

'Do you…' started Cyborg a little anxiously. 'Are you gonna… you know… pop the question?' he asked, this time getting very apprehensive.

'I'm too young… not to mention her!!!' he laughed, dismissing the thought. 'She's only… what? About umm… a year old? Maybe eighteen months.' Cyborg shrugged in confusion. 'I can't bind her into marriage when she's only just come into the world.' There was another long pause while Cyborg watched Beastboy as he gazed quietly out of the window. 'But I will… in time.'

'Heavy.' answered Cyborg, smiling apologetically at him. 'Man, you're only nineteen.' he continued quietly.

'I know.' replied the changeling, smiling at his best friend. 'That's why I said "in time".'

This is dedicated to a good friend of mine who I only knew for a short ammount of time, but I will remember him forever. I'm so sad it didn't work out, and I'll always remember you in the fondest possible way Aaron.