Title: Camisado
Author: RJ (Roger and Mimi)
Pairing/Characters: Angel/Collins
Word Count: 395
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama/Romance
Summary: A fic based on the song Camisado by Panic! at the Disco
Disclaimer: I don't own either RENT, or Panic! at the Disco tear
Spoilers: Someone gets shot
Warnings: Violence and language
Notes: I might make it a series
Special Thanks/Dedications: Ryan Ross for writing great songs like this, Brendon Urie for being a great singer, Panic! at of Disco for just being awesome, my language arts teacher Mr. Wolfe for showing how much fun writing can be, my bestest friends Pookie, Maureen, and Yoko Ono (yeah we have weird nicknames for each other), and as always THANK YOU JONATHAN LARSON!

Angel screamed.
Collins' world went black.

Collins woke up, he was in a hospital room, with linoleum floor, it wasn't the most pleasant place he in his life.
The most unpleasant part was his lover, Angel, was crying in a chair next to his bed.
"Angel" Collins said his voice raspy and groggy.
"Collins your up!" She said and then she was crying again.
"Whats wrong baby?" He asked.
"They Were worried that you wouldn't wake up and that.." Angel sobbed.
"Baby, don't worry I'm not gone yet, I'm here," Collins whipped her tears off her face with his thumb.
"But why exactly am I here?" Collins asked.
"You don't remember"

Four Days Earlier
Angel and Collins were walking home from the life cafe.
A bunch of Skinheads approached them.
"Hey, where do you two think your going?" One of them asked.
"Home" Collins replied.
"I don't think so fag," Another one told them.
One grabbed Angel. That is when Collins snapped, He couldn't them hurt her.
"LET HER GO!" he shouted.
"Oh yeah, what are ya gonna do fag, you can't make me" The one that had the hold on Angel replied, strengthen his grip on her.
Collins punched him square in the jaw.
He let go of Angel.
Collins and Angel began to run away.
"Hey, fag you'll regret this," the skinhead shouted Collins turned around, the skinhead was holding a gun, he pulled the trigger.
Collins grabbed his stomach, his eye's closed, he fell to the ground.
"COLLINS!" Angel shouted.
"Honey wake up, please, oh god," Angel began to cry.
"Please, wake up"
"I told him he would regret it" the skinhead said.
Someone who as walking by saw everything and called 911.

Collins lifted up the covers of his blanket, and then pushed up his shirt, his stomach was bandaged up.
He sat up and hugged Angel, who was still crying.
"Don't worry baby, I'm fine you know what they say,'Something are just a therapeutic chain of events to reminds of the how cruel the world can'," Collins told her rubbing her back at the same time.
"Honey, you better sit back and relax" Angel said calming down.
"I fine don't worry, I wouldn't give up that easily, you can't take the kid from the fight, you gotta take the fight from the kid"