Words: I own nothing and no one but my OC's and Scarlet isn't a Mary-Sue... she has plenty of flaws but that comes up later. The thing with this story is its AU now. But I don't want to change it, I'm too lazy. Unless you really want me to? Also I have no idea what I was doing when I gave her so many friends. But I'm pretty sure there was a point, I just can't remember what that was.

Kiss in the Shadows, Dance in the Moonlight [A Professor Remus Lupin Story] .:Chapter Two:.

[[Remus' POV]]

Minerva opened the door to reveal the same girl who had sauntered into the Great Hall during dinner.

Once again, I found myself unable to look away as she placed herself in the center of the room, she walked with the grace and confidence of someone years her senior. I had been unable to tear myself away from her, but then again I'm sure it was because no one else had spoken to Harry like that, not after his defeat of Voldemort.... actually no one had ever had the audacity to walk in late for dinner on the first night back and then talkback to a professor.

"I just want one, preferably that one." I heard Sirius say to Harry. I didn't hear Harry's reply as one again my own eyes met with eyes that were a startling color of amethyst. They were framed in dark long dark lashes while a breathtaking face was framed by straight black hair, a small grin starting to play on her full lips as once again she caught me staring.

"But then again, it looks like Remus had already called her."

I forced myself to look away as I turned around to sees Sirius with a wicked grin on his face.

I wanted to punch him.

"Miss Cobra, what are you doing here?" I heard Minerva ask.

I turned around to see the playful look on her face fall.

"I've come here to speak to Professor Dumbledore." She was small, for someone with such a commanding air it surprised me. I hadn't noticed the distinct lack of height before, but looking at her now I did. Her back got straighter as if she was preparing for battle.

Dumbledore walked back into the room, his timing, as always, perfect.

Her gaze swept over the room, "I was hoping to speak to you in private, Professor."

Her eyes lingered on the three of us. Emotions flickering quickly across those eyes before they could be read.

"Then again, I guess it would be better this way."

"Cobra!" Sirius shouted. His chair falling back as he leapt from it. "You're a Cobra!"

I wanted to cringe, for some reason second hand embarrassment was always something I had to deal with Sirius around. Probably because he never felt the emotion for himself.

"Yes, yes I am." She sounded regretful, not proud.

"That's enough Black." Snape said from across the room.

Sirius ignored him, walking towards her, his every word getting heated, "You're parents are the some of the most…"

Snape met him across the room; he stood before the girl as if her protector. "I said that was enough."

The two would have pulled out their wands at each other if not for Dumbledore, "Sirius, go back to your seat, you of all people should know that birthright means very little. Miss Cobra, if you want to meet with Minerva and me in private that would certainly be fine."

She shook her head, "These few minutes have proven that maybe I should talk with all of you."

"This isn't easy for me to say," She took a breath and turned her head to lock eyes with Sirius, "I'm not excusing past actions but those crimes weren't done by me. I'll be the first to admit that the Cobra name had been forever dirtied. My parents were some of the worst. They deserve to die, not just rot in Azkaban."

They were harsh words, coming from someone so young. Someone so beautiful.


I needed to get a hold of myself. This young woman before me was to be a student, not anything more. Not to mention the daughter of enemies.

I glanced over at Sirius, he looked almost regretful and I was sure he would have apologized to her right then, if she hadn't kept talking.

"Professors, those of you who know me and my friends know we are nothing like our parents. We've been lucky in classmates, most of them, regardless of house, believe the same," she looked over to where Harry and I sat, "I mean no disrespect when I say this, but don't judge us by our last names, we didn't choose those. Get to know us as people, wizards even, hopefully you'll find that evil doesn't run in our blood." She gave a rueful smile, her eyes going to seek Snape's.

At his nod she continued. "As you know, the ministry gave us guardians. Minister, they have treated us as we were the Death Eaters," Fudge looked shaken that she would address him with it.

"I have fared better then they have, I've been lucky to have had other resources that the ministry was unable to take away. I'm here because if you would find it agreeable I would like to take my friends out to Hogsmeade as soon as possible. They need new robes, they need schoolbooks. They need to be taken care of."

There was silence following her words. Her proud stance was not asking for pity but for understanding. Everyone had been affected in this war in someway or another.

"You may go tomorrow night, after your last classes." The words were spoken from Minerva.

"Thank you headmistress." With a nod of farewell towards all in the room, she stepped out.

For some reason I felt as if the room had lost some of its brightness. I was filled with a sense of regret that I didn't understand.

It was Dumbledore's voice that brought me back, "Miss Cobra is an incredible young woman, so much like her grandfather."

I found myself more curious about the young woman then I did about why we were asked to come here in the first place.

"Yes, yes." Fudge murmured, apparently he wasn't as curious as I was, "I asked all of you here for a very important reason."

I felt Harry and Sirius leaning in, their interest piped.

"We're going to have a parade to honor all of you!"

It was as if cold water had been thrown on all of us. Snape's look was murderous as he swiftly walked out of the room.

It was all I could do not to do the same.

[[Scarlet's POV]]

The eight of us lounged about in the boy's room since they weren't allowed in ours. I had told them about the permission we had received to go to Hogsmeade tomorrow.

Pride made them reluctant to accept the help I was more then willing to give them but thankfully pride was the reason they didn't refuse, knowing that their current situation needed to be bettered.

While Ryder and Sabrina made plans as to where we would go first, I stretched out on the floor with my head in Jamison's lap. I couldn't seem to keep up a conversation, my mind kept on going back to amber eyes.

"Who are you daydreaming about?" I heard Jamison ask.

"You of course," I said laughing as Jamison's eyebrow went up as he grinned at me.

The eight of us had grown up together, our parents preferring other activities then raising us. You could say that we had raised each other; we were the only family each of us had really ever known.

It was fact that I had no romantic interests in any of them, and they would say the same for me. Though of course, we did have our pairs; Ryder and Sabrina were a match made in heaven, if such a place existed, Natasha and Pierce refused to admit what was between them but they were as much as a couple as any other and Zane and Jamison were in love though theirs' was not a relationship most of society would accept easily.

"She's got that rugged new history teacher on her mind," Aurora quipped, as always more perceptive then I liked.

"So I may have a crush on the new teacher. Can you blame me?"

"He's a werewolf, Scar," Jamison said, "Did you know that?"

I sat up. A werewolf??

"If anything I bet that makes him a better lover," Sabrina said. We all laughed, we had never been narrow-minded, the fact that our parents were, or had been, had made us rebel at a young age. In all these years, our sole goal had been to better people then them and it seemed to me like we had succeeded.

"In all seriousness, he's not only a teacher but he's one of them," Ryder brought forth, his words barely more then a whisper.

There was no need to ask what he meant by that, his unspoken words were clearer then if he had said them out loud.

"Oh you guys make it sound like I'm obsessed. So I raised my goblet at our new good-looking teachers. You're right I'm practically offering myself as a sex slave." I shot back teasingly, refusing to address the reality of our situations.

Not yet. Not now. Please give me time.

"Well if you somehow manage to seduce him, I'm pretty sure it would give me a better chance with Snape," Aurora joked.

Though the others dissolved into laughs at one of our age old jokes, I made eye contact with Aurora, knowing full well that she wasn't completely kidding and that she had understood my unspoken plea.

We spent a few more minutes basking in the warmth of friendship before turning into bed.

As I slipped under the covers and started to drowse off, my last conscious thoughts were of a new professor with eyes I couldn't seem to get out of my head.

If nothing else this was sure to be a year to remember.