A/N: Wow, this is my first fic that isn't about avatar... It's really short, not my best work. I don't watch the show that much, but when I do, I always think how CUTE phil and Keely are together. So, here goes nothing...

"Phil, are you go--" Keely stopped suddenly. Her nose began to twitch, and she started taking deeper breaths. Phil looked at her, eyes wide in concern. What was she doing?

Keely's mouth fell open, and her nose scrunched up. Phil raised an eyebrow.

"Keel, are you o--" Phil was interrupted.

"ACHOO!" Keely doubled over. Phil stared at her for a second, in disbelief. But then, he just couldn't stop himself. He began to laugh. She looked so…so funny when she sneezed! He cracked up. Keely frowned.

"Phil Diffy, what is so funny? You've never seen a person sneeze before?" she asked, a smile tugging at her lips. Phil was still laughing.

"No, nothing. It's just… your sneeze…" he gasped, laughing harder than before. Keely raised her eyebrows.

"What about my sneeze?" she asked, hands on her hips, still grinning. Phil continued to laugh.

"You… you look cute when you sneeze." There, he said it. Phil calmed down, now just smiling. Keely rolled her eyes.

"Oh, yeah, and I'm sure you look adorable when you sneeze, too." she said sarcastically. Phil nodded his head.

"Yeah, I probably do." he said, beaming. Keely bit her bottom lip, still grinning. She knew he was just kidding.

"So Keel, what were you say--" Phil stopped. His nose began to twitch, and his mouth hung open. Keely giggled uncontrollably, watching him with her eyes wide open.

"It's contagious!" she exclaimed giddily. Phil took a deep breath and…

"ACHOO!" he sneezed, doubling over. Keely laughed hysterically.

"You were right!" she gasped between giggles. Phil raised an eyebrow.

"About what?"

"You do look adorable when you sneeze."

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