Read this please, it's pretty important. It's kinda like a competition. Lol.


you're all brilliant! No flamers yet!

Well, anyways, down to business.

My friends, that time has come again. I have, officially, no inspiration.



So, this idea came to me...

Since you all love song fics so much, i would like people to tell me the song that they want converted into a fan fiction. It can be a happy song, sad song, love song, hate song, rock song, nice song, chocolate song ( yes, i think there's such thing!)and basically any song you would like.

The fiction can be about inuyasha, full metal alchemist, Vampire Hunter D, ouran high school host club, spirited away,x-men evolution, and films as well! I have a lot of films, so I'll probably know what you're talking about! and that's about it! Lol !

Tell me which ones you want, and which animé/film you would like, and the review/ e-mail that inspires me the most, i will write the fan fic and also put the persons name that inspired me to make it!

Have fun!!!!!! love to you all!!! oh yeah, and good luck! Forgot that part! Happy holidays!( well, my easter holidays from school are coming up, so I'm happy! Lol!)