It was quiet– for once, and finally. The boys had worn themselves out on a group of overzealous Marines earlier that day and were all too willing to head to the men's room and pass out shortly after sundown, leaving Nami and Vivi to enjoy the resulting silence.

The light in the women's quarters was dim; a few candles that Nami used to draw maps by late at night. Splashes of red-gold light adorned the walls, the ceiling, the floor, and the pale blue curtain of hair that lay across Nami's lap.

The navigator sat at one end of the sofa, idly running her fingers through the hair of the princess who lay with her head on Nami's lap, knees slightly bent and feet against the arm of the sofa, hands resting on her stomach. Vivi sighed contentedly, watching the light dance in Nami's vermillion hair and glitter in her chocolate eyes.

"How do you have this much hair?" Nami asked, laughing softly, and threaded her fingers through it, combing the mass of sky blue silk.

"I've never had it cut," Vivi answered, smiling, and closed her eyes.

"Hmm." Nami twisted a lock around her finger and let it slip free, admiring the glimmer of it in the candlelight as it fell. "Do you think I would look good with longer hair?"

Vivi didn't reply for a minute, reaction time dulled by the comfortable warmth in which she was languishing and the feel of Nami's fingers working through her hair. "Maybe." She opened her eyes to meet the navigator's. "I think you look beautiful the way you are."

Nami smirked. "Charmer." She leaned forward, pressed a kiss to Vivi's forehead, and straightened back up. "You're as bad as Sanji-kun."

Vivi giggled at that, and Nami laughed with her, and then the princess pushed herself up on her elbows and repaid the other girl for the earlier kiss, this time on the lips. She threaded her fingers into Nami's hair at the same time.

"I like your hair," she said, settling back onto the sofa and continuing to stroke the tangerine locks. "I've always liked orange."

"Yeah?" Nami said, smiling, eyes half-lidded. "I've always liked blue."

"Orange and blue…" Vivi let her hand fall back onto the sofa, trailing along Nami's jaw before it did. "Those are complimentary colors, aren't they."

"Mm-hmm." The navigator let her head fall back against the top of the sofa and closed her eyes. "Explains a lot."

Vivi took one of Nami's hands and pressed it to her lips in silent agreement, and closed her eyes as well.