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A breeze swept through the entire land, carrying a scent of change. People everywhere, doing anything, all felt a shiver go down their spines. No matter who they were, male or female, human, elf or both, Sylvarantian or Tethe'allan, they all felt it. And they all felt a weird thought run through their heads, even though they had no idea what it meant.

They'd done it. Finally, they'd done it.

None of them could believe quite how it happened. Mind you, not many even knew what had happened.

The Giant Kharlan Tree was truly reborn, in all its splendour. It would restore the mana, and link the two worlds of Tethe'alla and Slyvarant once again. This is what had been strived for by a small group for the best part of a year.

Seven people watched it from the foot of the ruined Tower of Salvation as the Great Seed floated from the sky. Wordlessly, they all ran to where it was going to land, as fast as their legs could carry them. Well, apart from Genis, who looked and felt like his lungs were about to explode from a lot of running.

The kunoichi Sheena immediately took the lead. She wanted to get up to where Lloyd and Colette were first. Very badly. She was furious with Colette. "That bitch! She did that on purpose! I knew she would do that!" Sheena sped along in jealous thought. None of the group had realized it, other than Lloyd and Zelos being suspicious of it, but she and Colette had never been friends. Through out the entire journey, since Sheena had joined, the pair had hated each other viciously. And it wasn't because Sheena had once tried to assassinate Colette. It was because of a certain male member of the group the pair liked.


Despite low mana levels throughout the worlds, a lot of plants still blossomed. But they often lost their leaves and re-bloomed in an un-naturally fast cycle, nearly five times a year. It was one of those seasons, and Sheena found herself continually spitting out petals. They tasted horrible, and she could hear the others spitting out the leaves behind her.

The rest of the group struggled to keep up with the ninja. Zelos called to get her attention. "Hey, melon-chest! Slow down! Genis looks like he's about to have a heart attack!" Sheena turned her head to try and check on Genis, and immediately ran into a tree branch due to not looking where she was going. She fell over backwards, and the group stopped when they reached her. Genis collapsed beside her.

"Sorry, Genis. I was… just worried about Lloyd." Sheena admitted to her feet. Genis waved an arm tiredly in the air.

"I'm over here, not by your feet! But don't worry about it." Genis panted, as his older sister pulled him up onto her back. Raine groaned. She had more stamina than her brother, but, just the same as her little brother, had virtually no physical strength. Genis grinned. "Giddy up, horsy!" Raine growled, and then decided to 'accidentally' drop him, and then picked him up again. With that the majority of the group started off again, apart from Zelos and Sheena, who was still on the floor. Zelos extended his hand to Sheena to help her up.

"Now that's not like you to crash into a branch, even when you aren't looking where you're going. Or is the Famous Chesty Ninja of Mizuho losing her touch?" Zelos inquired rudely, with a grin across his face. Sheena pushed his hand away.

"Get off, Zelos. And are you still at it with that stupid nickname?" Sheena growled, staring embarrassedly at her chest. Zelos laughed heartily.

"Haha, I believe I touched a nerve! Now, I'm not winding you up as a joke." Zelos face straightened. Sheena blushed slightly. Nobody was exactly comfortable around the joker's serious face. Especially not Sheena. "Now, I know you were busy thinking about Lloyd. I've been in the love business for too long Sheena, so you can't fool me."

"WHAT?! What do you mean? You…" Sheena growled. She pulled out a seal and activated it in a puff of smoke. Almost instantly, several illusionary Sheena clones appeared. They all inhaled a deep breath of air, and began screaming different insults and lectures at him. Zelos blushed at the initial appearance of several Sheenas, even if they weren't real, and then cowered as each one started screaming at him. After getting over the initial shock, he grinned cheekily and poked one of the Sheenas in the breasts. They all blushed furiously, then disappeared in a puff of smoke, similar to how they had appeared. When the smoke cleared, all the clones had gone, apart from the Sheena that Zelos had touched. This was the real Sheena. She grabbed his hand tightly, so he couldn't free it. She then stuck a seal on his forehead.

"Lloyd thought this of this seal. It activates when the special word is said. And it doesn't need to be stuck on anything to activate." Sheena said, with a matter-of-fact tone. Zelos pulled it off his forehead with the hand Sheena had just let go off. He looked at it confusedly. Lloyd must have come up with it, because in his crude handwriting the word 'BOOM' was written across it.

"Boom?" Zelos read aloud. At that moment, the seal sparked, and a small explosion came from the seal. He fell over backwards, and his face was black from it.

"Haha. He invented it especially for such an occasion, because he knows how much you annoy me like that!" Sheena laughed. "Anyway, you wanted to ask me a question about Lloyd?"

"Would you care to tell me what you were talking about after that fight earlier?" Zelos asked, sitting up.

Sheena blushed, as she thought about what Lloyd had said to her about Colette a few hours previously.

"Sheena, can I talk to you please? It's about Colette. I know you two don't particularly get along, but I think that's how you can help me." The group were trekking through Mithos' Castle, completely lost. Despite Raine's treating him, Kratos had opted to stay behind at Dirk's house ("LAZY OLD-TIMER!!!!" – Zelos), and without him, the group were very lost. Also, the angels that were constantly attacking weren't particularly helping.

"Yeah, sure. Is this about how Colette's always following you around, or something?" Sheena correctly guessed, with a sour tone in her voice. Lloyd sighed. He opened his mouth to continue, but was interrupted when Regal discovered an angel was using him for target practice.

"I don't like Colette in that kind of way." He made a love hearts with his hands to signify what he meant. Sheena nodded hopefully. "But she likes me like that." He violently tore his hands apart, as Sheena nodded, hopeful and enthusiastic. "She'll never leave me alone…" He sighed after a battle with the bow-and-arrow wielding angel. "She's always clung onto me like she can't survive with me."

"Why don't you tell her?" Zelos had eavesdropped on the conversation. "Hey Colette! Lloyd wants to tell you something!" He shouted, receiving a thump over his head from both Lloyd and Sheena. The blonde ran over.

"Do you want something, Lloyd?" She chirped, always happy to try and prove herself better than Sheena. She shot a dark look at Sheena, before addressing Lloyd again. "I'm always happy to help you!" Zelos looked over and smirked. He was the only one who had truly realized Sheena and Colette were constantly bickering over Lloyd.

"Err, nothing, Colette. Zelos misheard me, because I said Ozette." He quickly lied.

"Oh." Colette walked away disappointed. Zelos stared curiously at Lloyd and Sheena for a moment, before moving on with the group. As he walked away, Lloyd made a brief hand gesture at Zelos, which caused Sheena to giggle. Lloyd meant then to ask Sheena another question, but Zelos had already realised someone had been rude behind his back (Genis nicknamed it Zelos' 'Paranoid Sense'). Zelos turned around, sighed, grabbed Sheena and Lloyd by their forearms and dragged them along.

"Zelos, curiosity killed the cat. Get lost." Sheena grumbled, before sprinting off, in hopes of trying to overtake the group. Zelos easily caught up with her.

"You're in love! You're in love! You're in love!" He taunted, before meeting a tree trunk head on. Sheena made no hesitations about not stopping to help him, instead just pushing him violently with her foot when he sat up.

When she caught up with the rest of the group, they were already with Lloyd and Colette. She sighed as she noticed Colette move closer to Lloyd as she arrived. She glanced over her shoulder to notice Zelos stumble over to the group, with several twigs decorating his long hair. She sighed, pulling him up as he tripped over a rock.

"What the hell is wrong with you, Zelos Wilder? You're like a drunken beast!" she groaned.

"Is that some lousy attempt at a pick-up line?" Zelos asked, his head dizzy. That was the last thing he knew, because Sheena promptly knocked him unconscious with a fist right in between his eyes. The group looked on, and all let out a huge sigh, knowing things would never change between Sheena and Zelos, no matter how much they wanted it to.

The location of the Giant Tree wasn't the grand one everybody had envisioned; it was a ruin, of which the majority of the structure from the Tower of Salvation had fallen. Well, maybe Raine had had an idea like an ancient, mysterious ruin, but she didn't want it, because then archaeologists and ruin-crazed nut-jobs would come and investigate it. Of course, she wouldn't be part of any expedition like that, because it could essentially harm the planet's life force.

Lloyd turned from the group to stare at the Tree, and sighed. Somehow, it didn't quite feel right. The Tree felt oddly empty. A strange feeling overcame Lloyd, and he rubbed his head in thought. Bu, he just eventually shrugged it off. The Tree had only just been reborn a quarter of an hour ago, so of course it wasn't going to be complete yet.

"So, everything's done now?" Raine asked. She turned to look at the Tree, and stared at it with glittering eyes, obviously in Ruin-Mode. "I wonder how it sustains itself? Does it use photosynthesis like other plants? This is simply amazing! I wonder… blah blah blah, yap yap blah, dibble dribble dribble…" The group quickly stopped paying attention to the Professor, like they had all eventually learnt to.

"To answer the Professor's original question, yes. Everything should be done now. We can truly celebrate!" Lloyd laughed, turning around to face the group again. His eyes met with Sheena's, and he blushed. He realized that now he could finally ask that burning question he had tried to ask Sheena while they were up on Derris-Kharlan. Or, at least, he could ask it later. When night fell, maybe.

The group sat down to think about how to celebrate. They had just saved the worlds, so was a mere party enough? Or maybe just a casual drink? What to do, what to do…

"A party?!" Zelos immediately jumped up, feeling completely better. He'd obviously been on the same wavelength as the group, despite his short bout of unconsciousness.

"How did you get up that quickly? Shouldn't you slow down?" Kratos asked confusedly. Zelos looked at the Seraph, and laughed.

"How? Well, when a party calls, the Mighty Zelos Wilder must answer, no matter what state he's in, where he is, or how far up a girl's skirt-" Zelos was cut off by a sharp blow to his head from Sheena.

"Enough with the perverted comments! Please!"

"O.K., no need to hit me. Again." Zelos flinched and hid behind Regal as Sheena cracked her knuckles, while Regal just stood there silently. After a while the tall man sighed.

"How about we have it at Altamira, then? I can have things organised quickly for a ball, if you want. Being the president of a highly efficient company does have it perks, you do know." He grinned to himself.

The Regal had joined in, Lloyd realized what he had started. The entire group were all going to want to go and have some kind of extravagant party, but they were all going to want to do different things. All Lloyd was going to suggest was that they have a meal where they all cook their favourite dish – apart from Raine, who still nobody trusted in the kitchen – and give it to everybody else. But it looked like that wasn't going to happen.

"Look, guys I don't want it big…" Lloyd began.

"At Altamira?! That's weak! Zelos laughed. "If you want it big, then I can get a Royal Ball organised!" Zelos poked his toungue out at Regal quickly, then began doing a weird little dance while throwing confetti in the air.

"I thought somebody took that weird confetti off him last week… Where the hell did he get it?" Presea mumbled to herself and Kratos.

"What, because you're the Chosen?! Well, I'm sorry I'm not as good as that!" Regal snapped.

"Oh course you aren't as good as me!" Zelos laughed airily.

"You know what I'm better at than you? Modesty!" Regal shouted back, almost completely out of character. The two immediately flared up into a fight. Raine, always being the peace-keeper, tried desperately to break them up by jumping in between them. However, having never experienced an argument with stronger-than-he-looks-even-though-he-looks-very-strong-already Regal, this proved harder than she initially thought.

Lloyd put his face into his hands, and stared at the floor, as warfare picked up all around him. It was hard to believe this group were struggling to bring peace, when they broke out into their huge group wide arguments. Such an argument had only happened several times before, the first one being after Lloyd had been framed of peeking on the girls in the Hot Springs, when that had been Zelos' fault. That had only been resolved when Zelos finally admitted his crime. He was beaten up shortly afterwards, by all the girls and Lloyd.

Sheena and Colette were having another one of their mysterious rows over 'Big Red' (Lloyd), and Genis was trying to ask Presea that if there was a party if she would go with him. This immediately caught Regal's attention, who walked away from Zelos and warned Genis not to jerk Presea around. Zelos, furious that he'd just been ignored, stormed over to Sheena to try and get some comfort, only to get her boot in his face. Kratos burst in, trying to protect Zelos. Also, by now, Presea had started trying to defend Genis while keeping her temper. Lloyd wouldn't have been surprised if he would have to stop the group strangling one another in a minute.

Nobody noticed Lloyd lose his balance suddenly. He quickly caught it. "What was that about? I feel funny…" He thought to himself. "I think… I think I'm going…to collapse…" He took a step forward, and blanked out. He was only noticed when he fell on top of Sheena, knocking her over.

"Lloyd?!" Sheena yelped, as Kratos pulled his son off of the ninja. While she was worried, the temptation to shoot Colette a boastful look that Lloyd had fallen on her was unbearable. Colette poked her toungue out at her, before swiftly changing to a look of concern.

"Lloyd? Can you hear me?" Kratos panicked, placing a hand on his son's forehead. He had seen this condition before. The exact same thing happened when Mithos had spilt the worlds 400 years ago. By now, Raine had knelt down and snatched Lloyd from Kratos' grasp. She looked at him, and wondered if a healing spell would be the best course of action. She suddenly doubted that.

"Old-Timer? Do you know what's wrong with Lloyd?" Zelos asked, rubbing his sore face. It felt as though Sheena had kicked him with an anvil. Kratos just huffed.

"I don't know, but remaining here will likely result in our becoming of a monster attack, and unless you are willing to risk Lloyd like that, I suggest we find a town."

"I know this nice little town with pretty flowers in it…" A weary voice drifted up. The group looked down to see Lloyd opening his eyes. "And it has the nicest ice-cream. And a beach, and this place Zelos showed me where girls get changed. I told him it was wrong to look, but Zelos still took me to look. I shut my eyes…" He quickly lost consciousness again.

"What on earth was he on about there?" Genis laughed.

"From the description, the chances are he was talking about Altamira. Although, I don't think he was completely with us when he said it…" Presea sighed.

"Yeah…" Zelos cringed. "Great, I'm busted. Sheena will probably figure out I took Lloyd to peek on her. Argh, stupid, half-conscious Lloyd!" Sheena looked up at him in angry curiosity. "Eep…"

"Hmm, moving away from Zelos' worrying influences on Lloyd, we need to get him elsewhere, and quickly." Raine said.

"Yes, and quickly! I can hear footsteps. Big footsteps! They sound like an ogre is approaching!" Colette yelled.

"There is also the sound of flapping wings. I would assume that our ogre is being accompanied by a dragon." Kratos sighed in despair. Both angels' enhanced senses of hearing were serving them well.

"But, we have no idea where anything is anymore!" Regal pointed out. Some of the group looked at him confusedly, but Presea turned to address the group.

"We all knew the geographical layout of Slyvarant and Tethe'alla well while they were separated. However, we are completely unaware of how the reunification has affected this."

"But, wouldn't they just be in the same place as they were 4000 years ago? Kratos, do you remember how the world was spread out all that time ago?" Genis asked. The group's hopes soared momentarily, until Kratos looked at the ground and shook his head.

"Too many towns have been born, and too many have disappeared during the time. I could not guarantee knowing where anything was. And that's a risk I'm not willing to take at this moment." Just at that moment, almost as if it had been cued, Exire roared into view over head.

The group turned around to see Sheena within a summoning circle with Maxwell. He huffed.

"What do you think I am, young lady? A taxi service? Does it say 'Taxi' on my forehead? Honestly! You're lucky you have Origin with you, or I'd give you such a wallop…" Sheena sighed and turned around. Maxwell drifted away on the wind and Sheena approached the group.

"Well, we know where Exire is. Anybody care to retreat to the half-elves? They'll welcome us!" The group thought for a while, reluctant to take Lloyd up there. After all, Exire was home to the half elves that had been rejected by the rest; they may still harbour feelings of great hatred towards humans. An ear-splitting roar from an approaching dragon soon pushed any doubts away.

Everybody quickly pulled their Rheirds from their wing packs, apart from Kratos, who opted for his angel wings. He scooped Lloyd up in his arms, and the group started their ascent towards Exire.

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