CHAPTER 1: An Unwanted Guest

I have to get away from this place, NOW! Haruhi thought to herself. She was running. She didn't really understand why she was running, but she knew if she stayed in this place she would be in grave danger. "Haruhi," said a deep menacing voice. Haruhi held back a scream. Where have I heard this voice before? Haruhi thought as she ran. The voice was familiar to her…but not in a good way. Haruhi looked back to see if the owner of the deep voice was catching up to her. "Haruhi, where on earth do you think you're going?" the deep voice said, amused. Haruhi came to a halt and looked to see what was in front of her. She was face to face with the owner of the deep menacing voice. The owner of the deep voice was a male with long silver hair and eyes as dark as the night sky. He had this aura around him that made him seem like he wanted people to be scared of him. She was just about to scream when a voice stopped her.

"HARUHI!" Tamaki yelled with a panic expression on his face. Obviously in 'father' mode. "It was a dream?" Haruhi said. Relief spread through her. But who was that…he seems so familiar. "Haruhi are you okay?" The Hitachiin brothers said in unison. "Yeah…I'm fine it seems like it was just a dream." Haruhi replied. The Shadow King, Kyoya, suddenly appeared "Well we should start preparations for our customers instead of other pointless things." He said curtly. The five other club members didn't seem to agree with him though. "I'm fine, really so let's get ready for the customers,' Haruhi said, not wanting her huge never decreasing debt to be even huger then it already was. The host club members reluctantly went back to the preparations.

"Haru-chan?" Honey called, his eyes covered with concern. "What is it sempai?" Haruhi asked. "Are you okay? You look like you were really scared when you were asleep." Honey said with even more concern in his voice then in his eyes. Besides him, Mori seemed like he was also worried. Did I make them worry that much? She glanced around; the other members were also wanting to hear her reply. She realized she had made everyone worry over her just because of a stupid dream. I wonder who he was though he seemed so familiar. "I'm sorry, for making every one worry, but really I'm fine." Haruhi said. "So CUTE!" the Hitachiin brothers said while running over to hug Haruhi. "ARE YOU SEXUALLY HARASING MY DAUGHTER PUNKS?!?" Tamaki yelled. Tamaki started chasing after the Twins, who were laughing their heads off. Haruhi sighed and left to go home.

The next day Haruhi was on her way to class when she ran into Kaoro and Hikaru. "Hey Haruhi, did you remember we're getting a new student in our class today?" the oldest twin, Hikaru, asked. "Oh I completely forgot, but why does it matter to me?" Haruhi asked. "It may not matter to you but it matters a lot to us," Kaoro snickered. Hikaru and Kaoro exchanged a private joke. "Huh?" Haruhi said dreading what their answer was going to be. "You'll see, now come on we're gonna be late to class," they said in unison. They each grabbed one of her hands and dragged her inside the classroom.

"Class this is your new classmate, would you please introduce your self to the class?" the teacher said. Haruhi wasn't really paying attention because of her lack of sleep last night. She didn't want to have that awful dream again. I hope I never have that dream again. "Hello I'm Hatsuharu Gaito." Said the new incomer, he had a deep voice that was very familiar. WHAT?!? Haruhi looked up in alarm at the voice. Gaito was EXACTLY the way the guy in her dream had looked and sounded like. But to make things worse he was staring directly at her. It wasn't in a menacing way though; it was more like a curios and kind of way. "Your seat is over there behind Fujioko," the teacher informed Gaito. Haruhi felt her heart skip a beat. She watched Gaito as he walked over to his new seat. He gracefully took a seat, without even taking a glance at Haruhi as he walked past her. Haruhi sighed with relief. But fate was being mischievous with her today. Gaito leaned forward and whispered something in her ear that made her face turn stone white.

"Next time, don't run away from me…b-a-b-y,"