CHAPTER 10: Goodbye?

The Last Chapter

I hope the weather stays nice… Haruhi thought to herself as she walked to the cemetery. It had been a week since Gaito had died and, seeing how he had no relatives, had no funeral and was just buried in the graveyard. Haruhi had told Hikaru she had wanted to visit his grave alone. She still hadn't figured out why he seemed so familiar when she first met him. She was almost there. She could hear the sound of her shoes against the pavement. She finally stood in front of his grave. She had brought a single white rose to put at the grave, even though she knew she didn't have to. Even though Gaito scared her when he was alive, she felt a deep pain when someone she knew died. She placed the white rose on the grave and was about to leave when. "Haruhi," a voice said, it was faint and barely louder then a whisper. Haruhi turned around, afraid. She gasped. There stood Gaito, but he was transparent. He was sitting on his grave. He hopped off his grave and landed in front of Haruhi. "Haruhi, I'm familiar because I'm from your past." He said. Haruhi was confused. "From my past? What's that suppose to mean?" He put a finger to her lips to silence her. "I was knew you when you were about 8 years old but I died from an accident. I regenerated myself and got this body instead of the one I had when I knew you." He said, as if this was common knowledge for everyone. Haruhi's mouth was hanging open in disbelief. "I can see you don't believe me. I will come back into your life again in 1 month, and this time that useless friend of yours is gonna be a goner." He said, a grin spread across his ghostly face. "Touch Hikaru and I'll never speak to you again." Haruhi said, furious. Gaito chuckled. "You won't know it's me and do you want to know what I am? I'm not a human just to let you know." He said. Haruhi's curious got the better of her. "What are you if you're not human? A jerk?" she asked, thinking he was joking. He laughed. He grabbed her hand and put it near his mouth. "I'm a high class vampire, meaning I'm the most powerful vampire there is," he said and put Haruhi's finger against his tooth. It was sharp; Haruhi's finger began to bleed. She looked at Gaito. He was no longer transparent. He was a solid being. "Farewell Haruhi, for now." He said. His body began to change. He had transformed into a very large bat. Haruhi fell to the ground in shock. The bat Gaito looked at Haruhi once more and flew away. When she could no longer see it there was a loud boom noise.


Haruhi didn't shriek this time. She was too shocked about Gaito to notice the thunder. But then another thunder came. She screamed this time, both at the thunder and because she just wanted everything about Gaito to disappear. And that's exactly what happened.

She fell to the ground and laid their, unconscious. The rain beating down on her, all memory about Gaito forgotten. It was hours before her friends found her their, they brought her to the hospital. Not knowing what lay in stored for all of them in the near future.


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