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The Runaway

She waited behind the partly open doors waiting to be announced. She hated these balls, but knew she was required to attend. Just before she could change her mind, she heard the announcement...

"Ladies and gentlemen, her royal highness, Princess Angelia."

She took a deep breath and walked into the crowded room. She walked into the room as poised as she was trained. Truth was, she hated all of it. The balls, everyone bowing whenever she walked into a room, and the people that make the highlight of their day watching her every move. They hope to see her do something that wasn't "princess-like" so they could gossip about it later, which the report would always return to her father. These reports were the cause of many disagreements between the two.

Oh, and that's not mentioning the fact that she had to have an escort everywhere she went. How she wished for a normal life where she was free to go anywhere and do anything without anyone knowing she was a Princess. To be able to run through the sand with her shoes off and hair flowing, but she knew that was "impolite" for a princess. What she would do to be able to escape from this prison. Most people would dream about being royalty and living in luxury, however it was a very lonely life.

She walked over to greet her father.

"Finally, you've decided to join us. I was wondering when you would arrive." The young men standing around him chuckled, but she heard the annoyance in her father's voice. Yes, she knew they would be having one of their "discussions" later.

"Angelia, I would like to introduce George Phillip Gregory the Third. He will be your escort for the evening," Her father said motioning to the young man on his right.

Angelia sighed with annoyance. The look on her father's face told her to be polite or else.

"The pleasure is mine I'm sure," She said as she offered George her hand, which he quickly kissed before leading her to the dance floor.

"George is a polite young man from a respected royal family," Her father told her the next morning during breakfast.

"I'm sure he is," She replied.

"Yes, I think a marriage between the two of you will work out splendidly."

Angelia choked on her eggs.

"May I ask what makes you think I want to marry this man? I was only in his presence for three hours. I do not know him."

"Angelia, it doesn't matter how long you've known him. You are now of marrying age, and I have chosen your future husband."

"You can't be serious father. I can't marry someone I just met. Besides, I'm only 18."

"Which is old. Your mother was only 15 when we married, your grandmother was only 13. You are old enough to bare children."

"I will NOT marry a man I don't love. Besides, who said I want children? Do I have a say in this?"

"Sorry dear, but our family has arranged marriages for years. I'm only going to say this one time.. YOU WILL MARRY GEORGE."

Angelia jumped out of her seat and ran to her room. She had to get away, but how?