I don't think this is allowed as a new story, so I thought I'd throw this in as a "commerical" break. Chapter 6 will be uploaded within a few days. I just HAD to share this...

Shortly after getting to work today, my best friend, Captain Lois, textd me the following question...
"Where else would ya want to be than at work?"
SO, I textd her back...

Angela's top 20 list of what I'd rather be doing that being at work...

20 browse eBay for PotC stuff

19 camp outside Johnny Depp's house
18 Shout "I love you Johnny" every 10 mins until the police show up and arrest me for stalking.
17 Take a cruise through the Caribbean

16 Pretend to be on the "Black Pearl" during said cruise.
25 Act out both Pirates of the Caribbean movie from memory
14 Re watch both movies to see what I forgot to act out.
13 Count the number of times Jack Sparrow says "bugger" in the second Pirates movie
12 Burp or Hiccup every time RUM is mentioned in both movies

11 Laugh hysterically every time Jack is trying to be serious.
10 Boo and hiss every time Cutlet Beckett or Davy Jones is shown on Pirates 2
9 Get teary eyed during the father/son moments in Pirates 2
8 Watch every Johnny Depp movie I own
7 Make my very own pirate costume

6 Go to a department store.. Grab chairs/blankets/and or pillows from housewares, grab popcorn from the grocery area, pop it in the microwaves from appliances, grab a soda from checkout, and watch Pirates in Electronics.

5 go to a beach and insist that I CANNOT leave until I find the heart of Davy Jones.
4 spend my whole life savings on Pirates souvenirs at Disney World
3 Go to Disney World and annoy everyone by repeating over and over "This really is the happiest place on earth".
2 Ride the Pirates of the Caribbean ride ALL DAY until I have it memorized.
And the Number 1 thing I'd rather do than being at work is...

Get kicked out of Disney World for trying to steal the Jack Sparrow off the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride.
Lois textd back...
"A good friend would bail you out of jail after you get busted for stealing Jack Sparrow off the Pirate's ride, but an AWESOME friend would be sitting in jail next to you saying dang poppet, that was fun!"