Epilogue...One year later

"Hurry everyone they'll be here any minute!" Rachel raced through her small, but cozy Naboo home stashing toys in cubbies and under chairs. She glanced at the chrono once again and ran to the kitchen.

"Smells good Mom," commented Tiann as he watched his mother take the cake out of the oven.

"Where are your brothers and sisters?" asked Rachel, testing the top of the dessert and frowning. Needs another five minutes, she thought

"Emia's got the baby almost dressed and Caleb just finished brushing his hair and teeth," said Tiann.

"And Abby?" asked Rachel, putting the cake back in the oven.

"Uhhhh…." began Tiann, looking around.

"They're here! They're here!" cried Abby bouncing into the room fully dressed and laughing.

Rachel hurried to the door, as Ben pulled up in the old family land speeder. Her heart pounded, as she opened the door to greet their guests. "Luke, Mara! It's wonderful to see you."

"Oh Rachel, thanks for having us," said Luke hugging his daughter-in-law to him.

Rachel embraced Mara also and guided them into the family room. Then she turned around and raised her hand to her lips, blinking back tears as the next person entered the doorway.

"Hi, Mom," said Nirice, smiling brightly dressed in her Jedi robes.

Rachel embraced her daughter, tears falling freely now. "Oh honey, you look so grown-up…"

"Hey, don't I get a hug," said Ben, laughing as he carried in some of the luggage.

Rachel leaned over to hug her husband but was interrupted by the oven timer. "Later dear, I've got a cake to see to."

"Grandpa!" Four year old Caleb burst into the room and leapt into Luke's arms. "Wait till you see the baby, he's walking and talking and getting into trouble now."

Ben shook his head. "And who do you think has been teaching him all that?"

Caleb smiled as he leaned over and whispered into Luke's ear. "Emia will tell you it was her, but I've been a helper, too."

Luke laughed, "I'm sure you have Caleb." Abby joined Luke as he and Caleb sat on the couch. "And Miss Abby, how are you doing?"

"I have hardly been any trouble at all," smiled Abby gazing up at Luke fondly.

"Well, where is my youngest grandchild?" asked Mara impatiently. "I have a mountain of naming-day presents for him."

"Is everybody ready?" Emia's voice echoed from behind the living room door. "Here we come."

Into the room came big sister Emia holding little Luke's hand as he toddled his way toward the family. The newest member of the Enjeris family was almost an exact replica of his dad with strawberry blond hair and the famous Skywalker blue eyes.

"Happy naming-day little Luke," smiled Mara holding out her arms to the one year old. Emia let go and Luke weaved his way over to his grandmother smiling broadly the entire way.

Rachel's heart filled, as she took in the sight of her family all together. They certainly had come a long way in the year since that day on Tatooine when her last child was born. "Nirice you have to tell us all about Ossus."

Nirice beamed, looking from her Grandfather to her Grandmother.

"Well, I have been steadily improving and seem to excel in telekinetics and lightsaber techniques. But I don't seem to have a lick of healing abilities."

"Just as long as you don't have any abilities with boys, I'll be happy with your progress," teased Ben.

Luke smiled at his eldest granddaughter. "You should be proud of her. She's a natural… and has a humility about her we just don't see much in apprentices her age."

"Cool, Sis," said Tiann. "Although I'm sure I won't hear the end of

your exploits when I get there."

The family continued to talk and catch up, as Rachel quietly withdrew to the kitchen. The cake had cooled, so she began to slowly frost the traditional naming-day dessert as she thought back over the last year and the peace that now existed in the family.

"That looks wonderful," said Luke slipping into the kitchen and sitting down at the table with Rachel.

Rachel looked up at her father-in-law. "Is everything all right?"

"Yes," said Luke smiling. "Emia is having a grand time bossing her younger brothers around."

"I'm afraid she gets that from me," admitted Rachel, smoothing the frosting around the sides of the confection.

Luke watched for a moment and then asked, "Is everything all right with you?"

"Yes, I'm just reminiscing over the last year and all the changes." Rachel looked up into her Luke's eyes and smiled. "We love you and Mara so much…and I know Ben is much happier now that you're a part of his life again."

"All because of you, Rachel. You're the one who made all this possible and we think of you as our very own daughter," said Luke softly. "Speaking of which, Mara and I would like to know if you…well, we'd like it if you would call us 'Mom' and 'Dad.'"

Rachel gasped as she made her way over to Luke and threw her arms around him. "Oh, I w-would love to!!"

"Gee, everyone gets a hug around here except me," teased Ben, entering the kitchen with little Luke in his arms. "And isn't it about time we had some cake?"

"Yes, it is. Come on everyone," called Rachel. "It's time to celebrate."

Ben leaned over and kissed his father's head while he put little Luke into his namesake's arms. As the rest of the family squeezed into the tiny kitchen, Rachel placed some small candles on the cake as they prepared to sing.

"Wait!" demanded Emia. "Luke needs to make a wish first."

"Well honey, he's a little young to make wishes yet," said Ben eyeing Caleb who was trying to get a finger in the cake.

"Stop that Caleb!" demanded Emia.

"You're not the boss of me, poopy head," taunted Caleb.

"Poo-ee head," mimicked little Luke.

Luke and Mara struggled to keep from laughing, while Ben picked up Caleb and toss him over his shoulder. "Of all the things you could have taught him, Caleb why'd it have to be that?" sighed Ben.

"I'll do it," said Abby. "I'll make a wish for Luke. I'm good at wishes, mine always come true." She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. A slight breeze fluttered through the open kitchen window and ruffled the drapes; it danced through the dining room and out the screened front door. The room remained silent for a heart beat and then…"Done! We can eat now."

After the traditional song was sung, Rachel sliced cake while Mara and Ben passed out cups of blue milk. Luke helped his youngest grandchild taste the sweet delight for the very first time, but appeared to be wearing more than he ate.

"So, Abby," asked Mara, her eyes shining, "just what wish did you make for your baby brother?"

"A very special wish," she replied.

"Oh, a very special wish," said Luke nodding as he wiped the one year olds' mouth. "Maybe a couple more teeth so he could enjoy a nerf steak or two?"

"No, Grandpa. I wished the same wish from my last two naming-days," she said simply through a mouthful of icing.

"And what would that be?" asked Ben, feeding cake to Caleb as he dangled over his shoulder.

Abby smiled as she pointedly looked over at Caleb and then at little Luke. "Another baby, of course."