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Garcia washed her hands vigorously. Ever since she helped Reid save Nathan Harris's life, her hands still hadn't felt properly clean. It had been four days since the incident, but she still felt like there was blood lingering on her hands.

Morgan had driven her back to headquarters. On their way to the car he had put his arms around her and comforted her. She had seen Gideon do the same with Reid, and was happy that sweet little boy had Gideon to look out for him. Everyone knew that he had unofficially, yet officially adopted Reid in a sense.

Morgan was silent in the car as Garcia slowly continued to wipe her hands with the small towel that had been provided by the ambulance. They had taken Ester, because Gideon and Reid took the other car, and she realized Morgan was the only one she trusted to drive her baby.

Once inside her computer sanctuary, Morgan gave her a long, comforting hug and patted her back as she sobbed softly. She had been so frightened when she saw Nathan sprawled on the bed, blood seeping onto the sheets. Reid had been very prompt and knew exactly what to do, while she ran around being clumsy and attempted to find something to stop the bleeding.

Possibly the only thing that haunted her more was Reid's screams. He was always shy and reserved, politely contributing his thoughts when necessary (and unnecessary), and extremely adorable. His pleading cries for the ambulance and her to tie Nathan's wrists reverberated in her mind when she allowed her mind to linger on the memory too long. It was just so distressing.

For the past couple of days Reid had been sulking around, only answering when spoken to.

She decided that they would go on their fun night out that they were planning to go on before Nathan attempted suicide. She figured both of them desperately needed it, something to distract them.

With a big sigh, she lifted herself out of her chair that she had been occupying for the past couple of hours, where she had been cleaning out her files and organizing them. Ever since Nathan Harris they had been given a break, if you could call paperwork a break. Garcia snatched her purse and peeked into the bull pen.

Morgan was leaning lazily into his chair with his long muscular legs propped up on his desk and a packet of paperwork in his left hand. The pencil in his right had was directing music in an erratic fashion, and then Garcia noticed he had headphones in his ears, to which he was promptly dancing to the music, warranting a grin from her. Morgan knew how to make even paperwork entertaining.

Emily was furiously scribbling at her desk, face bent over, eyebrows creased into a tense concentration. Garcia didn't know the exact details, but apparently Hotch had been very angry with her during the last case, and she didn't have to be a profiler to know Emily was trying to prove her worthiness to him, as well as the team. Everyone had been polite to her ever since she came, but they were all still dealing with the loss of Elle and the fact that she murdered someone. Truth was, they were afraid to trust again. Being somewhat of an outsider herself, Garcia knew how she felt. Maybe they should do something together sometime.

She couldn't see Gideon or Hotch, but she assumed they were both in their offices, dealing with who knew what.

JJ was on the phone, no doubt talking over potential cases with local authorities from different states.

Finally her attention rested on Reid. He was in the same position as the last time she invited him on their little trip, twirling his pencil slowly in his hands and reminded her of a depressed teenager. His paperwork was undoubtedly finished, that devilish genius, and he just stared off into space. Her heart went out to him because she knew more about what he was feeling than anyone else on the team.

From what she could tell, Garcia knew more about his mother than anyone else, During the case with the Fisher King and just recently with Nathan, Reid had shed a little light on the emotions and most secretive feelings he harbored in that gigantic heart and brain of his. She felt honored, because he was usually very private with his life, even to his new family.

She guessed it was a defense mechanism, being smarter than most people in the world at 12 years old and graduating from high school at the same time. It had to be hard for him. With her, the only solace she received in her younger years was her precious computers; she didn't have much of a social calendar either, so she could relate, sort of. Reid was like the younger brother she never had, and she felt an obligation to protect him.

Practically skipping over, she poked him playfully in the ribs.

"Wake up sunshine!" Reid jumped and dropped his legs, turning his sad and questioning eyes up at her.

"What is it?" Reid had just been dreaming. His mother was lying in a bed, crying to him and asking why he didn't understand anything else about mental disorders, and then she changed into Nathan, whose wrists were bleeding and he kept asking why Reid had saved him; he just wanted to die, Reid should have understood.

Garcia was beaming at him with her purple purse in hands, wearing a bright blue shirt with a purple vest and blue jeans. What did she want with him?

"You know, we never had our little out," she taunted gleefully. Reid groaned inwardly. He didn't want to do anything fun now. He still felt guilty from Nathan. However, he remembered the threat she used last time and realized there was no way around it. She had him cornered.

"You sure you want to spend time with boring old me?" he joked feebly with a weak smile.

"That's okay sweetie, I'm fun enough for both of us. Up!"

His smile a little bigger, Reid swung his chair around and grabbed his coat. At that point Morgan pulled his headphones out of his ears.

"Thought I was your one and only, beautiful?" he taunted in a mock hurt voice.

Garcia whipped around and shook her head. "Still are sugar, but Reid has finished his homework and you haven't." Then she blew him a kiss that Morgan dramatically caught in his hands and slapped onto his cheek.

Reid almost chuckled. Garcia always had a retort, no matter the circumstance. It was something he admired about her, seeing as how he struggled with regular conversation.

As they made their way to Esther, Reid wondered where they would go. Knowing Garcia, it would be someplace wild.

"How ya feeling?" Garcia asked as they drove in Esther. She didn't have a roof, and the wind gently whipped across their faces.

Reid just shrugged, his right hand resting on the side of the car and his attention focused elsewhere. Garcia frowned.

"Well, looks like I have a job to do," she remarked in a slightly dangerous and mischievous tone that made Reid anxious.

"What do you mean?" he inquired cautiously. Garcia brushed the question off.

"Don't worry sweetie. Just focus on having a great time." She almost laughed at the obvious struggling going on in Reid's mind. He had no idea what to expect. This was going to be fun.

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