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Hinata was walking to school just as she usually did. It was the first day of school again and now she was in highschool. She had only one friend but didn't know what school she was going to. overall she was just depressed that she was alone. She didn't know what to expect from sarutobi high and nobody else did either but they wasn't lonely.

When she stepped through the door, She heard all the yelling and playing of the teens. When she walked in the lunchroom for breakfast, She seen a familier smiling face and decide to go by. When she was close enough the face notice her as well.

"Hinata, I didn't know you were coming here. You should have told me." Said the bun haired girl.

"I-I didn't know that you would be here either, Tenten. I haven't talked to you for a week." hinata said.

"I had to work on the welcoming for the freshman and go school shopping." Tenten said point to he black pants and ocean blue no sleeve.

"I forgot you were a year older than me."

"Are you trying to say I'm childish?" Tenten said playifully

When hinata open her mouth to say something else, A roar of girls started to scream. Tenten and hinata looked over to see what was happening. They seen two boys walking through the door towards a table. one had long black/blue hair, onyx eyes, and his hands in his pockets. The other had golden hair, his hands were behind his head, and he had bright blue eyes.The girls begin to chant their names. "NARUTO,SASUKE, WE LOVE YOU!" The crowd of girls said in unison. The boys went to a empty table and sat down while the girls fought over who would get to sit by them.

"I wonder who they are." tenten said.

Another roar went up by the door. This one was louder then the first. Hinata and tenten looked over and seen a long hair boy walking through the door. His hands were folded and his eyes were pearl white. The crowd of girl begin to chant his name.

"NEJI, WE LOVE YOU!" They said in unison. They were reach out to touch him, but he glared at them to stop them. He found an empty table and sat down and the girls begin to fight over who would sit by him.

"That guy is so arrogant. Not like a snob but he's way to arrogant if you ask me. Thats why I'm going to face him in martial arts club this year." Tenten said looking at neji.

"No, tenten, he's my rival I shall face the genius neji this year and finally defeat him." Said a male voice from behind them. They turned around and hinata seen the oddest looking person she had ever seen. He had a bowl hair cut, Green jeans and shirt that you couldn't tell when one ended and the other begin, But the oddest thing was his huge bushy eyebrows.

"Lee, you know both of us could face him this year." tenten said. "Oh, Hinata this is my good friend Rock Lee."

"How are you two youthful blossoms doing today?" Lee asked.

"I'm just fine thank you for asking." Hinata said.

"Same here."Tenten said looking at neji. He seemed to be in a glaring contest with sasuke. Finally neji got up and walked over to the table naruto and sasuke was at. Everyone went silent thinking there was trouble brewing between the two. They stood face to face both smirking.

"Its been a long time, uchiha. I see you and uzamaki still are pathetic as ever." Neji said so only sasuke and naruto could here.

"Likewise, Hyuga, How long has it been two or three years, since we were all on that summer camp trip together?" sasuke said back to neji.

"Yeah, We had no idea you went here." naruto said.

"Now we only need shikamaru and the whole crew will be here."

The door open and in came a boy that looked half sleep. His hands where in his jacket pockets and his hair was in a ponytail.

"Its only 8:00 and you are already at each others necks. Isn't it to early?" Said the boy.

"I guess the whole team is here." neji said. They all went to neji's table and sat.

"What was that all about?" tenten asked. "I never seen him openly except someone as a companion or friend." she said still confused.

"Okay everyone settle down." Said princpal jiraiya. "Today, begins the first day of school so it'll be an easy day. I really wanted a day for us to have a swim, for my research but It didn't workout, not just yet, but anyway. WELCOME TO SARUTOBI HIGH! NOW GET TO CLASS." Jiraiya said before walking out the lunchroom. Everyone followed behind.

"My class is this way so I'll see you later hinata." Tenten said before disappearing in a crowd.

Hinata made it to class right before the bell rang. She noticed the three guys that was with neji sitting in the row behind her. The teacher wasn't even there yet. something hit hinata in the back of the head and she turned around to find the source. She found the boys looking back as well.

"WHO THREW THAT?" said naruto.

"Who knows. Who cares?" Said a boy who had a puppy sitting with him.

"You'll care if I come back there." Naruto said.

"Come on I dare you." the boy said back.

Just as naruto got up the teacher walked in the door."good morning class. I'm your hoomroom and reading teacher Kakashi Hatake, but you can call me Kakashi-sensai. Now I'm going to take attendance.Hinata Hyuga"


He went through the name with ease until he got to naruto's group. "Shikamaru Nara." Kakashi asked looking around.

"Here" said the ponytailed boy sitting on the side of naruto. Some then hit him in the head with a paper ball.

"Sasuke uchiha"

"Whats up?" said sasuke nodding.

"Naruto Uzumaki"

"I'm here believe It."

"What kinda loser name is naruto?" said the boy from before.

"Kiba, I'm taking attendance." Kakashi said.

"Kiba, that sounds like a name for a dog. And you tried to make fun of my name." Naruto said.

Kiba jumped up. "My clan is better than both the hyugas and uchihas,Still wanna say that to my face loser?"

Naruto got up, "I'll say it to whats left of your face after I'm done." He ran at kiba jumpping over a desk to tackle him.

"I'm not breaking that up." kakashi said sitting at his desk.

Naruto was stomping kiba when sasuke and shikamaru finally pulled him off of him.

"I guess your clan isn't that great after all." Kakashi said flipping a page in his orange book. He looked at his watch then at the students. "Your dismissed."

everyone got up and left the room. And thats how the day basically went up until lunch. The teachers would introduce themselves and meet their students.

All the people that was in hinata's home room all had the same classes together. In social studies they met the teacher Asuma. In science they met Kurenai. And in math they met Iruka.


The sophmores and freshman had luch together so hinata went to the table and sat with tenten. Tenten begin to introduce the people at the table.

"Hinata, this is Temari, her little brother Gaara, Haku, Shino, Choji, Kiba, and you've already met Lee."

"Nice to meet you all." Hinata said.

"Hold that thought" Lee said getting up. they watched him run over to a pink haired girl. He looked at her and asked her something and she shook her head. She walked him back to the table, while he looked discourged.

"Did anyone of you lose your rock lee?" The pink haired girl asked.

"No, but you can sit him right there." tenten said smiling. "Hi, I'm tenten, nice to meet you."

"I'm Sakura. Nice to meet you to."

"So how do you know lee?" tenten said pointing to the bowl cut boy.

"He's my next door neighbor and he's asked me out evet since I was ten." sakura said smiling."He doesn't understand I have a boyfriend."

As if on que Sasuke walked behind her.

"I was looking for you, Sakura." he said in her ear.

She turned around."SASUKE" she said giving him a hug.

"Hey sakura." naruto said.

"Hey naruto." sakura waved at him.

Neji and shikamaru walked up. Neji seemed in a very serious mood.

"Which one was it? Which one said his clan is better than ours, sasuke?" Neji asked pissed.

"It was him, Believe It." naruto said pointing at kiba.

Neji started walking towards him when hinata grabbed his arm.

"Wait, please don't harm him, brother." Hinata said holding firmly on to his arm. Tenten's table went silent.

"Let go Hinata, He'll get what he deserves." Neji said.

"Just let him be this time neji, please." hinata said grabbing neji with both arms.

Neji sighed. "Just this once. You're lucky you have my sister guarding you. Be thankful that she is but she isn't always going to be around." neji said turning and walking away.

"Hinata, all this time I talked about him like that, you never mentioned he was related to you. Not only related but is your sibling." tenten said shocked.

"They are brother and sister in the clan, actally their cousins." Sasuke said matter-of-factly.

"I never thought it was important. Neji and I don't really talk as much as we use to. ever since the accident he never talks to anybody in the hyuga compound. To think of it naruto, sasuke, and shikamaru are the only ones I have ever seen him talk to." hinata said looking at them.

sasuke smirked. "Its because we all have something in common in some way." he said looking at naruto and shika.

"We don't have parents, they are geniuses." naruto said.

"What's that suppose to mean?" tenten asked.

"Me, Neji, and Sasuke's parents are all dead. Sasuke, Neji, and Shikamaru are all geniuses." Naruto said.

"You're talking to much again naruto."Sasuke said. Sakura started holding his hand.

"Time to go, sasuke, we have to grab neji and I wanted to show you the roof. Ino is already up there with lunch." They walked off with naruto and shikamaru following.

"I think this is going to be an interesting school year." Lee said.

"Why do you say that?" Haku asked.

"Just a feeling in my gut telling me."

"Maybe its just the meatloaf." Haku said

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