Love for a Kittypet

A Warriors Fanfiction

By: Roseminty (Emily)

Ummm... I wrote this a really long time ago. :P Looking back on it now, I realize there is so much that could be improved. I may get around to that someday, but, until then, hope you still enjoy it. ^_^

I don't own Warriors!

Summary: Set sometime during Into the Wild. Sandpaw realizes she has feelings for Firepaw, but when a terrible plot leaves the young tom gravely injured, will she ever get to tell him? SandpawxFirepaw. VERY small hint of DustpawxSandpaw. Rated T for some violence.

Chapter 1: Two Toms

Sandpaw was pushing through the gorse tunnel into the Thunderclan camp when she bumped into Firepaw. Her heart sped up and she dropped the starling she had been carrying.

"Hello, Firepaw," she stammered.

"Hi, Sandpaw," he said cheerfully. "Was the hunting good? I'm just about to go myself." It was greenleaf, and the food was plentiful. She thought he was just saying that to make friendly conversation.

"Yes," Sandpaw said, at a loss for words. For a while now she had secretly had feelings for Firepaw, but had chosen to keep them hidden. What would he say if she told him she loved him? She had been mean to him like Dustpaw from the moment he came into Thunderclan as a kittypet. But after a short while, she didn't think of him as a kittypet anymore, and she didn't tease him anymore, though Dustpaw still teased him all the time.

"Is something wrong?" asked Firepaw, worry filling his green eyes.

"No, no, I'm fine, really," she said a little too quickly.

"Ok," he said, not sounding convinced. "I'll see you later." He pushed past her and disappeared from view into the tunnel. Sandpaw sighed, then picked up the starling and headed over to the fresh kill pile, adding her catch to the supply.

"Hey, Sandpaw!" a voice called to her from the edge of the camp. She turned and saw Dustpaw. She padded over to him.

"Yeah?" she said questioningly.

"I know you just went hunting, but do you want to go again with me?" he asked. She could see the hope in his eyes.

"Umm, actually, Dustpaw, I was hoping to just take a quick nap," she replied. "I'm kind of tired."

His face fell with disappointment. "Oh, alright." He padded away, his tail drooping. She had really let him down. I wonder if he has feelings for me, she wondered, feelings that go beyond friendship. She didn't think she could ever feel that way about him, though. She went into the apprentices' den and curled up in a pile of moss. As she drifted into sleep, her thoughts were on Firepaw's handsome orange fur and deep green eyes.

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