Summary: Ouran begins an exchange program between a school in a nearby city. They're about to learn why the headmaster of the school desperatly wanted those students out of there.
Author: Lady Isis Rose


Chapter One: The Exchange

The school wasn't composed of only the rich. It was a school composed of only the brightest brains in the country. Yes, some were rich, and some weren't, but the school was not based on money, as was said before, it was based on the brightest minds that could be found, and not just the brightest, but the most talented indivduals as well. Rosewood Academy trained their students to excell, to be nothing but the best, to get into the best universities they could find any where in the world, and have the brightest futures. But like all schools, even one with as much talent as Rosewood, there were bound to be a few misbehaved students.

And as it turned out, Rosewood had a few too many than it could handle on its own. The headmistress looked out her window at the chaos that ensued below after one of their students had dropped a chemical into the fountain and then risen the temperature until it began to bubble over onto the grass which immediatly turned brown. To the northeast side of the school, another had dropped firecrackers into the toilets and had caused a flood. To the east in the chemistry labs another three had 'accidently' mixed the wrong chemicals and caused the sixth fire that month. One ran from place to place with a camera in his hand recording the results of what he considered to be a very eventful day.

The headmistress sighed as she watched the firemen put out the last of the fire from the labs and then turned to look at her colleagues.
"Some thing has to be done," she said to them.

"We could always expel them," one of them said.

"What would that be saying about our school if we expelled the best of the brightest?" said another one.
Yes, it was true. While they were the most misbehaved students, they were also the brightest and most talented. They surpassed even the teachers.

"No, we can not expel them, it would be bad publicity for Rosewood," said the headmistress.

"Then what can we do?"

"Simple, dump a few of them on another school let's say as part of an exchange program. They get the more troubling ones until a month before the school year ends and we get peace, and some of their students."

"An excellent idea and I know just the school," the headmistress said as she looked out the window again as the students gathered around the gate eager to be let out.

The students hurried out of the classroom as the bell rang signaling the end of the school day. Haruhi gathered her books and walked outside the door. The host club would be starting soon and she had to hurry if she wanted to get any studying done before the girls arrived. That was, if Tamaki and the twins allowed her any time to study. With a sigh she opened the door to the third music room and went inside. Every one was sitting around a table waiting for her to arrive and as soon as she sat down Kyouya began to speak.

"Ouran has decided to participate in an exchange program with another school. We have been asked to show them around the school and their classes. They thought afterschool would be a more appropriate time since the students would feel much more comfortable."

"But we can't let the ladies down," Tamaki said.

"Where are they from?" Haruhi asked.

"Rosewood Academy. A private school for the brightest minds in the country." Kyouya responded. "The headmistress of the school it would brighten their opportunities if they got the chance to interact with others outside of Rosewood."

The host club walked down the hallway to another room where the students of the exchange would be waiting. As soon as they opened the door they noticed that the entire room was a mess, desks were turned over, papers were every where and there were a few dents on the walls. In the middle of the room were two boys who looked like they were trying to strangle each other. One was tall with black hair and green eyes, the other boy was a couple inches shorter, his hair was also black, blonde on one part in the front with grey eyes. On top of the taller boys back was a girl with dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. The girl was apparently trying to pull the two apart and was failing miserably. Another boy, with dark blue hair and blue eyes, was apparently trying to get in between them while telling the girl to get off the other boy. A boy with black hair, sunglasses and a trench coat leaned against the wall with his arms over his chest watching the struggle. Another boy with brown hair, was recording every thing with his camera. They each wore the uniform of their school, Rosewood, which consisted of black jackets bearing the emblem of the school, white button up shirts, and black pants, skirts for the girls.

"This is sweet," they heard the one with the camera say. "Hey Leo, get in there and make this interesting."

"What is going on here?" Kyouya said to the boy.

"A funfilled memory," the boy responded. "Now move you're blocking the light."

The boy leaning against the wall sighed and dragged the boy with dark blue hair away from the struggle then returned to pull the girl off and dump her into Tamaki's arms who immedietly set her down after she accidently hit him on the head. Then he returned to pull the two boys in the middle apart. They breathed heavily as they struggled to get past the much taller boy to attack each other again but after a few seconds collapsed on the floor.

"Leo, I said make it interesting not break it up," the boy with the camera whined.

"Record them later," Leo responded. "I think these people are here for the tour."

"Oh, look. This one's cute," the girl exclaimed as she hugged Hunny who seemed to enjoy the attention.

"Gem, what have we said about hugging strangers?" the boy with blue hair said to her.

"You said fluffy things with rabies in the forest, not strangers," the girl responded letting go of Hunny.

"Same difference."

"Is not."

"It is if I say so."

"It's not if I say so."


"Himbo." (similar to a conversation me and my brother had the other day)

The host club watched the girl and the blue haired boy continue like this for who knows how long as the other boys just watched, half bored. After a while their words could barely be understood except a few random words like stripper pole,harlot,imbecil and a few others that are best not mentioned.

"These are the brightest minds in the country?" Hikaru said.

"It could appear so," Kyouya responded.

"And who the hell are you people?" the boy with the camera said, pointing the camera at them.

"We were asked to give you a tour of the school."

"Likely story. Well, don't be rude now introduce yourselves."

Each member of the host club began to introduce themselves to the their new peers. The two arguing had ceased long enough to listen before their little group introduced themselves as well.

"I'm Beji," the boy with the camera said as he hugged the brown haired girl. "And this gorgeous girl is my cousin Nyoko. We just call her Gem."

He pointed to the blue haired boy and grey eye boy, "Those are her 'lovers'."

"They are not," Nyoko responded.

"I'm Marty," the blue haired boy said.

"And i'm Brian," the boy with black hair and grey eyes responded.

The taller boy with black hair stepped between them. "I'm Arthur. The statue over there is Leo." He pointed to the boy with the trench coat who had resumed watching them from his original spot against the wall.

"Sorry about the earlier scene," Leo said. "It's normal so expect it to happen again."

"Right," Haruhi said. "Let's start the tour then."

"Alrighty then. I want to see the chemistry labs first," Nyoko said linking arms with Haruhi and dragging her out the door, Marty and Brian following them with identical smirks on their faces. The rest of the group soon followed. For the next hour they showed their new peers around the school. On Nyoko's insistance, they visited the chemistry lab first, later ending their tour in the third music room where they explained the purpose of their club. Tamaki demostrated his role holding Nyoko hands in his.

Nyoko's response, "Leo, this weird guy is hitting on me."

"Hey, get away from my woman," Arthur said pushing Tamaki aside and holding him by the collar of his shirt.

"Your woman. She's mine." Brian said pulling Tamaki away into a corner as he faced the taller boy in front of him.

"Don't I get a say in this?" Nyoko asked.

"No!" was the simultaneous response from the two as they began arguing, every now and then pushing each other or poking each other in the chest. Nyoko stood in the middle of them desperatly trying to pull them apart but ended up shoved to one side next to Haruhi.

"I know how you feel," Haruhi said to the girl. The girl only sighed as she watched the two argue.

"It sucks some times."

Haruhi only nodded as the two girls went out the door unnoticed by the boys in the room who had all begun to either argue or stop the argument from turning into some thing worse.

The exchange students stayed in a house -mansion- that belonged to one of their families and was near the school. At Rosewood they lived in the school for the whole year except on vacations when they could visit their families. Being at Ouran and being able to come and go every day was a very pleasant change from having to sneak out after hours to the near by towns. The first day they were introduced to the school and then seperated into their classes. Nyoko, Marty, and Brian were the youngest in the group and were placed in the same class as Haruhi, Hikaru, and Kaoru. The rest were placed in the class with Tamaki and Kyouya.

The older ones were much quieter than them except for the little arguments that broke out among the six which was always recorded by Benji who never put his camera down for even a second. Their first week went without incident. They adjusted to their classes and got along with their classmates. The second week how ever, the chaos began. It all started with the flooding of the boys bathroom which was later found to have been caused by firecrackers. The culprits, caught with over a dozen firecrackers, were the twins who denied having ever been any where near the restrooms at the time of the flooding. The real culprit however was innocent new exchange student with sunglasses who nobody believed to be the cause of the flooding and got away with it very pleased with himself. A few days later, a few curtains accidently caught on fire but were put out immediatly.

Arthur and Beji seemed to gain much more attention from the ladies than Tamaki or the host club combined did. Leo got just as much attention with his trench coat and sunglasses which they believed gave him a look of mystery. They were naturals at impressing women, making them blush or faint every now and then. The girls seemed to prefer listening to their stories than being at the host club. Within their first month of having arrived, the host club's profits went down significantly, much to Kyouya's displeasure.

Any attention that Nyoko got was always warded off by the boys who treated her as if she was a very fragile object. Marty and Brian were always at her heels. Where ever one went, the other two were always close by. To escape from her friends for even a few minutes, Nyoko designated Haruhi at the host club after figuring out she was a girl. Haruhi was glad to be able to be in the company of some one that wasn't always trying to put her in a dress or any other strange outfit.

In their first month there, the new students gained a lot of popularity and caused a lot of havoc which they were never caught for. The blame always went to some one else. They were very persuasive. Because of the drop in profits, the Shadow King came up with a proposal that would most likely benefit the club more than it would benefit the new students.

I am some what unsure on whether to continue this or not. Please tell me what you think. Any suggestions for the story and comments are greatly appreciated.
-Lady Isis Rose