Summary: Ouran begins an exchange program between a school in a nearby city. They're about to learn why the headmaster of the school desperatly wanted those students out of there.
Author: Lady Isis Rose


Chapter Two: Complexity

He knocked on the door early Saturday afternoon. No one answered. He knocked again and heard a crash coming some where from in the house. After a few seconds the door Arthur opened the door still half asleep.

"Don't you people know what time it is?" He seemed to be having trouble focusing on the person in front of him.

"It's two in the afternoon. Stop harassing every one that comes to the door and be nice," he heard a voice come from inside the house. Most likely Nyoko as she was the calmer one of the bunch, when she wasn't being influenced by her cousin of course. A small explosion could be heard coming from the backyard.

Finally the boy seemed to focus. "Oh it's you four eyes. What do you want?"

"I've come with a proposal for you and your friends," Kyouya responded ignoring the smoke now coming from the fence leading to the backyard.

"Well, step right in then," he stepped away from the doorway to let Kyouya in.

Monday, the host club now consisted of not only them but six new members as well. The girls seemed pleased as did a few boys that came in to see Nyoko. Any other time of the day they would have been afraid of getting beat up by either her cousin or Arthur who were overly protective. At least here they could do no more than glare at them.

Tamaki was not so pleased to have so much attention taken away from him and half the time sulked. He had a few loyal customers that stayed by him which delighted him enough.

Hikaru and Kaoru were not as happy to have the new members there, mostly because most of the blame of what they did fell on them.

Hunny didn't seem to mind, mostly due to the fact that Nyoko kept filling him up with all kinds of sweets. Nyoko seemed to cook or bake whenever she was upset and judging by all the sweets she kept making she was pretty pissed off. Despite this, she managed to keep her usual cheerful disposition.

Haruhi looked around the room. Every thing seemed to be going okay, no arguments had broken out yet. Except with Arthur who kept trying to eat the cookie dough as was constantly having is hand wacked with a hot spatula by Nyoko. But I don't thinkyou can really call that an argument, can you?

As soon as the girls had left for the day the twins came and sat next to Haruhi, one on either side.

"We have a plan," Hikaru said.

"A plan for what," she asked as she began picking up the cups on the table.
"To get back at the exchange students of course." Kaoru responded.

Haruhi sighed and shook her head. "First of all, you have no proof that they did any thing. Second of all, you'll only get into worse trouble if you even try doing whatever it is you're planning. I'm pretty sure it's not safe. And third...well, i'm still thinking on that one. Either way, leave them alone and don't do any thing."

They watched her walk away with a tray full of dishes and muttering some thing they could not understand.

"They've brain washed my poor daughter. Those delinquents must be stopped," Tamaki said popping up from behind the couch.

"Don't you know it's rude to eavesdrop?"

Nyoko suddenly appeared with a tray full of cookies. "I have some left over, would you boys like some?"

She gave them one of her usual sweet smiles as they each took one. She left a few on the table for them then went to offer some to Mori who she had been trying to start a conversation with for most of the past hour but was usually responded to with a nod or silence.

"Hey, these are pretty good," Hikaru said as he grabbed another cookie, chocolate chip.

"Um Hikaru," or so they seemed to be.

Hikaru turned to look at his brother and Tamaki and was shocked to see that their lips had turned blue. After looking into a mirror he saw that his had turned blue as well. Upon closer inspection of the cookies they found that their chocolate chips contained some sort of food coloring and because they were still warm, had stained their lips once bitten upon.

"Kyouya!" the three of them wailed. They looked in the direction of the Shadow King and found that his mouth had also changed colors only not blue but purple.

"I thought you didn't eat sweets?" Hikaru questioned.

"She gave me tea," he responded glaring at the screen in front of him as he typed.

"I told you this would be a bad idea," Tamaki said to him.

"Are we going to get rid of them now?" Kaoru asked.

"As long as she doesn't feed any of this to the customers they stay."

"You know what I just realized?" Hikaru said. "She's been giving sweets to Hunny all day."
They all looked in the direction of the older boy and found half his face stained with purple. It turned out to be blue berries after Mori wiped the boy's face with a napkin and the stuff came off.

Nyoko stood at the door smirking at them.
"Green may have looked better," she thought to herself before closing the door behind her.


"I'm sure it was an accident."

"But Haruhi," Tamaki whined.

"Fine. I'll talk to them." she said with a sigh. She nearly passed out from lack of air after Tamaki hugged her a little too tightly.

"My lord, if you keep doing that she's not going to be going any where."

"Oh right." He let her go.
She gave him a glare as she gathered her things and left the room.


Haruhi surveyed the scene before her. Some one had some how managed to fill the whole classroom with a variety of different birds. A few she was sure she had never seen or even heard of before. She watched as the students did their best to stay away from them. After a while of trying to get through the day's lesson with birds chirping and girls screaming every time a bird passed them, the teacher dismissed the class.

How did this happen? Haruhi wondered. A colorful looking parrot landed on the desk beside her and eyed her with what seemed to be curiosity, or...evil. She picked up her things and left the room. The bird followed.


Haruhi turned around. There was only her and the bird in the hallway.

"Excuse me?"

"She witch." It squaked.



This was beginning to sounds some what familiar. Haruhi leaned down and held out her hand. The bird pecked at it and slowly moved to the side. She followed it, it kept moving to the side until it reached the wall. The bird flew to the window sill as Haruhi tried picking it up.

"Strumpet." It flew away.

Strumpet. It took her a couple of seconds before she realized where she had heard that word, or to be exact, who she heard it from. Haruhi sighed and walked down the hallway. Every where students were leaving their classrooms because they had suddenly turned into menageries over night. Tamaki ran out of one of the classrooms with his hands on his head as a bird chased after him pecking at his hands. Kyouya walked out calmly behind him writing some thing in his notebook.

"He sat in her nest," was all he said as he followed Tamaki who was still trying to get rid of the bird attacking him. Benji was off to one side recording every thing with his camera. He didn't seem to mind the little blue bird that was sitting on his head, or maybe he just hadn't noticed it was there yet.

Haruhi went into the third music room where she had guessed the culprits would be hiding. They sat around the room looking rather bored. The rest of the host club peered over her shoulder as a colorful looking bird flew through the window, the same one that had followed Haruhi into the hallway, and landed on a table where Marty and Brian were playing cards.

"Narcissist." It said as Arthur opened the door to a cage and it walked inside.

"That ought to keep you from flying off again."

People were called in to take the birds away. No one had any clue where they had all come from but they sent them directly to a nearby zoo. It took a few days to catch them and clean the mess they had made of the classrooms so meanwhile the classes were held in either the library which turned out to be the only bird free room, or outside. A few of the birds managed to escape and were then left alone. It turned out to be a pretty eventful week.

Halloween had finally arrived and the host club had planned a costume party Friday evening at the school. There would be food, candy, costumes, and a prize for the best costume. The prize, was a kiss from any one of the hosts. After making their new members promise to be on their best behavior, and hiring some one to follow them around to make sure they didn't pull any tricks, the host club dressed into their costume. The costumes had been designed by the twins with some unwanted help from Marty. While they hated to admit it, the boy did have some good taste.

Tamaki was dressed, of course, as a prince with Haruhi as a princess, much to her displeasure. The twins had originally planned on making her dress as a maid with a some what inappropriate outfit that she refused to even try on. After she shot down nearly every costume they gave her saying they were either too revealing or too uncomfortable, they went along with Marty's idea of having her dress as a princess which she agreed to as long as she didn't have to wear heels.

Hunny was dressed as a cute little bunny rabbit (Nyoko's idea mostly) and Mori just wore bunny ears on his head. Kyouya was dressed up as a 'business man' he said, truth was he refused to wear a costume. And the twins were dressed as pirates. Nyoko, Marty, and Brian dressed as vampires. Benji dressed as a wolf man, Arthur was an aristrocrat from the victorian period(era?). Leo barely even looked at his costume and came in his usual attire which consisted of black trench coat and sunglasses even though it wasn't really that bright outside.

The food, and sweets, were made by Nyoko and remembering the incident from a couple of weeks ago Kyouya, Tamaki, Hikaru, and Kaoru each made sure to carefully inspect the food in case the girl tried to poison them or some thing worse. After being picked at that many times the food didn't look as appetizing as they had originally been and Nyoko had to remake most of it, some thing she wasn't particularly happy about. She kept glaring at them as she began to set the newly made food on the tables just as the people began to arrive.

The evening started out pleasantly with every one dancing and talking, in between having dinner. The girls shyly asked each of their favorite host club members to dance. After having a little to much to drink Hikaru disappeared to the bathroom. On his was back however he noticed the light on in the third music room which he distinctly remembered having turned off on his way out.
He peeked inside the room to see if any one was in there but found only a doll sitting innocently on a wooden chair in the middle of the room. It just kept staring at him as he stared back at it and after a while the doll's unblinking eyes began to give him chills. Hikaru suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder and let out a yelp as he turned around to face his brother. He hadn't even heard the footsteps as his brother stepped behind him.

"What are you doing?" Kaoru asked.

"Nothing, I guess I forgot to turn the light off," He responded. "Hey, was that doll sitting there earlier?"

"Not that I remember. I don't think it's ever been there, if it was we would have noticed."

Suddenly the lights turned off around them leaving only a few on farther down the hallway. The doll's eyes seemed to glow in the moonlight as it stared at them intently. It looked twice as creepy as it had in regular light. They sweared they saw the doll move around in the chair it sat upon.

"Let's get out of here."

"Good idea."

They hurried down the hallway but just as they reached the door going outside they tripped over a rope stretching from one wall to the next which they were positive had not been there earlier. As Hikaru and Kaoru fell to the floor they felt drops of some thing hitting their heads and they looked up to see four colorful looking balloons falling towards them from the ceiling. The balloons popped on top of them and covered them in stick purple goo.

The parrot, which Arthur called Trudy, flew through an open window.
"Pleasant dreams. Pleasant nights," it said as it circled above them a few times then went back out the window.

Hikaru and Kaoru got up from the floor trying to take off as much of the foul smelling goo off of their costume as they went outside. People stared at them as they made their way towards Kyouya who was busy as always writing in his notebook.

"Is this part of you costume?" he asked not even looking up.

"No, one of them filled the balloon with this...stuff and four of them just fell on us." Hikaru said wiping the the goo off his face, a little falling on Kyouya's sleeve. Kyouya looked up at the school, the twins followed his gaze.

"I let Arthur and Benji blow up the balloons. I told them to put confetti in a few of them so we could drop them and have it rain from the windows. One of them just went inside to do that."

He turned back to look at the twins who were already racing back inside the school towards a room that faced the gardens where they had put all the 'confetti' filled balloons. But by the time they reached the room it was already a little too late. Arthur and Benji had already let the balloons drop. The twins watched from the window next to them as the balloons fell towards the ground but to their suprise when they reached the ground and popped they didn't shoot out sticky purple goo but...confetti?

"What happened to you two?" Arthur asked as Benji filmed everything that was happening down below. The twins only glared at the two and left.

The evening ended about an hour later with the winner of the costume contest receiveing a kiss from Tamaki on the cheek which instantly made her blush. The host club began to clean up as much as they could leaving the rest for the cleaning women in the morning. The evening hadn't been all that bad if you ignored the goo falling on the twins and them smelling rather odd and having to change costumes. It actually turned out to be better, and more profitable, than they had expected. Month two had gone by.

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