The darkness swirls around the room

It pulses like the constant rhythm of a drum,

Beating violently, as the pain reveals itself.

They cry themselves to sleep at night

And laugh through the day

To hid their pain.

They cry, they cry, they cry,

As the darkness creeps,

crawling closer, as they back against the wall.

But not her,

She knows that in the end, everything will be all right.

She will see him again.

Her thoughts swirl in her head, and she focuses on him.

He will save her, and everyone else.

She believes in him, and always will.

She always did love him,

Since the first time she laid eyes on him.

With his brown ones staring back at her.

Passion, love, kindness,

Pouring from his soul

And all of it was for her.

As the darkness elopes the damned, she whispers,

As she feels the pain jolt through her,

Like electricity in a copper wire.

She was in her last stage of life,

She was going to die.

Her final thought, rushed through her head,

And through tears, she whispers her last words…

I love you.