Thank you for tuning in! This is "Prison Race;" a race that will take our 7 teams cross country for the ultimate prize! Everyone starts at Fox River Penitentiary, and the finish line will be where ever the prize money is hidden. Each team needs to find clues along their journey, and must complete side tasks in order to move on. The contestants are bound to the game by contracts, unless of course they lose…or die.

Let's meet our teams!

Team 1: Sara and Michael

"Team MiSa"

Team 2: Haywire and Tweener

"Team Twire"

Team 3: T-Bag and Susan

"Team T-San"

Team 4: Lincoln and Aldo

"Team Lindo"

Team 5: Kim and Kellerman

"Team Kimmerman"

Team 6: Mahone and Bellick

"Team Bellone"

Team 7: Veronica and Nick

"Team Verick"

And now to meet our lovely host! Introducing the old owner of the current prize, CHARLES WESTMORELAND!!!

-There's a big POOF! And Charles shows up as everyone claps-

Charles: (bows graciously) thank you, thank you…

(Standing in the yard are all the teams surrounding our host. Each team has one hiking backpack, $2000, an extra set of clothes, and some snacks and water.)

Charles: Welcome on and all to the prison race! I will be your host. (Charles pats his chest heartily) Since it is MY money you're all after…(Everyone clearly became impatient) Hehe… anyways, this race will take you across the country, where you must gather clues by completing small side tasks at various locations. And ya'lls better cooperate with your partners or else…

T-Bag: (pulling Susan towards him, he let out a toothy, demonic smile) Oh relax Charles, we good children. Now let's go'n get that moneh 'o your's. (everyone let out a cheer as susan broke free from T-Bag's grip around her)

Charles: HEY! I'M the host here! They didn't bring me back from the dead AND give me cool teleportation powers to check up on you guys for NOTHING! I'LL say when the race starts!!!

Everyone: ………

Charles: (defeated) FINE! Your first task is in gen pop. Grab the envelope from the box to find what you have to do. Ready, set, GO!!! (And everyone began running in all different directions. Kim tripped over Kellerman and angrily shoved him while Bellick and Mahone stopped to laugh at them. They soon snapped out of it noticing Sara and Michael already reach the gate.)

Lincoln: (looking back at his huffing and puffing dad) HURRY UP DAD!


(As Sara and Michael reached the box and pulled out the clue, teams Verick, t-san and Twire lunged towards the box creating a large mound of swearing bodies.

Michael: with your partner, each team needs to grab an Allen bolt, sand the edges to create an Allen screwdriver, unscrew a selected sink from a cell, climb through the hole in the wall, and reach the safe pad on the roof. The last team to finish will suffer by being laughed at by the teams who finished before them.

(The mound of bodies quieted down, looked at one another in fear, and climbed their way to the box to receive their clue. Team MiSa began to sand the edge of their Allen bolt)

-Commercial Break-