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The day seemed to pass on very slowly, but it was a peaceful kind of tranquility; there was nothing that seemed to make them discouraged, for their enemy was gone, and a weight was lifted from their shoulders, no more pain to be felt.

Kaede watched the couple, noticing that he no longer paid attention to the other women, and his attention was focused solely on the young woman, from playing with strands of her dark hair to kissing the top of her hand that would leave her blushing furiously, but a smile adorned her face.

The monk's and slayer's ceremony was a quiet, but festive one. The day after Naraku's defeat, Miroku had once again proposed to her, for he felt rejuvenated and anew, the curse he bore for so long no longer held him back from seeking the woman he so desired.

And Sango had eagerly accepted, like before.

"Good morning ye two," the elderly woman greeted.

"Morning Kaede-sama," the newlyweds replied simultaneously.

The older woman turned to them and asked, "How have ye been?"

"Very well," Miroku spoke as he wrapped his arm around his wife's waist, sensuously massaging the small of her back with delicate care.

"I'm glad to hear that." Kaede replied. Looking up into the blue sky, she suddenly asked, "Do ye know where Inuyasha is?"

The couple blinked and turned to each other; to tell the truth they haven't seen Inuyasha or Kikyo since the day of Naraku's defeat, for they left Kaede's village immediately when they had announced that the hanyou had decided to be with Kikyo.

Kagome was quiet through out the exchange, and spoke no words as she stood and walked out the hut's door. Shippo of course went into one of his rages and started calling the priestess names, who protected him from her mate's pummeling. Miroku and Sango sat for a while, just watching the fight, before the monk spoke up.

"I congratulate you on your decision Inuyasha."

All things instantly died, and a brief silence hung over them.

Clearing his throat, Miroku continued. "I always thought it was about time you made your choice between Kikyo and Kagome," pausing, he quirked a brow and almost, in a skeptical tone inquired, "I trust this is what you want correct?"

The hanyou responded slowly, but his words were strong as his tone. "Yes. This is my final choice, and I regret none of it."

Inuyasha was looking him dead in the eye, never faltering in his voice before glancing over to Kikyo, then smiled and touched her hand.

The taijiya looked back and forth between them. She was happy, but upset at the same time. Kagome wasn't going to be with Inuyasha anymore that he had made his choice, and because of this, she might not come and visit them like she always does. But now that Naraku was defeated, there really was no reason for her to stay either way.

Miroku looked over to his fiancée. She didn't look to approve the match, for her loyalty to Kagome was unbreakable; but the slow smile on her face said otherwise.

"I'm glad Inuyasha," Sango told him softly.

The hanyou's ears perked up and twitched at the sound of her voice. Nodding, Inuyasha eyed the female slayer with watchful eyes as she turned to his mate. Sango seemed to lightly giggle at his defensive nature then addressed Kikyo with a courtesy of welcoming a new friend.

"I wish you happiness as well Kikyo."

Sango glanced up at the blue skies, wondering where the two were. To tell the truth, after getting to know the miko, she had grown to like her presence. Though she was still as loyal and true to Kagome like before, she didn't deny that Kikyo could become a friend of hers as well.

"Sango! Miroku!" a young voice shouted in glee.

"Hello Shippo," the houshi greeted. Sango smiled at the kit as he jumped onto her husband's shoulder, than glanced over behind her as two familiar voices reached her simultaneously.

"Kagome! Kohaku!" said Sango as she jogged over to them and wrapped them in a hug.


"You ready to go sis?" Souta asked his older sister.

Kagome nodded. "Yup,"

The boy looked over at the yellow bag that resided next to the well. "Why're you taking so much stuff? I thought you said you defeated this Naraku guy."

"We did," Kagome said blankly as she stuffed a bag of candy into one of the large pockets. "But they still like the food in this era."

"Well tell them, meaning this Shippo, to stop eating all the pocky," Souta scolded her as he made his arms akimbo.

Smiling, the teenager slipped on her backpack, told him, "Alright." Then hopped into the well, immediately recalling a conversation with her friends a few days ago.

Kagome sighed heavily as she entered the room, sitting down in her seat before laying her head down on her arms.

"Hey, Kagome," Ayumi asked gently in her soft voice. "What's wrong? Something the matter?"

"No—" before she could complete her response, Eri and Yuka popped up right in front of her.

"Is something going on with you and that violent boyfriend of yours again?" Eri inquired heatedly, staring straight at her friend with earnest eyes.

Kagome glanced over to the hard left, at nothing in particular. "No. He just dropped me like a rock."

The three other girls gazed at her for some time, only turning their heads to look at each other to exchange glances. Grabbing several seats nearby, Yuka was the first to break the silence.

"How long ago was it?"

"Not that long really, like a day and a half," she replied casually, continuing to stare out the window.

"Poor thing, she still likes the guy," Ayumi whispered to the other two.

Eri frowned while she crossed her arms and huffed. "That guy doesn't deserve Kagome anyways; after all, she was the one who always put up with the crap he kept throwing at her, from the jealous tantrums to the flirting with the ex."

Yuka listened intently then scowled at the last few words. Turning over to Kagome, she asked in her firmest tone, "Did he leave you for that ex of his?"

Kagome remained quiet, and only gave them a brief glance before putting her attention back to the window. She was sad, angry, and happy. The resentment towards Inuyasha was because of her jealousy of Kikyo; she knew that she could never replace her, for Kikyo was special and always would be in his heart. Their desire to see each other all the time was proof of it.

The sadness was because of her broken heart, that she loved someone who would never return her feelings. Happiness? At first, this confused her; what did she have to be happy about? True, that Naraku was now defeated, and she could be with her family and friends on this side as well, but she felt a sense of joy at the thought of Inuyasha being happy with his choice.

Yes; Kagome was delighted at the fact that he was happy. She knew that his childhood must've been a rough one, being half of one being and of another could make one feel alone in the world. She helped him in the beginning; she noticed that he was slowly trying to live, trying to forget the bitter hatred in his heart towards all people. But, Kikyo did more than her. She was the first to help, and was his first love as well.

Maybe that was the reason for jealousy. The simple truth that she was his first could have been enough to start the twinge of envy in her heart. Mentally, she smirked hatefully. Here she was, feeling sorry for herself and feeling jealous over someone who had her love long before she ever did. Kagome wasn't raised to be a selfish person, her mother taught her that, and she did feel ashamed of herself for having that thought cross her mind.

"Kagome?" Eri asked. "Do you want us to set this guy straight?"

Smiling, Kagome replied, "No, it's alright."

Her friends showed their confusion by raising their brows. "Really?" Yuka questioned.

Nodding, she continued to reassure them, "Yeah, I'm sure. As long as he's happy, that's pretty much all that matters."

Both of them deserved the happiness that was taken from them for so long, Kagome thought as she let her smile grow and took out her textbook just as the bell rang.

Pulling herself up from the well, Kagome propped herself up and jumped over the edge. Hefting the giant bag over her shoulder, the teenager began to walk towards Kaede's village, already wondering how Shippo would react when she showed him the candy.

"Kagome-san!" Kohaku greeted as he jumped down from the tree.

The young girl turned around, and waved him over. "Hey, Kohaku," she hadn't seen him in a while now. "How have you been? Did you get taller?" she asked excitedly as she measured him with her hand.

Scratching the back of his head, which was his typical habit when he was embarrassed, he responded cordially, "I think I did. Well, ane-ue thinks so."

"Oh, yeah, how are Sango and the others?"

Starting to walk backwards, the boy grinned. "They should be back, I suppose,"

A few minutes later, they heard a gentle, warm voice call out to them.

"Ane-ue!" "Sango-chan!"

Kagome received welcomes and greetings from all of them, while Shippo chattered exuberantly as he hopped up and down, waiting for his candy.

"Here you go Shippo," Kagome said sweetly as she handed him the treat. "Oh, but my brother Souta wants you to stop taking all the food; he says he hardly gets anything now."

The kitsune pursed his lips as he licked the lollipop. "He can go and get more can't he? We got nothing over here, you know."

Chuckling, Kagome nodded. "I'll be sure to give him the message."

"Isn't this pretty Sesshomaru-sama!" Rin asked her lord happily.

The taiyoukai glanced over his shoulder, eyeing the red and purple flower his ward was holding up for him to see. Giving her a curt nod for a response, which was enough to make the little girl grin; he turned his attention back to the blue skies, letting his thoughts run around in his mind. A few days ago, the Lord of the West went out over to the priestess Midoriko's cavern, scanning around for the sword. It had not yet been put back, and he was beginning to wonder, if the woman and his idiot half-brother decided to keep it.

Let's hope that the two don't do anything foolish with the sword, Sesshomaru thought nonchalantly. After all, it was his sibling he was referring to.

"Lord Sesshomaru," the bubbly child asked as she walked over to him. "Are you happy that your impla… impla-"

"Implacable," the taiyoukai corrected.

Rin smiled brightly as she turned to him, "Yes; implacable enemy is defeated?"

Slightly tipping his head to look down at her, Sesshomaru only focused on those large dark eyes that were directed only on him. "Hm," was his only answer, but was enough for the girl to giggle.

Sesshomaru turned on his heel and started heading back towards the distant fortress, Rin gaily sprinting all over the large grassy plain, stopping every few seconds if she saw another flower that caught her interest. Running back over to her lord, once she collected a whole bouquet of flowers, the girl began to walk alongside him, even daring to take hold of his hand. When he didn't pull away from the physical contact, the little girl grinned her brightest and inquired, "Do you think Lady Kikyo is happy?"

A moment after the question was asked, the taiyoukai replied, "Yes, Rin. The priestess is happy."

Inuyasha watched as his mate let her powers surround the sword, creating an impetus shield around it to guard and conceal it from wandering demons. Once she set her arms down, indicating she was finished, the hanyou crossed over to her.

"Is it done?"

Kikyo turned to him and nodded. "Yes, it is completed. The youki that surrounded the sword after the battle is now blocked from the spiritual pressure I released into it."

"That's good," Inuyasha replied, subconsciously wrapping an arm around her slender waist.

The miko leaned inwards and rested her head against his shoulder. The two were now living in a village in a small region owned by a considerate lord. The people who lived there welcomed the two, and though Inuyasha was a half-demon, none were bothered by the fact and allowed the couple to live there as well.

Inuyasha, being his usual self, suspected that they had some sort of plan to kill them both. Kikyo of course laughed at the absurdity of the idea, but despite her attempts to calm his nerves, he still was edgy about allowing them to get close.

"What gives you that idea?" Kikyo asked. "If they really wanted us to leave, would they not have done it by now Inuyasha?"

The hanyou leaned up against the side of their hut, arms crossed with one foot propped up so it was bent at the knee.

"Keh, I just feel like they might try to do something if we're not careful,"

Kikyo glanced at him and looked back to the flickering fire in the middle of the room. She couldn't blame Inuyasha for being so defensive, he has had a troubled childhood, and it even took her a while to get him to open up to her. But the villagers didn't hate him; they welcomed him, and even allowed their children to get near to him. He knows he's not feared here, but old habits die hard.

Standing up, the miko leaned up against the side of their home, tilting her head to look up at the distant skies, insignificant dots sparkling in the black paint. "Do you honestly believe they might try something, Inuyasha?"

The half-demon was silent for a moment. No, he didn't believe that this humble village would reject them, and he couldn't see anything evil about any of them. Though he tried to find some excuse to be brusque and cold to them, there really was nothing for him to take the initiative.

Looking at the quiet priestess from the corner of his eyes, he shifted in position to get nearer to her form, lightly brushing his hand against her face. Kikyo responded by slightly turning her head up to gaze up at him.

"No, I don't think they will," Inuyasha murmured.

The woman rested her head against his shoulder, breathing in his scent as she felt his eyes devour her. Now wrapped carefully in his embrace, Kikyo raised her hand to caress his ears before slowly tracing it down to his left shoulder, where her mark on him remained hidden under the red haori.

"I'm glad to hear that…" whispered the priestess as she inched closer to her hanyou lover.


For the first time, the hanyou, born to be hated for his dirty blood was at peace, and had a home. The miko was able to live her life alongside the man she always loved, for fate somehow stopped intervening, and she seemed to flourish out from the darkness that shrouded her.

The village remained their home, and the two became the protectors if anything dared to threaten it. But nothing did, and the couple even visited Kaede and the others a few times before. At first, it seemed slightly awkward, but things gradually took the normality of the past.

Six years later…

Brilliant rays of gold cascaded down to the earth, catching the silver wisps of hair to make them glisten. Fangs protruded from a mouth, the smile showing the delight as it slowly approached a figure that stood solemnly on the hill, their attention solely directed on the blue skies.

The silver haired figure leapt out from the brush, claws ready to strike but the one in front moved with swift speed and agility, landing behind their opponent and grabbing them by the scruff of the haori.

"Hmph! Why is it that you can always tell when I'm coming chichi-ue?" the child asked.

Inuyasha smirked playfully at his son, delighted by the fact that the usual solemn look the boy had, was gone. He took after his mother too much.

"You're doing great, Hiroshi. I almost didn't hear you that time."

Hiroshi eyed his father skeptically, and then grinned as he jumped onto his parent's shoulder. "That's good that I'm getting better. Father, when are your companions coming over to visit?"

Inuyasha glanced at Hiroshi. "Hm, I'm not sure. Why?"

Hiroshi shrugged nonchalantly, his bronze oculars gazing out into the distance. "No particular reason; just thought I'd ask."

The hanyou smirked then turned to his son. "You sure it's not because you have a crush on Miroku and Sango's daughter?"

The boy blushed furiously before grinding his little fist into his father's head. "No, I don't!"

"Aw, you know you do. After all, Akina is only a year younger than you."

The half-demon teased his child mercilessly until his ears on top of his head twitched. A beautiful fragrance wafted into his nose, light footfalls echoing in his ears as he caught the steady thump of his mate's heart approaching them from the further distance. Inuyasha could recognize Kikyo anywhere.

"Mother!" Hiroshi cried jubilantly as he hopped off his father and sprinted over to his parent. "Chichi-ue was teasing me again,"

The woman smiled down at her son as she kneeled down to his level. "Really? What about?"

"About me liking Akina."

Kikyo cocked her head to the right, feigning confusion. "You don't like Akina then," she stated more than questioned.

"I do, just not in the way father is making it seem." Hiroshi replied in a clipped tone, his emotionless façade coming back.

"Of course," the priestess said gently as she wrapped her arms around her child, embracing him tenderly as he mate came up beside her.

The hanyou never thought he'd end up having a child, but looking down at the two people he loved in the world, he was glad that he was able to experience fatherhood, and he was sure that Kikyo was happy as well.

Kikyo stood to her full height, watching her son play friskily in the field, smiling softly as Inuyasha's arms wrapped around her waist.

"He's something else isn't he?" he asked.

The miko nodded before sighing contently. "Yes, he is." Her head turned to meet her husband's gaze, their lips gingerly touching the other as they embraced one another, glad to finally be ogether.

Translations—Raidon: thunder god Hiroshi: generous Akina: Spring flower

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