Days Ahead (Breath of Fire 2.5) Chapter one - The separation

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Days Ahead (Breath of Fire 2.5)
By Kirkis
Chapter one - The separation

Prologue: one year later

May 22, 843:
It's been one year today that we defeated Deathevan, and Father Ganner sealed the doorway to the infinity dungeon with township. It seems like just yesterday. I am especially lonely today, It's a beautiful day, so I'm reminded of the time I spent with my friends more and more. I miss them all.

Spar the grass man, who returned to Yggdrasil. Sten the Highland soldier, as I understand, he's gone back to his homeland. I hope he is happy there; he could always make me laugh. Jean the frog-prince of Simafort, He left his sister and father to watch over their kingdom while he went off to travel the world. So irresponsible, and yet, he taught me to enjoy every day. Rand went home to tend his mother's fields. He was the last to leave Wyndia. As I wrote before, he left saying: "My mother is watching me from beyond the mortal coil, I must go home and look after the land she left. Take care of yourself your highness." Rand and I helped each other cope with our losses, his mother, my sister. I can still see her; the great bird of Wyndia sleeps at night in the ceremonial tower atop the castle. Sometimes I still go up there when I can't sleep. She never leaves my side until I wake.

Deis disappeared shortly after the battle. No one has seen or heard from her since. Ryu left to find his sister Yua. Bow, his eternal companion went with him. Katt had no home to go back to, So she left with Ryu and Bow, I miss them most of all. Last I heard, they'd become mercenaries, and were traveling the southern regions. I sometimes wish I could be with them, but I am now the sole heir to the Wyndian throne, I have a responsibility to remain. Living most of my life as an outcast never bothered me until now. I suppose you don't know what you've got till it's gone. The people still believe in the prophecy, they still look down on me.

On a lighter note, father seems to have recovered almost fully from his three-year sickness. Kay is a good doctor, Mother and I asked her to stay in Wyndia, and open a clinic, but she wanted to travel the world and help more people with her medicine than just in Wyndia. But now that father is well, I hope I can resume my studies at the magic school in Hometown. I know there's still much master Yoji can teach me.

"Nina, it's such a nice day, why are you in here writing in your journal?" Nina's Father asked.

"Oh," Nina said, turning her head toward her father's voice. "The beauty of the day makes me remember things, so I thought I'd write them down," She laid her quill down and stood up. "Are you alright father, You didn't have any trouble getting up the stairs did you?" She asked him as she stepped lightly toward him.

"I'm alright dear, but you should get some sun, It's good for you," He answered smiling at her.

"Are you ready to take the throne again?" She asked, taking his hand. She had never had a father to speak of before, now she did. They had a lot of catching up to do.

"Of course, I've never felt better," He said pounding on his chest, and then coughing as a result. Nina stifled a laugh. "I'll be fine, all I have to do is stand up and take the Falchion sword. It isn't that heavy," He said seriously.

"Don't overdo it," Nina said, wrapping her arms around him. "I don't want anyone doubting that you're able to resume your duties," She said.

"Don't worry Nina," He said, returning her embrace. The two of them walked calmly out of the room. A breeze blew through the open window turning the pages of her journal over and over.


"You haven't seen them at all?" Katt asked.

"No, I'm sorry miss, I haven't seen a blue haired guy like you described around here. And there hasn't been a grass-runner through here in ages," He answered.

"Hmm, I guess they might not've washed up here like I did," She said, putting her hand under her chin, and scrunching up her mouth. "Oh, thanks," She said, smiling. She turned and walked out of the weapon shop.

"There's something you don't see everyday," The shopkeeper's mother said.

"Huh, oh, a Woren? She was part human though," He said, staring out the window at the cat-like woman sitting on the fence opposite the shop.

"That's probably why she's still alive. Hunters might think her fur isn't pure."

"Mother, how can you say that? All the kingdoms in the world outlawed Woren hunting ages ago," He said, turning to her.

"Some hunters still poach Woren furs, they don't care about laws. That girl is lucky to be a half breed," His mother finished. The young shopkeeper looked back out the window, but the girl had gone.

Katt hopped off the fence and headed for the inn. "I need some rest after getting dunked, and there's a bar, I can ask around and see if anyone's seen Ryu or Bow." She pushed the door to the inn open, and stepped inside. "What a rough lookin' bunch," She thought. She scanned around the room with her eyes as she walked up to the bar.

"What can I get you?" the tender said.

"Milk," She answered, inciting laughter from the back corner of the room. She chose not to acknowledge it. The bartender grinned and turned around. She listened attentively to the conversations behind her; most were inconsequential. One about the size of the fish in the near by fishing hole, another about a man's trip to Tunlan. The one that was getting most of her attention was a waitress being slightly harassed by a few jerks in the back of the bar.

"Here you are young lady," The tender said setting a glass of milk in front of her. Katt tossed out a ten Zenny piece.

"Thanks," The tender answered. She lifted the glass to her mouth, careful to test-smell it first. She sipped it at first then almost literally chugged it down.

"Ahh, That hit the spot," She said smiling, milk mustache and all. "Sir, can you help me? I'm looking for some people," She said. The waitress in the rear screamed; Katt turned around to find one of the guys had pulled her into his lap, and was trying to kiss her.

"Hey, this is a bar not a brothel. Quit messing with my girls," The tender yelled. One of the other guys, who was smoking a bent cigarette pulled out a knife and sneered at the tender.

"Shut the hell up old man, you don't want us to get mad," He said, tossing the knife toward the barkeep. Katt, reached out and with two fingers grabbed the knife out of mid-air by the blade. The guy swallowed his cigarette.

"Let her the hell up, you don't want to get me mad," She said. The pervert let the girl go, and stood up.

"So, you think just cause you're a Woren, you can take me?" He said stepping over toward her. The closer he got the more people left the bar.

"Eh, Boss, I don't think you should-" The cigarette swallower said.

"Shut up, I can take this little kitten," The jerk said. The second gangster looked at his friend who was still trying to cough up the cigarette. He jerked his head twice toward the exit. The two men quietly made their exit while the half-drunk jerk made his [ridiculous] speech.

"I am the slayer of twelve dragons, and the armies of the northern orks. I can take one little kitten like you bitch! You better just run on out of town now little kitten. BELCH" Katt stood there, with eyes half open, wondering if this guy was for real. Her left eyebrow was twitching feverishly.

"Look, I just came here to get something to eat and a room for the night, so I'll let you drop it, okay?" She said, not feeling like fighting him anymore.

"BELCH I won't let you escape!" He said swinging a giant sword down at her; she easily dodged it.

"Man this guy is half drunk and he still controls that sword with such precision," She thought, as she landed softly on the bar top. He looked her direction and swung again, wiping out the bar.

The young blacksmith turned the lock on the weapon shop door, and turned to walk back into the back room.

"Baan, don't forget to draw the shutters," His mother said. He stepped back toward the window and reached out to pull the shutters in. there were people rushing out of the pub. He heard a crash, and saw dust rolling out of the pub door. "That girl, She's in trouble!" He thought, as he bolted out the door.

"Die you little bitch!" The half-drunk yelled swinging his sword horizontally, wiping out part of the wall. Katt had ducked below his swing, She leapt up and kicked him in the jaw. He stumbled back a few steps but didn't fall.

"Man, you're thick-skulled," She said, standing on a table. He prepared to take a swing at her. She readied herself to jump, but wobbled the table too much. It tipped and she lost her balance. He reached out and grabbed her by the ankle, and held her upside down in front of himself. Baan stepped into the doorway.

"She's been caught I have to…" He started to think, but she was faster than his thoughts. She kicked him in the head again; he let go. She flipped herself around in mid air, landed perfectly on her feet, and popped back up above him. She whipped out her staff, spun it, and nailed him square on the head. He fell backward, unconscious. Katt landed softly on the floor in a crouched position in front of the unconscious gangster.

"Man, Woren really are good fighters. That guy was at least three times your size," Baan said relaxing a little.

"Oh," She said standing up and looking back at the jerk lying on the floor. "just cause he's big doesn't mean he can beat anyone smaller than he is," She said grinning at him. "I wasn't in any danger, but thanks for coming to help anyway," She said, flipping her staff back up onto her back. "Take care," She said walking toward the door. She stopped in the doorway and stood there for a moment or two.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"I forgot……I forgot, I came here to get a room," She said grinning back at him. His left shoulder hunched over a little. She looked around for the inn owner, and noticed the generally poor condition the bar was in now. She made a slow wince as the bar tender stood up from a pile of splintered wood that was once the bar. He didn't look very happy.

"eh-heh, umm, sorry but could I get a room for the night?" Katt asked.

"That wasn't very nice of him, he'll lose a lot of business that way. Forcing me to pay for all the damages, then refusing to give me a room. It's not my fault, those bums started it," Katt said, a blood vein protruding from her forehead.

"It's alright, You can stay at my home for the night," Baan said. He walked three steps behind her, slowly. She hadn't had enough money, so he paid for half the damages. Her mood instantly changed from mad to elated.

"I can stay with you?! Thank you, Have you fixed dinner yet? I'm really hungry. I think I could eat a bear, Or maybe…"

"I have no meat in my home to eat. We are vegetarians," Baan said interrupting her. She stopped and looked over at him with a horribly frightened look on her face.

"Vegetarians? You mean you don't eat meat at all?" She said slipping into depression. "I'll never understand how people can eat, or actually prefer plants. How bland, I'm not a cow, I can't live off of grass," She thought forcing a smile to her face. "But I guess I could put up with it for one night. Baan's so nice, and I would prefer a bed to the ground,"

"I am a really good cook, I guarantee you won't know you're eating vegetables," He promised.

"If you say so, but I still don't think plants will ever be as tasty as meat," She said, as he pulled the back door open and let her walk in first.

"Wow this place is nice," She said looking around at the small home, the kitchen and dining area where in the same place, and there were stairs. "They probably lead to the bedrooms." The house she grew up in was a one-room house, no bigger in area than the room she was now in.

"Please have a seat, make yourself at home." Baan said.

"Thank you." She said, leaning her staff against the wall. She took a seat at the table and rested her head on folded arms.

"I'll cook you the best meal you've ever had." He said, tying an apron around his waist. She smiled lightly, then sighed.

"I wonder where Ryu and Bow are now?"

Rainbow beach

"Hey buddy, wake up," Bow said, shaking his companion. Ryu opened his eyes and sat up. "Man, that was some sea monster. I told her we should've gotten more information before setting sail. Sometimes she just gets us into trouble right buddy?" He finished smiling at Ryu. Ryu looked around up the beach and then down the other way.

"Katt?" He said, rising to his feet. "Have you seen her?" He asked Bow.

"Nope, I woke up just before you," He said. Ryu looked up the beach with a concerned look on his face.

"It's not like her to take off on her own," He said.

"Maybe she washed up further up the beach, She was the first to fall overboard."

"Maybe," Ryu said, thinking. "Bow, you go up the beach and look for her, I'll go down the beach a little, if we don't see any sign of her we'll meet back here," He said, shoving a stick into the sand as a marker.

Ryu stood waiting on his friend to return. He paced back and forth in front of the marker he'd made. "What could be taking so long? Maybe something happened to him, Maybe the same thing that happened to him, happened to Katt. If that's true, I shouldn't waste anymore time here, But, What if he's just looking really hard, of if he found something that he needed to get a closer look at, or…"

"Hey buddy!" Bow yelled running down the beach toward Ryu. Ryu's expression eased up at the sight of his friend. "You'll never guess what I found."

"What?" He asked.

"You gotta see it, come on," Bow said motioning Ryu to follow.

"Did you find Katt?" Ryu asked, running up to him.

"No," He answered.

"Then what is it?"

"Just come on," Bow said.

The Falchon Sword Ceremony

Nina waited patiently in her seat for the ceremony to begin. She was almost sick with worry, she didn't want anything to go wrong. Her mind was running rampant with thoughts of disaster. "What if he can't lift it? What if he loses his strength before he can sheath it. I hope nothing goes wrong," She thought, wringing her hands together so tightly they were white. Her mother noticed them but said nothing. It was a trying time for Nina to be back in Wyndia, her father was sick, her sister had taken the right of the Great bird. To top it off, despite her part in saving the world from destruction by Deathevan, the people of Wyndia still believed in the curse of the black wing. So Hina understood why this ceremony was so important to Nina. If all went well, it would relax the people, having their kind well enough to rule again even though the 'cursed one' had returned.

The trumpets sounded, and everyone looked to the great archway of the throne room. The high priest and four cardinals slowly made their way into the vast throne room. Then the king walked down the red carpet, the Wyndians there all bowed, including Nina and her mother. Everyone took their places, Nina and her mother two steps behind the throne, on either side of it, Nina's father stood before the throne. The high priest stood at the first of the five steps leading to the throne, his four cardinals stood on each ascending step. Each one of them held a piece of the Falchon sword. The high priest held the hilt.

"This sword passed down through generations of Wyndia kings, now becomes the symbol that names The King of the Wyndian people. You King Ken, you're the nineteenth to claim reign over this land, this sword is the last mark to being that Lord," The high priest said. "This sword must forever honor the holy God of wind," the high priest said, stepping up the next step. The first cardinal attached the finger guard onto the hilt.

"This sword must be used to defend the people of Wyndia," The high priest stepped up to the next step. The second cardinal attached the first section of the blade.

"This sword must represent the strength of the Wyndian kingdom," The high priest stepped up to the next step. The third cardinal slid the small hilt guard ring down over the blade, and clicked it into place at the top of the hilt.

"This sword must never be used to harm any Wyndian citizen," The high priest stepped up to the fifth and final step. The fourth cardinal attached the top portion of the blade.

"This sword must represent the vigilance of the King of Wyndia to protect, honor, cherish, and serve his people, his country, and his God." The high priest stepped up to the top, and knelt, holding the sword before him. The cardinals spoke in unison. "Do you swear to do so, so long as you take breath?" Nina wrung her hands tightly, and bit her lip. His part was the hardest, the sword with all its parts now weighed near one hundred and twelve kebas, (About sixty two pounds) and the ceremony called for it to be lifted above the head and held until the king could recite the oath, then sheathed. Only then could the ceremony be completed, and the would be king become the real king. Nina's father stepped up to the knelt high priest, took the sword, and held it above his head.

"On my honor, I swear to uphold the…duties and rights……of King of…" The sword faltered and fell to the ground, Nina's Father followed, falling to his knee. Gasps, and the soft murmur of voices filled the room, as the high priest stood. "You're still ill my liege," He said, helping him to his feet. "The king is as yet, unable to resume his duties," One of the cardinals announced. The murmur swelled, from soft voices to people speaking, to almost yelling. One voice broke over the rest.

"It's the Curse!" Another voice cried out. "It's her fault." Nina cringed trying to hide behind the throne. Hina stepped forward.

"There is no cause for alarm, the King will be fine, he must rest some more," This didn't help, the crowd grew louder. "Nina, help your father back into his conference room. Guards, clear the throne room," She ordered. Hina had been ruling over Wyndia in her husbands absence. Nina put her father's arm over her shoulder, and helped him back out of the throne room.

"I'm sorry Nina, I just couldn't…" He started, interrupted by her.

"Don't worry about it father, you'll be fine in a few weeks, then you'll do it for sure." "I hope"

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