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Days Ahead (Breath of Fire 2.5)
By Kirkis
Chapter seven - Stowaways

Kirkis no BAKA!
(Stupid anime ridiculousness)

(Scene enters with Chibi Katt practicing swings with her staff. After a few swings, Chibi Nina floats down from above.)

Chibi Nina: Hi Katt, what's going on, you look mad.

Chibi Katt: I am, that jerk, Kirkis split up me and Ryu! Now I have no idea where he is. And there might be women all over him.

(Chibi Katt imagines Ryu lying on a sofa being fanned by two scantily clad women, and eating grapes from another. She drops down on her knees, with her feet laid out in the opposite direction. Fountains of tears pour from her eyes.)

Chibi Nina: It's alright Katt, I know where Ryu is.

Chibi Katt: YOU DO!!! (Chibi Katt pounces on Chibi Nina and shakes her by the shoulders repeatedly.) Where? Where? Where? Where? Where? Where? Where? Where? Where? Where? Where? Where? Where? Where?

Chibi Nina: ududududududududududududududududududud…

Chibi Katt: Nina? Nina!! (Chibi Katt resumes her tear fountains.)

Chibi Kirkis: Hi!

(Chibi Katt goes from cute crying Woren to snarling, rabid mad killer Woren in 2.32 seconds. She tackles Chibi Kirkis, banging his head against the ground.)


Chibi Kirkis: Ah aH Ah aH Ah!! I do, I do, I'm setting things up. So please calm down Katt.

Chibi Katt: But I'm tired of wandering about in Guntz.

Chibi Kirkis: It shouldn't be too much longer, beat the pirates and head for Wyndia. Ryu said you'd all meet there if you got split up.

(Chibi Katt lets Chibi Kirkis go. His head lands with a hard thud on the ground. A large spherical knot with an "X" bandage appears on his head. Chibi Katt stares absently, sparkly eyed.


(Chibi Ryu, Chibi Bow and Chibi Ruki are floating on a little innertube in the middle of the ocean.)

Chibi Bow: Hey buddy, caught any fish?

Chibi Ryu: no

Chibi Ruki: (covered in deep red goo)How could Kirkis Sama do this to me, I thought he loved me. How could he stick me out here with these bozos.

Chibi Bow: I'm not a bozo, and if you'd read his outline you'd know he's pairing you with me.

Chibi Ruki: That's a typo, he's really pairing me with a guy named, um…

Chibi Bow: Bew?

Chibi Ruki: As a matter of fact, yes.

Chibi Bow: So what does Bew look like?

Chibi Ruki: He has long brown hair, um, a cute little goatee, um…

Chibi Bow: A goofy smile?

Chibi Ruki: Kirkis Sama's smile isn't goofy!

Chibi Bow: I was talking about Bew.

Chibi Ruki: ………

Chibi Bow: weren't you?

Chibi Ruki: ………

(Chibi Kirkis casually rows into the scene.)

Chibi Kirkis: Domo! (waves a hand.)

Chibi Ruki: Kirkis Sama, you've come to save me!! (Chibi Ruki leans over, rocking the innertube. Chibi Ryu and Chibi Bow attempt to keep it counter balanced, frantically flailing their arms the whole time.)

Chibi Kirkis: Not just yet Ruki-Chan, I need your cooperation a little longer.

Chibi Ruki: How much longer?

Chibi Kirkis: A little longer, everything will be alright once you get to Wyndia.

Chibi Ruki: And I'll finally be rid of this loser? (She points to Chibi Bow.)

Chibi Bow: Hey!

Chibi Kirkis: um... yes [ Japanese yes, see "Dave Barry does Japan" Page # 37]

Chibi Ruki: Why did you say Um? You're NOT sticking me with him for the rest of this story.

Chibi Kirkis: ... I see. [again, see "Dave Barry does Japan", Page # 37]

Chibi Ruki: Kirkis Sama...?

Chibi Kirkis: Just sit tight for now, and everything will be fine when you get to Wyndia.

Chibi Ruki: The only way I'll be fine is if you get me miles away from Mr. Floppy-ears here!

Chibi Kirkis: Ah... just don't worry about it right now.

(Chibi Ruki sits back down, pouting her lip out.)

Chibi Kirkis: Ryu, Bow, you guys aren't getting too hot out here are you?

(Chibi Bow and Ryu look up slowly at him, their lips are dry and cracking and their faces are covered with dust.)

Chibi Kirkis: Great, Hang in there, I'll send a boat out to get you a little later. Till then, play nice. And Ruki-Chan, behave yourself.

(Chibi Ruki pokes her tongue out at him. Chibi Kirkis rows out of sight leaving the heroes adrift.)

Chibi Bow: Hey buddy, caught any fish yet?

Chibi Ryu: no

Coral and Caves

The sea was relatively calm in the heat of the mid morning sun. The rhythmic rocking of the waves, the warmth of the sun, and the fresh, stiff salt air would've ordinarily lulled Katt to sleep. It was only the anticipation of the impending battle that lay in the dry, barren reefs ahead, that kept her at peak attentiveness. She could barely hold herself down, it had only been yesterday that she had fought Zaul and lost. She needed a good fight with some creeps to relieve her pent up frustrations.

"Put us in right there, where that little cove is," Kylie said, pointing to a small place barely big enough for their dinghy. Baan quietly obeyed. Not fond of having to fight, he wasn't as exhilarated as Katt, but he worried too much about leaving her to go out by herself, and since Kylie had decided to join her in routing the pirates, he also had her to worry about. So, in his mind, he had no choice but to join them.

Katt hadn't realized just how massive and intricate the reef actually was. She'd imagined the reef as a great long lump of rock sticking up out of the water. In reality, it was much larger than she expected, and much more irregular. It wasn't all the same size either, near the continent, it was larger. As it descended away from the land, it's size tapered until it disappeared into the ocean, reemerging over a mile away and ascending back up to the other side of the huge bay.

"We'll be goin in the backdoor, so to speak. The reefs have caves that lead into the Pirates' hideout, but they don't use 'em much," She added as the dinghy slowly slid into the tiny cove, grazing one side, then the other, before coming to a stop at the edge of the reef. The entire reef was made of dry coral, though as far as Katt knew, it was just rough rock, she'd never seen coral. All she knew was that the rough, jagged rock would be impossible to move very fast on without having her exposed toes and heels shredded. She rumpled her mouth in frustration.

"Tow the dinghy up onta the reef real good, s'not likely the waves'll get real high on this side of the reef, but better to be on the safe side," She commanded. Baan, once again, silently followed her orders. "What's wrong, Katt?" She asked, noticing the frustration on the face of her Woren companion.

"You said the Pirates live in the caves in the reef, right? Is the floor gonna be like this everywhere?" Katt asked, gingerly patting a foot on the coarse ground.

"Don't know, lass. They probly wear boots," She replied, shrugging her shoulders. "If you wanna go back for shoes, we'll have to call it off fer today."

"No way, We're not turning around now," Katt said. She wasn't about to put off busting up these pirates.

"Beauty, lets go then," Kylie said turning and waving her arm forward. She set off up the craggy reef, careful not to get too far away from her greenhorn companions.

"Have you been out here before, Kylie?" Katt asked, struggling to keep up without shredding her toes on the rough ground.

"Yeah, one'a them pirates was a friend of mine, but he didn't much like sailin' fer the guild. So he went into business for himself," She answered.

"Oh," Katt said, wondering why she didn't seem angry about her friend being a pirate.

"We used to play out here when we were still kids," She added, turning back to her crew. Katt was a few steps behind her, but Baan was almost ten yards behind them.

"C'mon Baan, this ain't no walkabout!" She yelled down to him.

"I think he drank too much this morning," Katt noted, glancing back at him.

"Shouldn't've been drinkin in the mornin' anyway. Bad luck," Kylie said, resting a fist on her hip.

"I need to lose some weight…This didn't used to take so much out of me," Baan thought, finally catching up to them.

"If you can't keep up, love, this trip ain't gonna work," She remarked, turning back up the reef. "We're headin for that ledge right there, it's part rock, but it's probably covered in coral by now. After that, we walk aroun' till it leads into the cave up there," She said, tracing the path with her index finger. She turned back toward Katt and Baan. "Can you make it, love?" She asked him with her usual cheerful grin.

"Yeah, it's not that far now," he said, panting to catch his breath. She grinned, and started back up the exposed reef, cautiously glancing back every few steps to make sure Baan was keeping up. They made their way up to the ledge, taking a short breather at the top, mostly for Baan. Kylie leaned against the rock wall, and Katt plopped down in the middle of the path, crossing her legs.

The ledge was basically a long narrow path running the greater length of the reef. On one end, it ran along the reef to a cave that looked at least a third of a mile away, the other end tapered off into the ocean. Katt looked back up the shelf toward the land, scanning the reef carefully. Though the basic shape of the reef swelled as it drew closer to the land, the shelf didn't rise with the top of the reef. Instead, it ran along the bottom, spilling out onto what looked like a rocky beach with a large sheet of dark gray rock behind it.

"Hey Kylie, who put this ledge here?" She finally asked, breaking the silence.

"Dunno, s'been here ever since I's a welt. The cave is there under that black rock, it useta lead back up to the top a' the cliff. Useta be a great fishin' spot down here, but when the pirates took over, they blew up the land entrance," She replied.

"Do you think it could be natural?" Katt questioned.

"Doubt it, it's pretty level, and it runs the length of this side of the reef an' up the other side too. It's a pretty sure bet somebody made it. How and why are a mystery," she finished. "We oughta shove off already," she suggested, lifting her pack up over her shoulder. Katt followed suit, standing and dusting some pebbles from the fur on her legs.

The three made their way down the ledge, walking single file. The ledge itself wasn't very wide, only about a meter give or take a few centimeters. Over the edge of the shelf was a drop off of about four or five meters into the ocean. Katt figured the water was probably shallow down there, but it didn't look much like a beach. As they continued down the ledge, the cliff ahead seemed to grow out of the ground with each step. It was mammoth; by the time they were within ten meters of to cave entrance Katt literally had to look straight up to see it. She looked ahead to get a better look at the cave. It almost looked like a great doorway, like there had been giant double doors on it. The inner cavity was mammoth too, a dome-shaped ceiling of about eighty-five meters or so, being almost that deep before it dropped back down.

Kylie hopped ran out into the giant foyer and headed for the opposite side.

"Let's go, the cave's over here," She shouted as she ran. Katt hopped down off the rocky ledge onto the soft sandy floor of the great hall. She almost instantly lifted her foot, grimacing at the gooey black sand between her toes.

"Hurry up Katt, let's go a'ready!" Kylie shouted, waiting for them at the smaller cave entrance. It too looked like it had been a doorway, it was practically rectangular, part of the top had crumbled away, and the edges were rounded from years of the ocean washing over it. "This cave leads up into the pirates hideout."

"Hey Kylie, where does their boat sail from?" Baan asked, not having seen any boats or places a boat could be hidden.

"They sail from the outer reef on the ocean side, we don't have time to ask pointless questions love. High tide is comin' an' we gotta get to the upper area of the caves before we get flooded in," she said, heading into the cave.

"What kind of a cave is this Kylie? Those look like doorways," Katt asked as they walked down the long corridor. The walls were straight and narrow, reminiscent of the Wyndian castle in some ways. All the walls looked like stone, but had been badly eroded, and barnacles had encrusted most of the lower area of the walls.

"I figger it musta been a castle at one time, but the land changed and now it's halfway in the sea," she explained.

"The land changed? Like an earthquake?" Katt wondered, looking aimlessly about the ceiling of the hallway.

"Sure, land changes all the time, not as much as the sea, but earthquakes and floods and the like can change the land," she answered as she climbed over a collapsed section of the hallway.

"But can land sink? I mean, most people build castles on hills right? So how come it's sunk into the ocean?" Katt asked, carefully following in Kylie's footsteps over the rubble.

"I guess, but it's probably the ocean risin, tell ya the truth," she concluded.

"Oh, the tides," Katt noted, giving herself a mental pat on the back.

"Not exactly the tides, love. Up here," Kylie said, pointing up a huge spiral stairway. "See, the tides go up and down every day, but each day, they go a little bit higher than the last," she explained as they ascended the stairs. They passed by a few doorways, but Kylie didn't seem to acknowledge them. Always the curious cat, Katt wondered where they led to.

"You can't tell day by day, but when I's a kid, at high tide, there was about a foot of air space along the top of that hall we were just in. Now there's no space at the top. So in ten years, the sea's risen about a foot," she finished, coming to a stop near a doorway. She motioned her two companions to stop.

This's it mates," she turned and whispered. "You two wait here, an I'll take care of that guard," she added, pulling out a small bludgeon. Baan and Katt watched Kylie quietly stalk the unsuspecting guard, who was casually chewing on an orange. She crept up behind him, raising the thick black-iron bludgeon up above his head and bringing it down quickly onto the back of his skull. He fell over unconscious with a thump. Kylie waved her hand forward a few times, signaling Katt and Baan that it was all clear. Katt patted silently up behind Kylie, Baan wasn't quite as quiet.

"Wow sheila, you're a great sneak," Kylie said softly. "This way," She ordered, heading off down one corridor, Katt and Baan following close behind.


"There we go mates, the Pirate ship, Black Wednesday," Kylie noted, looking out from their hidden position behind the barrels of Flamepowder. Katt gazed out at the huge sailboat. The main mast nearly reached the towering ceiling of the cavern.

"Lets go invite ourselves onboard," Kylie said, finding the perfect moment to dart out from behind the barrels. She shot out from her hiding place, and tore almost silently across the cave toward one of the empty barrels, hopping inside and pulling the lid over her head almost in one motion. She pushed the top up only a crack, peeking out.

"You should probably go next," Baan commented to Katt. She nodded and turned her attention to Kylie's signal to run. She dug the pads of her feet into the soft sandy floor in the cave, thankful it wasn't coral. Well in her element, she crouched, ready to sprint, muscles tightened, eyes and ears trained on the slim opening of the barrel four or five yards away. Baan also watched the barrel carefully, planning to prompt Katt to run when the signal came. Kylie cautiously raised the lid of the barrel a little more, peeking this way and that, then she quickly waved her hand.

"Ok, go," Baan said to no one. He blinked a few times before his eyes managed to locate the elusive Woren girl hopping into an empty barrel and yanking a top over her head. Kylie peeked up out of the barrel once again, pointing to a nearby crate. She knew Baan well enough to know he'd know what she was thinking.

"Better not get yer arse caught," She thought, waiting for the perfect opening for him. She quickly waved her hand, signaling him to go. He hurried to the crate, and struggled to get himself into it. "C'mon, hurry up!" Kylie thought, watching him. Baan managed to get himself into the huge crate and heave the top on it before the patrolling pirate came by.

"All right," Kylie said, once she'd made sure no pirates were near enough to see or hear. "We let ourselves get loaded onto the ship, then we work our way to the captain at nightfall. If the captain goes down, by Pirate code, the rest of the ship should fall in line, unless they're loyal to the captain." Katt didn't really like the sound of the last part of Kylie's sentence. Weren't most crew's loyal to the Captain? Wasn't that what made him the Captain, because everyone else wanted him to be the Captain?

"Don't poke yer heads back up outta these barrels till I signal, and don't fall asleep either," Kylie ordered, slipping back down into her barrel and pulling the top on snugly. Katt and Baan followed her lead, and within a few minutes they could feel themselves being loaded onto the Black Wednesday.

"No turning back now," They all three thought, knowing once on the ship and out to sea there was no margin for error. They had to succeed, or they'd take a long walk off a short plank. Katt gulped softly, remembering she hated water.

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