The cover of the May, 1991 issue of Rolling Stone magazine featured an old photograph of four men who hadn't been on the cover since the 1970's. "Stillwater: A Tribute," read the headline in large letters; beneath it, slightly smaller, "By William Miller." A few older readers would remember him as the young journalist who had written Stillwater's first cover story back in '73, others would know him as being one of Rolling Stone's best writers, and one of the longest on staff - nearly twenty years now. The article, several pages long, was to commemorate, if even that, the fifteen year anniversary of the band's breakup, and featured interviews with the three remaining band members and their manager. Jeff Bebe, the lead singer, married a model in 1980, and had then retired to stay home in Los Angeles with her, and soon with their three children as well; Larry Fellows remained in Troy, Michigan, and he still toured occasionally, performing solo and doing opening acts for bigger bands; Ed Vallencourt had moved to Boston, where he became the head of a gay rights organization; and Dick Roswell lived in a large apartment in Manhattan, although he never married.

No one did know for sure how exactly it had happened, but Russell Hammond was declared dead in October of 1978, two years after Stillwater broke up (the reason for which was also unknown, but it was rumored that it had something to do with his second wedding to Leslie Fitch several months before). All sorts of stories circulated about Russell's death, the most believed was that he overdosed on LSD. Leslie herself died not long after, in a car crash which was declared to be her fault, and was speculated to have potentially been a suicide. Very little of the article mentioned either of them, except when discussing the band's breakup only five years after their first album was released. Only Jeff addressed it directly, saying, "Russell never really did what he was 'supposed to,' or whatever. He once said to me, 'Didn't we all get into this to avoid responsibility?' And I can't speak for him now or anything, but as far as I'm concerned, that's exactly what he did."