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Ever since I was little I knew I was a freak. I never fit in or had any friends, but that might have been because of the fact that my father was a drunk and it was a well-known fact. But it also could have been because I was always talking about hunting supernatural things like ghosts and demons in front of my classmates.

You see, my dad might have never been around for me, but he was a damned good hunter. Yes I do realize how insane I would sound to someone who doesn't believe in that kind of stuff, but let me tell you, if you don't and something comes after you, it's your own damned fault.

Well enough of that unstoppable compassion, this is my story. My name is Kaiden Trent, yes I realize that it is a strange name, but it fits since as I have previously stated, I'm not the most normal person in the world. Anyways, I'm about five-four with long blonde hair that falls about to my waist and emerald green eyes that most people find creepy. So this story of action, passion, bickering and a large amount of complaining started two years ago.

So you see I was on a hunting trip with my father, we were looking for a werewolf, you know a person that turns into a slobbering, drooling, vicious creature every full moon? Yea it's the real deal, I would rather take on a spirit or a demon any day, at least if you get caught by one of them you will most likely be killed, but if you get bit by a werewolf, you become one of them, which, in my opinion, is worse than dying.

As I was saying, we were on this hunt, in the forest, in the middle of the night. I rarely get nervous but there was some deep-down feeling in my gut, I knew something was going to happen, something bad. It was strange that I ignored my instincts because my instincts were pretty good, actually they were dead on most of the time. For about two years I have been getting these visions, they let me see people in danger before they actually are and then me and my dad go and save them, that's the way it has been working anyways. Well this one night I ignored my super amazing intuition and would regret it for the rest of my life.

I turned to look at my dad who was standing a few feet behind me looking into the blackness of the forest, hoping to catch a glimpse of what we were looking for. I heard the crack of a twig

"Dad," I whispered, "did you hear that?"

Just then I heard a growl behind me, I turned around and was met with a drooling, hairy beast standing in front of me. I just stood there watching the creature advance towards me; even as it lunged for me I couldn't move.

"Kaiden!" I heard my dad scream, and then I was falling to the ground, I whipped my head around to see what was going out, and my dad had shoved me out of the way, and had been thrown down by the werewolf.

The beast was looming over my father, and before I could do anything, it had taken a massive bite out of his leg,

"Daddy!" I screamed, my eyes came unfocused and swam with tears, but there was nothing I could do, I couldn't move, couldn't think, all I could hear was screaming and yelling and then the noise of a shotgun being fired and I could hear my dad talking, but he wasn't talking to me.

"Do it!" he yelled, "I don't want my daughter to have to do it, but I don't want to become one of them!"

I forced my eyes to focus and three figures came into focus, my dad was on the ground, with two people standing over him, I assumed they were both men from their outline. There was one about six-five and another around six-one or six-two.

"D-d-daddy?" my voice sounded shaky and high pitched even in my own ears, I started towards him, crawling, because my feet wouldn't seem to work. "Dad, you're okay right? What did you want these guys to do? Who are these people?"

The shorter of the two men took a step towards me and I could see his face better and recognized him as my childhood friend Dean Winchester, he was about six-one with sandy blonde hair and green eyes that made pretty much every girl swoon. He had been a ladies man from the second he was born,

"Kaiden, your dad. He's been bit by the werewolf, I'm sorry but there isn't anything we can do."

I couldn't believe it, he had to be lying. I thought for a moment, no, he wasn't lying. I had seen my dad be attacked with my own eyes and I knew what that meant. I knew we were running out of time for him,

"Kay, honey, I know this is hard for you, but you have to shoot me with a silver bullet. You can't let me get away; you have to stop me from becoming a werewolf."

His voice was gentle, but I could hear the edge of pain in it. The wound on his leg must have had him in agony, but he barely let it show. "Do it!" he yelled at me and the guys "shoot me in the heart! Now!" every trace of the gentle man that was talking a second ago was gone.

I crawled closer to him, my eyes full of unshed tears,

"Daddy, I can't do that, I can't."

In one swift movement he had ripped my pistol out of the waistband of my jeans where I kept it, he looked up at Dean and the other man I recognized as Sam Winchester, Dean's little brother who was the same age as me. Sam had brown hair and these adorable blue-green eyes; he stood taller than his brother at about six-five.

"Take her with you. Keep her safe. Don't let anyone hurt her." He turned to me, "Kay, I love you. I know I haven't been the best of father. But I love you so much. You go with Sam and Dean. You stay safe little girl."

He pulled me into a hug and I lost control of my tears,

"Daddy, I love you so much."

My father told the boys to not let me watch and Sam gently put an arm around my shoulder and turned me to face away, my heart was in my throat. My entire body stiffened when I heard the sound of the gun that had been resting against my back only moments before. I couldn't bring myself to turn around; I couldn't see my father dead on the ground.