Series/Disclaimer: Naruto, which I don't own.
Pairing: Kankuro x Kiba
Warning(s): Intimate situation - that's about it.
Chapter OST: If You Were Gay + Schadenfreude + The Internet is For Porn - Aveune Q; Innocent Sorrow - Abingdon Boy's School; Snow Kiss - NIRGILIS; Ryuusei - TiA

Author's Note: It's done!

I hope you all enjoyed the run of this story. I know that despite many parts I might have been unhappy with and needing to be corrected on spelling errors I enjoyed writing it. Especially because this is my OTP and I actually managed to complete a story involving two characters I absolutely adore. I think it came out really well and I hope this sums everything up for all of you.

I don't know if there will be a sequel or not - at the moment I'm thinking about sticking to random one shots whenever I have bursts of insipration for them. Other than that, thanks a ton for reading and reviewing all of it. I know that I lose motivation when people don't show interest in my stories so I really appreciate it from all of you.

Hope you'll all continue to look forward to work from me despite this story being drawn to its close. I know I'm looking forward to more writing.


Kankuro got his hand wrapped for the second time by Kiba once the group stopped for the night at an out-of-the-way inn. It was true that they had both been injured, but aside from some soreness they were good to walk and getting back home couldn't be prolonged except for serious injury. After their fight with Arashi, Kiba had sent Akamaru to find Tsume and Hana, a feat the dog managed in a matter of minutes. Hana, who excelled more with healing than the rest of them, gave the jounin stitches and bandaged his hand and wrapped up her brother's side. Soon after that, they were back on their way.

But now they had stopped and Kankuro's bandages needed replaced and his wound cleaned. The seventeen year old had insisted on doing it himself up to the point that Hana had threatened to send all three of her dogs after him. She said there was a chance he could stretch open the wound and tear the stitches no matter how careful he was – so Kiba was assigned to help.

"Stop fidgeting," Kiba told him, tugging on his wrist again with his good hand.

"Then be more careful," Kankuro replied and tried to relax his sore hand. Hana had also been kind enough to tell him that he would be able to use it without problem if he didn't tear the stitches. All it needed was rest and some medicinal herbs until it recovered which would take a few weeks. Gaara wouldn't be pleased to hear it, but what could any of them do about that?

Kiba squeezed the cloth over the bowl of water he had brought from the bathroom until it was damp and carefully cleaned away the blood that had leaked around the stitches. Thankfully the injury had stopped bleeding which meant that the herbs were doing what they were supposed. He tilted Kankuro's smooth hand slightly so he could get as close as possible with the end of the cloth. Kankuro bit back the urge to twitch again, something instinctive by the point the most useful part of his body was at risk. But still, Kiba could tell the other was nervous to have him so close to an injury of such importance. After all, what was a puppeteer without his hands?

"There," the younger teen said as he dropped the cloth back into the bowl and reached for the small jar of herbs that Hana had given them. A small wave of relief flooded Kankuro and he relaxed, exhaling a breath he was well aware he had been holding.

"You know," Kankuro started, pulling his hand back to rest it on his thigh again while Kiba found the jar. He migrated back over to Kankuro and took the hand again, smearing the chilled ointment around the edges of the wound just as carefully as he had cleaned them, "When you landed that kick on Arashi you said it was for beating up your boyfriend."

"So?" Kiba asked, but didn't look up. Across the room, Akamaru lifted his head to sniff at the air which was about as much a hint to Kiba's tenseness as Kiba stuttering would have been.

"So…was that out of spite for him or what?" he questioned. He avoided looking at Kiba's work by instead focusing on Kiba himself even if all he could really see of the other was the top of his brunette head.

The Inuzuka finished applying the herbs and reached for the bandages and began wrapping them around Kankuro's hand without replying. After being on so many missions he was quick but efficient in wrapping them, tugging them firmly but never once making Kankuro wince or draw his hand away. Part of him was hoping that Kankuro would just let it go when he didn't respond, after all he had done it before, maybe now would be no different.

But that part of him was immediately crushed as the other's good hand moved to latch itself into his messy hair and force him to look up. Pain spiked along his scalp but the instant he met Kankuro's face he knew that was the intention. Maybe he knew it was the intention before staring into those dark eyes but it became completely clear once he was actually looking, like a tightening anticipation in his stomach. Familiar sinister eyes gleaming with an intent he hadn't been able to read before yet strangely picked up now…and purple painted lips pulled into a dominant smirk.

"You already know," he growled, nose snarling in a way only an Inuzuka's nose could snarl, "You just want to hear me say it."

"Heh," Kankuro chuckled softly through his smirk. Never once did his eyes look away from those black ones, "Yeah, pretty much."

Kiba tugged on the bandage still in his hand and Kankuro hissed softly, releasing his hair and letting him return to what he was doing. In a matter of minutes he was done, securing the end of the bandage at Kankuro's wrist so it wouldn't come loose. Thinking his job done, he grabbed the bowl of water and picked it up only to have Kankuro's good hand move out once again to his waist and pull him forward. Kiba stopped as his legs hit the bed the Suna jounin was sitting on and the other's hand dropped to his hip, a hold that he could have easily removed himself from.

That was what Kankuro had wanted, or rather had been waiting for. For Kiba to slip out; because if he didn't at least give him the chance he wouldn't have been able to stand it. A sadist he was but a rapist he was not – he may have playfully rubbed Kiba's stomach when they were still in the Mist, he may have even been aiming to turn him on…but he would sooner kill himself then rape anyone. Yet, Kiba didn't pull away from him like he had expected and Kankuro's fingers found where Kiba's own bandaging had began along his chest. Tugging on it loosened the wrappings and as he ran his hand down the other's side they slipped away easier than they should have – chakra strings. He let the gauze slither down to rest at Kiba's hips and moved his hand up, running his fingertips over the deep cut that Tsuyu had carved into him that morning.

As expected, Kiba sucked air through his teeth quickly and his body fidgeted when that pain pricked through his system. Kankuro had barely touched the wound but he could feel the heat along those fingertips and it spiked through his system as though it had been controlled to do that. Soon the heat along his back was accompanied by an even warmer sensation at his side. Looking down he saw the other had leaned forward to run the tip of his tongue along the part of the injury that had grazed his side. It migrated with sexual grace from the end of the cut towards the middle where the wound got deeper. Soon nearly his entire side was tingling with the burst of heat he had come to recognize as something only Kankuro could do.

His hand that didn't old the bowl rested on his shoulder and he curved his fingers into the black material of the shirt to steady himself. The warmth swirling through his body was coming to rest low in his stomach which tightened in expectation threatened to grow into something more carnal. Need washed over him yet at the same time his brain screamed to tell Kankuro to stop, that his body was on overload. Pain had felt good before but combined with another person actually being intimate with his body; the sensation bordered on overwhelming.

Sensing his wavering, Kankuro drew away and leaned back away from Kiba, moving his hand up to the other's neck. Kiba looked down just as he was pulled in that direction and soon his lips were caught against Kankuro's. Even though the rush had seemed quick, the kiss was something entirely different and wasn't hurried as he had been confident would happen. The other's lips against his own filled his nose with that faint chemical scent again but if the paint had any taste it wasn't there. The older teenager brought him down quick, as though his intention was to ravage Kiba's mouth, but the kiss itself was nothing far from sensual. A level of innocent that Kiba didn't think Kankuro even had.

He drew back again to meet Kiba's eyes once more and blinked at the almost lost expression which quickly turned in to a flushed one. Kankuro smirked slightly in the face of the younger teenager but as their eyes flicked and danced while still remaining caught in the gaze, Kiba set the bowl on the bed and moved forward, sliding his knee on the mattress between Kankuro's legs. His hands moved up to Kankuro's hair, running back through the jagged, messy brown and he was pulled forward into another kiss.

The room felt warm around them, as though something different from charka were circulating so rapid and so heated that it couldn't be contained only in their bodies. His hand danced over the wound along the other's back, practically massaging it to the point blood spread over his fingers but neither of them seemed bothered. It was as though the pain only pushed Kiba harder while his pushing made Kankuro fight back. An equal exchange while each of them tried to outdo the other, running the course of a circle that had no end to its beginning.

They both twisted away for air but painted lips lunged forward to work a trail along Kiba's neck until finding the slight curve of his shoulder. Soon teeth were used, pulling and tugging the skin of the already sore teenager and leaving Kiba unable to decide how to move. His head slipped forward, resting his forehead against Kankuro's shoulder while one of his own hands moved down over the other's side. He explored in a way that was nearly hesitant yet not obvious about it. Kiba wasn't shy person, just inexperienced…careful, if anything, was what he would admit to.

When Kankuro bit particularly hard he gave a soft cry and bit sharply into his lip to keep from being too loud about it. The leg supporting him on the bed started to shake just slightly but he tried to ignore it, "K-Kankuro," he said against the other's ear, "Not now. Your hand."

"Forget it," he murmured. Kiba had to fight to think of the reply as words rather than simply a hot breath along his skin. Feeling the jounin so close and so warm was nearly enough to make him take that suggestion, just forget it; but another thought came to mind.

"Really," he replied, shifting and pulling away from Kankuro enough he could catch the other's closed eyes out of the corner of his own, "I don't want to risk it."

Kankuro opened his dark eyes partially and traced his warm tongue over where he had been working at the other's neck. It earned him a shudder but Kiba pulled back to meet his stare even though the warmth and closeness of him still felt as though he were leaning against him. The Inuzuka could have just been trying to get out of it, maybe he wasn't as masochistic as they both assumed. Or maybe he was but just not ready; both were things Kankuro could understand. They wouldn't stop him from teasing him, but he would understand.

Something about his gaze was different, though, and it wasn't as though he didn't want to do this; more as though he knew what might have come if they did. Just as one night of passion wasn't worth the potential to become pregnant, it wasn't worth forever losing his ability to be a ninja.

He nodded as he began to catch his breath, "Sure."

Kiba offered a smile that flashed those fangs of his again but in a way that was more charming than menacing. He pressed his lips over Kankuro's once more prior to pulling back and taking the bowl of water with him to the bathroom. The elder watched the other's form shift as he walked, he made it to the doorway before turning around to smirk over his shoulder, "Besides, I want you perfect."

A brow shot above the other's eye, "Yeah? What makes you think I wouldn't be 'perfect' now?"

Kiba shrugged, disappearing into the bathroom, "Well, I'd know you could have done better without an injured hand. You've got to live up to all that flirting after all. And face it," he leaned out of the bathroom and fixed Kankuro with a condescending gleam in his eye, "if you're as good injured as you are at the top of your game – you really aren't backing up all the hints."

"When did you become a promiscuous mutt?" Kankuro asked after a small bought of speechlessness. His voice was bordering between a laugh and a bit of shock but Kiba just closed the door in response.

Sighing and shaking his head, Kankuro gave his hand an accusing look and scooted back towards the head of the bed, using his feet to kick up the blankets. When Kiba left the bathroom a few minutes later he flicked off the remaining lights and put the herb jar on the bedside table. Despite the room containing two beds, he slipped under Kankuro's sheets with a completely comfortable grace; as though he had done it every night on this trip and millions of times before that.

Turning off the last light he yawned and the bed gave a quick jerk as Akamaru jumped up to lie at their feet. However, the jerk of the frame wasn't the only movement on the bed and Kiba squirmed his way over to Kankuro's side and rested his arm over the other's stomach, his head on the pillow.

"How long have you wanted to do that?" Kankuro inquired, trading in his borderline laughing voice for his pompous one again. Kiba smiled as he seemed to think about it for a minute or two, nuzzling his brunette head more along the other's arm as he did so.

"Since I watched you sleeping last night," Kiba told him.

"You watched me sleep?"

"It's so rare…" Kiba trailed off with a yawn, "to see you without your make-up on."

"It's facial paint," Kankuro corrected a tad defensively. Kiba snickered into his shoulder.

"Whatever you say." He yawned again and opened his eyes to look up to Kankuro's face in the glow of the moon as he had done the previous night.

Outside of the haze of the Mist the view seemed less dreamlike – though that may simply have been because now he could be closer to it. To him. He'd left his paint on for some reason but Kiba didn't doubt it would disappear for a few moments in the morning before they left. His eyes were closed and his body relaxed as he slipped back into that state Kiba had found strangely attractive, or at least it seemed strange then, in the guest room at the Kuromizu home.

Watching him now seemed completely normal compared to then. Now that it was confirmed, in their own strange way, that they were together. The kissing had been natural, the biting, and the fact Kankuro played with his wounds so casually yet with such care and intimacy. All of it felt right and normal, two things he was sure they were not by this point. Nothing about them would really be normal even if he had wanted to be. Kankuro wasn't the kind of person he assumed he'd end up with; whether this lasted or not.

But how could he care now? Masochist to sadist, older to younger, abused to loved, jounin to chuunin…how could he care when, through all their lying, they fit so well? When it made things so interesting? It was simple.

He couldn't.