Naruto: The last Shinobi

Ch.1 Disease

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or anything else, this is a fic inspired by some material I read that my friend send me or so I say. enjoy... Inspired by The movie 28 days later...

"So is this the chemical we need to wipe out Konoha?" Kabuto said.

"Yes Kabuto-sama, this liquid is used to exterminate the entire population of Konoha along with the rest of the villages with a simple common cold."

"I see well good work I want a full report on its side effects, and just in case create a Vaccine so that we won't get the symptoms of that disease."

"I'll do my best Kabuto-sama."

It was two in the mourning as the four eyed shinobi was working on the latest biological weapon new to the shinobi world, combining diseased herbs from the entire shinobi nation, Chakra, and the blood of Orochimaru's experiments he was able to make that'll end the life of the shinobi nation and eventually give supreme power to Orochimaru.

Kabuto went to the next room to work on a full report for Orochimaru. He was way too excited now that his discovery of the new liquid to end life and reborn through evil works. Eventually he copied the notes and the process to make the new viral liquid in an attempt to sell the stuff on the black market across the nation.

Suddenly noise was heard from the next room. Kabuto raced to the experimental room only to find three shinobi dead as he checked their pulses. Apparently the three suffered from a weird disease and what he saw shocked him. The flask liquid containing those contents was broken and started sweeping through the air ventilation.

"Ohhh fuck, Orochimaru-sama!!!"

Kabuto started to feel uneasy, he started coughing up some blood and at the same time he had the common cold. He rushed through the dark alley in hopes of informing him of the cause. Instead he was met with eternal darkness and collapsed in the hallway.

Three weeks later……….

Naruto was pissed by the fact that his ero-sennin disappeared on day with a note by his side. At first he could only see it as a test of sensing his chakra but after reading that note it became clear after camping out in the middle of the forest. In fact most of their training was outside civilization in the last year before returning home as the purpose was to rough it out for a long period of time when doing missions involving stakeouts.

Naruto, I know it's the last of year of this three year training but I'm going to find Orochimaru's place alone. I wanted to take you with me but a vile wind has been blowing over us. I want you to go back to Konoha and check out anything suspicious. Gaki I hope you get the idea but right now I have a bad feeling that life is going to change forever.

Your perverted Sannin: Jiraiya

Knowing how his home could be in grave danger put full throttle in his brain and mind as he gathered up all his equipment and clothing and left. Negative thoughts pass through his mind as he rushed through the forest and back to Konoha. The sight of seeing dead bodies everywhere amongst the streets, his beloved Sakura-chan dead and covered in pools of blood, and the rest of his friends all dead by the hands of either Orochimaru's forces or an unknown being.

'Please kami, I hope everyone is safe, please Sakura-chan stays alive too.'

He was half way there till he saw smoke from a far distance. The blond was too late, Konoha was attacked and as he knew it the people he knows and care has died. He didn't hesitate to rush through the forest until he noticed something he didn't expect happen. Explosive tags set off knocking the blond off balance sending him hard to the grass. Eventually the only things he heard and saw were the sounds of explosion and darkness covering his eyes.


"Reyna take your brother and get away from this village as fast as you can."

"Father why?" she asked

"A strange epidemic is sweeping across the nation in the symptoms of the common cold. Strangely it's been affecting men but we can't seem to find the cure for this cause. Hurry for our family's sake Reyna!" her father said.

Reyna could only get his sleeping brother out of the bed as mass chaos spread among the village. She got at a small distance on the hilltop to see the village in pandemonium. She got up only to feel her brother's forehead burning.

"Kisuske are you alright?" she asked desperately

"Reyna I'm sick am I going to die?" he asked weakly

"(Sob) no your not little brother, it's going to be ok everything's going to good and we'll all be happy once again."

Reyna gripped his hand as he gripped hers. He lost complete strength as he continued to cough up blood and at the same sneezing.

Three hours later Kisuske died after contracting the disease that has been rapidly spreading throughout the entire Shinobi nation.

Reyna buried her little brother in a grave next to the village with honor. The next thing she knew is finding a way to reverse the epidemic, or rather reverse time and stop the matter.

"I'll need to find the celestial scroll along with the stone. Even though it's a rumor to have reverse and manipulate time through space then it's better to have stopped the plague once more."

Reyna got up and had a long journey to do.

End of flashback………….

"Ugh what the hell was that dream, and what the hell does she mean by the Celestial scroll and stone." Naruto complained.

It was nighttime as the sunset was dying completely turning into darkness. He realized the time he's wasted after that brutal assault some thirteen hours ago. He got up and hurried to the village as fast as he can. As soon as he arrived the village from what he could from above the high treetops, half the village was unscathed while the other half had minor damage.

'What the hell is going on over there.'

The blond jumped down and headed into the heart of the village. Konoha's streets were completely deserted, like as if the place was a mere ghost town compared to the places in the west. As he was walking Naruto finds a small journal entry in the middle of the street, he looked at and found it strange that something so personal was in the middle of the streets in the dead of the night. it was rather susupicious. he wondered why a journal was placed in the middle of the street where the only place a journal would be is in dust. Naruto didn't like it but took the chance to read it to find clues on the situation Konoha's in.

Jan 24,

Word got out that a strange epidemic began in Kumogakure and started spreading all over ththe shinobi nations across the land. Eventually I find it hard to believe till I…. oh no the disease is already here. All I can hear is mass chaos and confusion spread everywhere. Even the shinobi here are confused as well.


Jan 26,

I was in the hospital rumored to have caught the disease; they wanted to kill me to prevent the disease from spreading. That is until the males in the hospital suddenly died. How could this be?! Is it this bad that we must suffer Kami's wrath for so long how I wish I could be at home drinking Sake and reading the book.

Jan 29

The Kunoichi and the females here are starting to act strange, I heard that the other male alive died just recently making the total male deaths 1999. This is bad if I can get the hell out of this place then………. I guess it's my time then I hope Kami will forgive me when I die as I write this I hope any living male here will get the picture of what's happening right now……

"What the fuck is going on here, what the hell is this disease that has spread through Konoha." The blond closed the book as he felt something he didn't want to feel. Naruto felt some killer intent coming from all directions giving him an uneasy feeling that he wasn't alone. At night was especially the bad call to start conflict but with so much killer intent that puts him in a bad position. He used a substitution jutsu and made a run for it, the only place he could think of is his home were he MIGHT be safe. As soon as he got there he finds the door unlocked and open. This earned him something to be more freaked out the moment he took out his Kunai and began to move into his apartment very carefully.

His apartment was totatlly shattered with broken glass and his stuff to go. He went over to his room to find a soft stuffed red fox in his bedroom. Naruto recalled getting Sakura this during a festival in Konoha three years ago. He didn't like the looks of things the only difference in that plush fox was the facial expression. It had a sadistic look on its face, like asking for blood or death among everyone. He picked up the doll and inspected it. What he saw was writing written in blood that says:


Naruto frozed and the next thing he knew he turned around only to be knocked in the forehead with a glass bottle, shattering his face and his head leaving him collapsing on the floor. Before long the last thing he saw someone with pink hair and a woman with large breasts.

Author's Note: I wish to remind everyone that this is FANFIC! I could care less because this is an AU ok. just a reminder wanna tell me what's Naruto going to do now or rather what's going to happen. This story can go two or three ways: 1. your choice of where Naruto's going to go in the story. 2. I decide where his fate goes. 3. Enjoy repopulating the whole damn shinobi nations with his crouch. And what about that dream that has recently appeared at the random moment. find out next chapter... which I won't update till my exams are over in the next week since I'll be studying...