Ch 8


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Naruto and the gang finally reached the end of the forest and the entry to the desert wasteland. What got Naruto paranoid is the fact that crossing the wasteland may increase the chances of being ambushed by Suna Kunoichi or any other Renegade Kunoiichi looking to capture a male and make it a mindless slave for their own or their villages.

"I know I shouldn't say this but let's be on our guard once we cross the wasteland and into Suna ok." Naruto said.

"I know what your thinking Naruto. By crossing the wasteland we might encounter traps, or ambushed by Kunoichi." Hanabi said.

"Yeah I had that feeling." He nervously shrugged giving the girls his trademark grin as a sign of worry and confusion.

"Heh I'll make sure no one get's to my Naruto-kun no matter what the situation is." Hinata proudly said.

"Your Naruto-kun? He's mine since the very beginning of this journey!!." Sakura yelled.

"You said something whore?" Hanabi asked.

"I'll kill you once Naruto-kun's away from us." Hinata said giving the Pink haired Kunoichi a death glare. Sakura just responded by sticking her tongue while giving her the middle finger.

"Cut it out you two, now lets get going. We have two hours before the sun sets, if we don't hurry then it may be hard to cross the desert knowing its harsh wind conditions may change our course." Naruto said.

The three agreed and before they head into the wasteland, they wore protective head wears to prevent sand from getting into their faces. The last obstacle was dangerous but not as dangerous as how the blond shinobi had in the past week. He went through village after village in a henge to prevent any stir ups from women of the towns. Why the Henge? It's obvious since the males have died out every village in the nation imposed their own border lines within a ten mile radius. It was unlike all villages, towns and countries to do this but rumor sparked the shinobi nation of a black haired male spotted in a group of females ranging from twenty five to thirty in their party sparking a tighter security measure. Naruto thought it's was smart to do this since he may or rather another male was alive.

'I hope Gaara's alive, I bet he's out enjoying himself with Suna's remaining women or rather her sister is making him repopulate his Nation.' Naruto thought.

In Konoha……….

A meeting was held with the clan leaders from the Aburame, Yamanaka, Haruno, Inuzuka and Koharu on the issues of Konoha's well being. Overall Tsunade's meeting with the leaders would mainly be about Naruto's role in repopulating the village. Despite what the Busty blond's role in this she wanted more than just using her blond soon-to-be boytoy. She want's to guarantee his well being with him rumored to be the only man in Konohagakure or rather the entire Shinobi Nation.

"It's of my understanding that Uzumaki Naruto has escaped the village with the help of Haruno Sakura and Hyuuga's Hinata and Hanabi. My team consisting of Mitarashi Anko, Yuuhi Kurenai, Inuzuka Hana and my assistant Shizune are sent to go after Naruto and convince him to go back to the village by whatever mean's necessary."

"What you say is impossible, the demon child must be contained for our own benefits and use for repopulating our village." Koharu said.

"If you recalled Koharu-san, my husband said that you wanted Uzumaki to be killed on sight or executed because he harbors the Kyuubi." Motoko Aburame said.

"The situation… changes everyone, I've looked through his file and found something I happened to like."

"Like my husband said "Troublesome" so what did you find out?" Yoshino Nara asked

"Naruto's family and his role as the Yondaime's legacy that the council was unaware of for the past sixteen years, even his own his role in his destiny." Koharu said.

Silence was among the room when word has been brought out that Uzumaki Naruto is an important factor in Konoha. Tsunade broke the silence to get everyone's attention knowing the mistakes their late husbands and other male council members hand before their demise.

"So Naruto's father is the Yondaime what else is new."

"What's new is that you've never told anyone of this Tsunade-san."

"What are you talking about Koharu?" Tsunade asked.

"I meant that you knew of this whole situation before when Naruto told you that his journey is something so important that his decisions may affect the shinobi nation."

Tsunade was stunned by this. Of course she knew but for the sake of what the blond shinobi was going to do if he's target by a million women and Kunoichi out there in the Shinobi nation all wanting to claim his virginity piece by piece and use him for their own twisted desire.

"Whatever he's doing has some sort of connection to the Maiden of Time Ceres and the sacred village." Koharu said.

"How do you know all of this Koharu, normally the Council wouldn't obtain information such as this!!" The Godaime yelled.

"Of course we do in fact I owe it all to Haruno Shizuka who's been supplying me with such info that, now the Shinobi nations and other nations are at a weaken state we can start back and become a superpower."

Tsunade turned to see Shizuka who was smirking at this. Her apprentice must've known about all this and made the decision to aid Naruto's escape from the village. Knowing how broken she was close to be after all the males died she just stayed in Naruto's appartment waiting for him to come. Her shell was broken the moment she sensed the same Chakra signature that Naruto had after three years and hope to care for him with her life.

"I'm quite certain that my daughter will help Naruto through this. In fact I don't want to give out any information on the Haruno family ties that is related to Ceres. Ever since the Haruno family's feud with the other family members in the past I've kept this a secret for generations when the Haruno clan are nomads searching for a home till Shodaime first created Konohagakure." she said.

"What are you and the Council is planning Haruno!" Tsunade growled.

"Let's put it this way, the Uzumaki clan had some connection to Ceres the maiden of time along with the families with some ties to the village. In order to fully understand his unrequited destiny that he has unmistakenly chosen he must be able to get access to the village Hidden in Forgotten Time."

"That can't be, the village is nothing more than a rumor, only a fairy tale to the whole shinobi nation that is nothing more than treasure to any power hungry mongrel willing to spill the blood of innocent people for it!." Tsunade said.

"That is where you're wrong, whoever controls time controls life in itself." Chigusa Akimichi.

"Yes Chigusa-san, if word spreads that Naruto obtains the items necessary to control time then we have the opportunity to be in control and correct the faults that this village has made and use the power he's about to obtain." Koharu said.

A lot of talk was among the five member council including Tsunade. She had no idea that Naruto's unrequited destiny would happen so quick and so sudden that the fate of life rest in his hands on who's going to use that power and for what purpose. Tsunade was given the reports by Koharu and looked over it. She was shocked as she read indepth on the Uzumaki clan's files along with the Yondaime's personal records on how sacred the clan is in connection to the village. It all makes sense now; if Naruto's faint connection and ability to the Village Hidden in forgotten time was exact he would have the ability to change all the faults he want at his desire. The only downside is whether he should give up his life or something more valueable than his life to use it. Yet, the documents seem unclear since most of it didn't make sense on what price he should give once he arrives in the Village Hidden in Forgotten time. One thing's for sure though Tsunade denies the sacraficing part and all she could do is rely on Sakura Haruno, Hinata and Hanabi Hyuuga and Naruto Uzumaki.

"Enough of this why is Naruto related to all of this, and what in Kami's name is trying to do that'll affect everyone in the Shinobi nation amd what does Naruto's family famous for." Tsunade said.

"Fine fine well here it goes. The Uzumaki clan were known for its speed and sealing techniques. In fact they move so fast that time was too slow for them. At first the Council and the Sandaime were preoccupied by their reputation that is till we find their secrets."

"No wonder the Yondaime was called the Yellow Flash. How can he make time slow without even using some sort scroll or teachings to do that." Tsunade asked.

" In theory the power to slow time and space was already indebted within the Uzumaki clan in the village Hidden in forgotten time. Even though Uzumaki Naruto is unaware of powers better to be awaken at it's full."

"The Uzumaki clan have the power to manipulate time by only saying sacred words or rather form a simple hand of a monkey and a fox seal to execute their speed. This proves that there's an ancient power somewhere in this nation that'll be the key to our success. For now we can only watch as time tells us all. Even though my family was once part of that village it has been sealed off unless a massive pandemonium such as this were to happen the cries of Ceres are expressed in the dreams of the chosen able to enter the Village Hidden in Forgotten Time. " Shizuka Haruno said.

The room was filled with mixed feelings after hearing that such the Jinchuuriki's family would possess such ancient techniques. Tsunade had an uneasy feeling, knowing the new council they would do anything to convince the blond Uzumaki to come back to Konoha or face severe punishments. Everything about this massive Pandemonium and how the Village Hidden in Forgotten time is alot relevant in some cases. There was no denial that Naruto's destiny was apparently awaken even though the dumb blond doesn't know of it and how his connection to the village will affect the lives and the fate of Konoha.

"So Koharu do you have any intention to bring him back to Konoha?" The Aburame asked.

"That is up to Tsunade-san's job, if her team fails to bring him back within a month I'll send out an elite ANBU and Hunter nin to execute the Hyuugas and bring back Uzumaki and Haruno at Shizuka's request."

"By having the last remaining Hyuugas executed the Hyuuga clan will be extinct. What your saying is the extermination of the strongest clans we have in Konoha." Yoshino said.

"So be it then, I will not allow Konoha's repopulation program come to a sudden delay all thanks to those bitches. We have only two males so far and they seem to have been given some good "Treatment" on our basis." Ino Yamanaka said.

"We're just like all the other males then, sadistic from the inside that is coming out of us in the open and the roles that male and female value in life are switching fast."

"I agree with you Motoko, but it has to be done if we value our future along with all the other children."

The meeting had ending leaving members of the council confused and had mixed feelings due to the situation along with deep regrets on their handling of the repopulation program and their treatment of the remaining males. Tsunade just left the room and headed to her place. Usually the Hokages get special treatment for their ability to lead the shinobi nation into top shape. For Tsunade however, she had special treatment in every way. The room was rich filled with elegant furniture along with a gem encrusted mirror she had in the restroom. The busty blond quickly went to the bathroom, undressed and entered the shower. Her body was magnificent despite her age including her massive breasts hanging loosely as cold water began soaking her. Being a bit dirty she slipped two fingers inside her and began to masturbate thing about the only blond she wish she could have in the world in alot of tempting ways.

'Naruto, it's wrong for me to do this but please come back to us, to me. I'm sure we can work this out despite how the fate of the Shinobi nation rests in your hand.'

Half way to Suna………….

Naruto and the rest of the Kunoichi were shocked. They were half way to Sunagakure, to civilization only to find a graveyard. Bodies of dead males and shinobi laid buried deep in the sand. The stench was so strong that Naruto began to vomit along with Sakura and Hinata. Hanabi however kept her cool knowing how bad the stench is and her pride as a Hyuuga. Body parts were hung out of the sand while dead bodies were laid out to burn in the hot sun. as the group walked through the graveyard Sakura finds something she'd never in her life would find since the Kunoichi from Konoha began to burn the dead bodies of their male counterparts and their loves. A little baby boy around six months of age laid there dead along side what appears to be his dad holding on to him for dear life. Tears burst from the Cherry Blossom's eyes as she went over to Naruto for comfort. It was terrible seeing this; it reminded her of Kurenai's child crying mercilessly when the disease hit Konoha killing or rather exterminating the male population breaking the hearts of all the women and Kunoichi who lost their lovers, fathers, brothers, sons, and cousins.

"Naruto… (Sob) its h-h-h-horrible why did this disease have to affect little children too. They had so much to live for only to succumb to death so easily by this FUCKING DISEASE!!!!" Sakura sobbed harder, Hinata and Hanabi watched the scene too. The Hyuuga's hated the sight of seeing dead children and newborns in a desert to rot. Naruto hated it too but had to grieve and felt bad that he was the only male left alive in this world.

"There there, I'm here for you Sakura-chan. You know I sometimes wish that I could just trade my life for all the little children to live."


"I'm sorry Sakura-chan, lets get going we have till nightfall to reach Suna so let's get going." The blond said. All three agreed with him. While Walking Sakura had a right to know what changed Yuuhi Kurenai from a sweet and loving mother-to-be to a deranged lunatic that the only thing left to fuel her lust is Naruto.

"Guys I need to tell you in detail on what changed Kurenai after she lost Asuma and her baby boy."

"Ok, you can tell us while were walking. Oh I almost forgot HENGE!!" Naruto transformed into his female version AKA Naruko giving the Hyuugas a sweat drop and a blush from Sakura. Braided blond hair and a skimpy body he/she was still wearing his equipment. The equipment he was wearing made it look like Sakura and Hinata were going to pass out from blood loss.

"Sakura-chan please tell me what happened to Kurenai in full detail on what happened and how she ended up so twisted." Naruko/Naruto said.

"Ok it all started when….


"Have all males in any alternative hospital or comfort place ASAP. These males are infected with a strange disease and we don't have enough room in the hospital!" Shizune said.

With all the medics and villagers in a pandemonium it was hard to tell whether the disease contracted with all the villagers but so much was focused on finding a vaccine for the disease to stop. Sakura Haruno however stood right in the room watching a heart-broken Kurenai Yuuhi at Asuma's bedside as his days in life were fading.

"Kurenai-hime I'm glad you're by my side to enjoy my last days of this world."

"Please don't say this, I can't lose you I love I lost my crush the Yondaime and now your going go away?! You can't I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!" Kurenai yelled she just sobbed so much on his bedside. Feeling way too bad the Sarutobi just lifted her face to face him on his last moments.

"Kurenai now that I'm going to pass on please if Naruto's alive I want you to go to him and love him. He's a strong man. I trained him so much because of his affinity for wind and I also promised him to take care of you should my time come. I had him promise to have him take of you and my child before he left for training with Jiraiya-sama."

Kurenai just buried herself in his face then went over to him and kissed him with so much force and passion that no couple can give to each other. As they kissed their grip on Asuma's grip on her faded and he died. To shock to understand that her lover died from a simple disease has put her over the edge.


To Sakura however, it was painful to lose someone very precious to you. In fact she did when she lost her male counterparts the day after the disease hit Konoha. Kakashi-sensei, Neji, Shikamaru, Kiba, Chouji, everyone, all her male friends died from a simple cold that couldn't be cured.

The next few days were getting a lot worse. Kurenai's only child was still with her and she prayed that her son maybe safe due to the recent attitude changes both Kunoichi and female civilian alike had gone through.

'I hope we can get through Keigo, I promised your father I would search for that blond kid that way he can comfort me in any way.' Unfortunately it didn't happen. Days later Sakura, while working at the hospital heard shrieking and pain's of sorrow and tragedy. Becoming worried the pink haired Kunoichi raced to the scene only to find Tsunade and Kurenai tending to a sickened baby.



It wasn't enough the Kurenai's child was worsening and it didn't look too good. Cries had suddenly stopped and Kurenai's spirit was dead. Her baby boy died from the common cold and had broken her to the core. The one thing she could think of is getting that blond back that her late husband Asuma promised and have him to love her with all his heart even if she has to force him.

End of Flashback….

"Sorry if that was short, I'll go full detail once we retrieved the fragment and the scroll along with the next place to go."

"Alright Sakura-chan, were almost there and I can see the gates of Suna. I can't believe I forgot about that Promise Asuma-sensei when he trained me before leaving with Ero-sennin for training."

"Kurenai-sensei knew of this too. She did had feelings for the Yondaime last I heard from Asuma that she was a total flirt before he died. Having to see you must've brought out something twisted that has been eating up inside her for a long time now."

"I feel bad for Kurenai-sensei, she didn't have to become so broken beyond repair." Hinata said.

"What can I do about it. If I meet up with her again she have Anko tie me up and rape me in several odds ways of bondage and I don't like bondage." Naruto whined.

The group had arrived to Sunagakure. The place hasn't changed from what Shikamaru said when he first visited the place as an ambassador to Suna on peace arrangements and trade. As soon as they arrived to the gate they were stopped by three Suna Kunoichi along with a couple of Suna ANBU Kunoichi there armed and ready to attack if things go wrong.

"What are Konoha Kunoichi doing here and what business do you have with Sunagakure." The Suna Kunoichi said.

"We are here to talk to the current Kazekage personally on a certain someone we have to talk about." Hanabi said.

"Fools do you think we believe that crap, besides how are we sure that you Konoha whores aren't here to take away our remaining males from us."

"We are not associated with Konoha. In fact we came at the last request of Uzumaki Naruto will and testament to have a talk with the current Kazekage and if Gaara of the sand is still alive."

The Sand Kunoichi heard of Uzumaki Naruto. In fact it was him that has freed Gaara of his pain and sorrow and through his motivation that has led Gaara to become Kazekage before the disease struck. Since then his reputation with the village has become quite popular during his frequent trips to Suna during his three year training with Jiraiya the Toad Sannin.

"Very well, Naruto-sama is the reason why our great leader has become one of the best. Please we shall escort you to the Kazekage and have a personal chat with her."

The Konoha Kunoichi along with Naruko AKA Naruto was escorted by the Sand Kunoichi inside Suna. What awaits them is pretty obvious that their mission was to find the other family member of the Village Hidden in forgotten time. To Sakura and the Hyuuga sisters Suna was like Konoha only a lot deserted. It wasn't surprising that Suna's shinobi force had only seventy five percent of male shinobi to twenty five percent kunoichi. As far as civilians more the males were more of the majority than females. Knowing how barren the village Suna is the chances of finding one of the family members in the sand village were high. As soon as they arrived at the Kazekage building the Konoha Kunoichi were escorted right infront of the door to the office. As soon as they opened the door who the Kazekage was is pretty obvious. Temari of the sand was sitting down doing her usual paperwork till she spot a group of Kunoichi she didn't expect to see.

"Sakura, Hinata, Hanabi it's good to see you girls once again." The blond got up, went over and shook their hands. Strange thing is that while she was greeting them she had her eyes focused on Naruko. Being very nervous she/he just smiled and shook her hand.

"Hello Temari long time no see. Look I know it's a bit late for skipping the how are you but we have very important business to discuss." Sakura said.

"What would that be Sakura. If it involves taking our last remaining males then forget it. Survival of the fittest has begun and the Suna Kunoichi would rather die than give up the males to you."

"It's not like Temari-san we had a request from Naruto-kun to help fulfill a promise to the whole Shinobi nation." Naruko said.

"Uh huh, and I suppose that Henge wouldn't do good if you were still alive and in my office."

The Hyuuga sisters along with Sakura and Naruto paled. Knowing Temari her brain was as big as Shikamaru's and is Suna's best strategist. The fact that her beauty of wearing that same outfit when the Suna siblings came to help the Sasuke Retrieval mission is stunning. wearing only the same clothing only more skin and the fact that her nipples were showing through her clothing.

"No worries, Gaara is in the next room recovering from his escapades yesterday in repopulating my village."

"You mean he's still alive and is having sex with the remaining women here in Suna?!" Asked Hinata.

"You got that right, no worries he's still ok but were keeping a low profile since most of the female's inner demons have awoken. I'll tell you all you want if you have "Naruko" drop her henge and explain to me what "he" is doing here in Suna"

Silence filled the air. Temari was no idiot like Naruto's mask. He knew he had to drop the Henge otherwise a lot of his fellow Kunoichi or his well being was in danger. The blond dropped the Henge and revealed himself to Temari. At the sight of this she blushed all shades of red at his handsome looks, the way he's dressed and how his well developed muscles showed. He was wearing black pants along with combat sandals reinforced underneath, a red and black shirt along with what looks like a chuunin vest only it was unzipped showing some abs and a fishnet underneath it. Temari had a sudden nosebleed and just got some tissues to cover her nose. The Hyuuga women and Sakura had their handkerchiefs ready and their control in full throttle.

"Temari-chan, you see I'm on a journey to prevent the whole disaster from happening by going back to the past and find out the real cause of the disease. To do that I have to search for anyone with the last names Kugimiya, Sakurazaki, and Miyazaki who may have some clues to reversing the past, knowing how they'll provide me with some information." The blond Kunoichi put in to thought for one second while she was divulging information Naruto has given to her.

"I understand your cause but you must know that there's someone with the last name Kugimiya but that person died from the disease. It's unclear whether he had a daughter or a son in Suna. All I know is that the Kugimiya's are a special type of people to associate with."

"Why is that Temari-san?" Hinata asked.

"The Kugimiya's are experts at puppet making and developing new seal barriers. Unlike most of the clans here in Suna they were the type to never associate with the outside world even though their house is in a distant corner of Suna."

"So can you take us there, I'm sure that we can see if there's anyone alive then they might supply us with information." Sakura said.

"Of course but first I'd wish to for you to rest till mourning. It's been very tiring for you Konoha Shinobi knowing you harbor Naruto in your group puts your journey at a tense moment. Naruto until we meet the Kugimiyas I want you in a Henge for the most part. Normally I'm supposed to capture you and take you in as a slave but I will make an exception. The Council is unaware of your arrival but with you disguised as woman then you would be fine."

"Arigato Temari-chan. Oh how's Gaara doing?" Naruto asked

"He's doing good, he has mixed feelings about the situation the continent is going through after that huge epidemic. He's been trying to stay strong ever since his fear of hearing your death by the disease. Don't worry I'll inform him that your alive and he'll be ok. Still your a really big influence to Gaara. He acutally tried to start conversations with me and Kankuro and even try to address the usual civilian work that needs to be done here in Suna. Now activate that Henge or I'll change my mind."

He performed a Henge to become Naruko just so that Temari wouldn't call her guards on him. Temari took the Konoha Shinobi to a four bedroom in one house that was connected to the Kazekage building. The place had the simplist things needed for the guest. It had a four bed in one room along with a small ice box filled with instant food and other vegetables. The place also had a medium sized bathroom made for three people. Naruto, being the gentleman he is allowed Sakura and the Hyuuga sisters to take a shower while he prepares dinner.

"Are you sure you're not going to cook ramen. If you do I'll punch you all the way to Kirigakure." Sakura warned.

"Heheheheh… I promise you Sakura-chan along with Hinata and Hanbai-chan that I'll make something healthy for all of us to eat." He said nervously.

Sakura and Hanabi gave him a death glare while Hinata was just eying the blond with pure lust in her eyes. The three Kunoichi headed off to the bathroom to get washed up while Naruto prepared what he calls his Uzumaki Sukiyaki.

'The girls will be pleased at what kind of dishes I can make besides Ramen. Ero-sennin will be pleased by this knowing I can get a woman's heart by cooking instead of peeping.' The blond thought.

Somewhere in heaven or earth a spiky white haired perverted sneezed a lot. Dead or alive he felt someone talking about him in a good or bad way depending on what you guys think.

To the Kunoichi three…...

Sakura hated the fact that she had to share a bath with the Hyuuga sisters. To her it's like being sandwiched between two white breads overpowering a pink piece of meat. She got into the shower to join the Hyuuga sisters. Tension once again increased again as they bathe in warm water trying to get all the dirt off their lovely bodies. The shower room was a large eight feet by nine feet in area, with elegant tile flooring with two different kinds of herbal body soap and shampoo.

"Girls let's just stop this and for once get along with each other. It's troublesome that Hinata-neechan and you fight all because of some blond loser is the only male alive." Hanabi said.

"I can't Hanabi, I won't allow this pink-haired whore to take my Naruto-kun away from me!" Hinata said.

"Your Naruto-kun? If I recalled he never paid any attention to you all because of your bullshitty stutters and the fact that you stalk him ever since he came to the Shinobi academy is plain wrong. Up till now you've had the courage to tell him that you love him but you miss every second of it. He tried to have my love and he succeeded. Sasuke-teme is dead and I have him all to my self." Sakura said in a proud voice.

"Bullshitty stutter?! Take that back you pink haired bitch. The reason why is because of my bastard of a father. Now that he's dead I finally have the courage to tell him how I love him even if I have to rape him to make him love me!" Hinata said staring eye to eye with the Pink haired Kunoichi while Hanabi just scrubbed herself with some body soap.

"You wouldn't dare! He's been gangraped by the Inuzuka clan and his brutal rape encounter with Kurenai Yuuhi. Even if you raped him he's going to think twice on who he chooses on how mentally scarred he is now and how much his heart is tearing piece by piece. I'm his comfort and I'm willing to give up my body and happiness just so that he can be healed unlike you selfish Hyuugas who only gets what they want all because your superior in class and in Konoha."

Hinata was shocked by all of this. Everything she says is true. Even Hanabi thinks it's true. Hinata could only face the truth by keeping silent for the remainder of the time till they get dressed into their night gowns. Sakura knew how broken Naruto's heart is and wants to heal him with every fiber of her heart and attention he's ever given to her since their academy days in Konoha.

'Naruto, I promise to mend your heart even if I have to sell my self to you. You've done so much for me after Sasuke left. You even treated me like a princess close to a Goddess and allow me to hit you for most of the time.' Sakura thought.

Thirty minutes later……………..

Naruto has finished his Uzumaki Sukiyaki containing a healthy dose of hard Tofu, thin slices of meat, a tasty soup, a little bit of Ramen to the mix along with Vegetables he had his Kage bunshin get as Naruko in the village. His clone told him that the vegetables were fresh and was surprised by the fact that Suna can farm vegetables in its weird state like this. Once he set the dishes down all he needs to do is wait for the Kunoichi to eat and rest early before tomorrow's meeting with the Kugimiya.

The girls came out of the bathroom all wearing only a single long shirt with their own personal colors. Sakura the usual pink no pants except her panties while Hinata and Hanabi the same. Naruto closed his eyes quickly to avoid being knocked out of the atmosphere.

"Gah I'm closing my eyes please don't kill me I'm not like Ero-sennin who's used to this stuff!" Naruto said.

"Naruto quit acting like you've never seen a naked woman before. Have you forgotten about what's happened since the disease came?" Sakura said.

"Yeah Naruto unless your gay like Sasuke-teme-

"I'm NOT GAY!!!!" The blond yelled.

"Just checking Naruto-kun. Heeheeheehee!" Sakura giggled while the Hyuuga sisters have second thoughts about the blond's sexuality.

"I don't mind if Naruto's bisexual that make things in bed a whole new reality."

"Too bad neji's dead, Naruto would learn to keep his hands off him even though he's not really gay." Hanabi thought.

The four sat down and began to enjoy their Sukiyaki in the table. What the girls tasted was unlike anything before. The Sukiyaki tasted like heaven. As if some professional created such a fantastic dish. Naruto on the other hand couldn't help but smile at seeing the girls reaction to his dish.

"Wow Naruto I didn't think you had it in ya to cook something so delicious." Hanabi said.

"That's right Naruto-kun this dish is the best." Hinata said.

"For once I have to agree with Hinata on this. You've actually made something besides instant ramen that actually taste good baka."

"Awwwww that's sweet of you Sakura-chan, Hinata-chan, and Hanabi-chan. I had to make sure all the spices are correct and how I was going to implement it." Naruto implied showing off his cooking skills that no male has ever done.

"Next time we camp in the wilderness your going to be our personal cook even though I'm at least better than you." Sakura said.

For the remainder of the time at the dinner table all was spent on catching up on the good times, discussing who had the bigger tits and sex appeal and what part of Naruto's body was better: his manhood or his entire body.

With dinner done the four went to their separate beds and began to get a lot of rest for tomorrow's big day with the Kugimiya clan. Naruto, after a quick shower was in his boxers and black shirt show some definite muscles and abs. The Hyuuga sisters blushed at this while Sakura went to get a tissue box for the remainder of the night.

"Well tomorrow's a big day girls. Let get a good night sleep if we want to survive ok." Naruto said.

The four went to sleep peacefully. What the blond doesn't know is that tension again increased the air with Sakura and Hinata eyeing each other like vultures eying themselves back and forth on their prey. Hinata gave up and fell asleep to save her energy while Sakura drifted away to sleep.

During the night though, Sakura began to hear sounds of whimper, crying, and fear coming from the blond. Becoming worried she got up and went over to Naruto's bedside to listen to his sleep talking.

"Kurenai-chan…NO DON'T DO THIS ME, PLEASE…IT HURTS AHHHHHH CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!" struggling in his bed. He was drenched in sweat all over his body and he couldn't take it.

Sakura was shocked by all this. Apparently his wounds haven't healed yet and it was only getting worse as time moves on in their journey.

"Please don't kill Sakura-chan I beg of you. I'll do anything you want Tsunade-hime, Anko-chan, Shizune-chan…(Sniff) don't kill….h-her…. I love her to death. I'll even sell my soul to you just don't….kill her…."

Sakura couldn't take it anymore. She removed the blanket and got on his bed side. She pulled him over to her front and embraced him. Even though his face was digging in to her busty chest she didn't care.

"Naruto… I'm here for you no matter what I'll make up for my mistakes that have caused your heart to be ripped into pieces. I love you and I will always be with you." Sakura said, caressing his face and smoothing his spiky long hair.

They had sex once and it doesn't hurt to feel the sensitive touch of one's love that, as she continues to hold him their love may extend so far out till the end of time.

Author's Note: I know what your thinking: confusion, plot twists, and a Saku/Naru moment. have Any questions or comments just say it since some of you were expecting Gaara to be alive... well he is but I'll introduce him to the next chapter. I heard that there's a fanfic writer who has alot written alot jutsu's from the series and provide it to help all of us to write an action adventure fic. can anyone tell me who it is I'll need it for my future work thanks look forward to the next chapter.