Sorry everyone, this isn't the update you've all been waiting for... for nearly THREE years! It's actually been two years since I've posted anything new/updated here on . I apologize for that. Especially to all you guys who kept up with my writing and gave me wonderful reviews. But, the fact of the matter is this-(Rock reference intended, lol)-I AM BACK. And better than ever! (Bichoff reference also intended, lmao)

I am posting this here to let everyone who has e-mail alerts for this story know that I have decided to take this story and remake it. I'm completely revamping the whole thing and reposting it as a new story under the same title. Twisted was always one of my favorite fics to write until for whatever reason I ended up with the worst case of writers block I've ever seen or experienced! I think about writing fics all the time and I wanted to start up again SO bad. I have definitely missed it-so hopefully I can stick around this time, keep things going and be somewhat of a better writer than I was the first time.

I will also be posting an updated message on my profile information about where I'm headed, what's going to be coming up in the future and a bunch of other good stuffs.

But, like I said Twisted will be posted again, starting over with Chapter 1 and progressing from there. I will leave the original story up until I have caught up on the chapters with the new remake. That way it will give people time to reread it if they would like, see the differences and things like that. Hopefully I will get my original fanbase for this story back, plus get some new ones as well! In the remake I have updated all the characters-especially since half the people I posted in the original fic don't even work for the WWE anymore! lol. It's written all in one POV instead of changing every five minutes and everything is going to be a little different this time around so hopefully it will be better this time.

Obviously if you like it PLEASE let me know. As every other writer I feed off the reviews, the ideas, suggestions and just what you guys have to say in general. It helps me greatly and will help me keep writing in general.

I owe my long awaited comeback to my bestie, Haley. Her link is .net/u/826263/ and PLEASE check out her story, "Always The Best Friend" starring John Cena. It is because of her and that story that I started writing again. It's a great one, so indeed check it out! ...The idea crossed my mind to write a spin-off of her story but I haven't decided yet... :)

ANYWAY. Holy crap. I talk too much, lol. I can already tell you guys that the first chapter of the remake will be posted either tonight (4/11/2011) or by early tomorrow morning for sure. Apparently back in 2008 I wrote like a BAMF and decided that 4 gillion pages was how I was going to role per chapter so it's taking me a while to get through it all, lol.

Thanks again, guys. You're all awesome and I hope to hear back from everyone!

Love, Smashley.